Monday, September 13, 2021

Demolition Derby – But, Not Really

The Ridge

On Monday, Sept. 13th Bill was up for work at 6:30. Gibbs and I remained in bed until I had to get up a few minutes past 7. The Mat needed cleaning today. When Bill pulled out, Gibbs and I watched him leave and then I fed him. He is very hesitant to eat when he sees me with shoes on so I try to act nonchalant until he finishes. 😊 He is really good now at taking half of a soft milk bone to ‘look after the house’. He takes it and moves away from the door.

I know another post starting with a puppy picture
We watched a movie last night upstairs
well, at least I watched it. πŸ’–
He looks real comfy, no?

The laundromat was one of those typically ‘dirty’ days. The Lost and Found box was full again with someone’s laundry loads so I just pushed it down and closed the lid. Good grief. I walked around and picked up the big garbage and went about the cleanup. All of the “Woops, I Goofed” notes that I put out were gone and two were used on machines that worked just fine when I tested them. LOL So, I left there, filled our water jug and then dropped off the bags of L & F clothes at Rethreads before returning home.

There was a police presence at the Mat this morning
He was chatting it up with the children waiting for the bus

It was then that I noticed my sister, Cathy, had texted me about the demolition of the Paisley hotel. She wondered if I was going over to watch it. I Googled it then, as I knew nothing about when that was happening. 

If you remember some pictures from last winter, the Inn/Hotel was in a lot of them. Its turret was a pigeon’s roost so they will miss that gathering spot when the building is gone. Neither Cathy or I could find a time when it would happen, so we both decided to head over.

I was pleased to see that it was still standing
but disappointed that it didn't appear to be taken down while I was here

It is quite overgrown today

Gibbs would enjoy a car ride so by the time I loaded his bed and got his seat belt on, it was 10 o’clock. When I approached the small town, I immediately noticed the turret was still standing and the main street was not blocked off. Hmmm. πŸ˜•From the front, all I could see was that in the last 6 months many, many trees and vines had grown, almost covering the lower level of the Inn. You’d think that would be the first thing they’d remove. 

Behind the hotel, they were starting to tear fences and sheds down

On a secondary street, behind the hotel, I met Cathy who was driving around wondering what was going on. We asked a couple of townspeople but they didn’t seem to know anything definite either, other than a dedication and brick presentation to the mayor later this evening at the Cenotaph. Another hmmm. πŸ˜•We parked our vehicles and took Gibbs for a walk around the block and I was able to show Cathy where exactly we lived last winter. They’ve been through town many times but couldn’t find Wes and Susan’s house. Now she knows.

Cathy got her pictures and was headed back to her car

After parting ways, Cathy walked to Main St. to get pictures of the century old building ‘pre-demo’ and I drove over to see Susan. She hadn’t met Gibbs yet. We visited outside for about 15 minutes before Gibbs and I headed for home. 

He wasn't 100% happy with his position in 
the back seat BUT he was still pretty good on the drive

The day was a warm one after a cool 11C/51F and it warmed up to 20C/68F before the sun disappeared behind clouds. I had unplugged from electric before we left but was pretty sure the clouds would play a part in reversing that before the end of the day.

Gibbs and I walked down for the mail
and I noticed this beautiful array of wildflowers along
the laneway

Our tree at the road is loaded this year

The west pond from the front field
Ducks flew off when we arrived

It was 1:30 or so when we got home and Gibbs napped for a straight 2 hours without moving. 😊 That ride wore him plumb out. I had a fleece jacket on the line that I’d washed in one of the machines today (testing them) so took the little sleepyhead out with me to collect it. 

An interesting fungus on our dead tree

Slipping it on, we walked down the lane to get the mail and then continued to wander around the front field. I let Gibbs lead and he sniffed all the edges of the field, venturing down through the long grass on occasion.

Yes, trees are slowing beginning to change

Gibbs patiently waited for Bill to park

That’s when Bill got home, pulling the work trailer. For supper, he had leftover mac and cheese with a couple of frankfurters and I had the leftover bowl of chili. We cleaned up the homemade bread while it was fresh and didn’t need dessert. Bill made his lunch and we plopped ourselves in front of the tv for the night. 

Cleaning up leftovers

This was an interesting day and a good one. I’ll keep an ear out for when the Paisley Inn (original name = Rowes Tavern) goes down. Even as rubble, it will make good pictures.

The sky started out quite nice, clouded over
and then cleared out by supper time
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hopefully they do block off the road.

    What an interesting fungus growing on the dead tree, very different.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, I'm sure they will, there are enough ways to get around the town.

  2. Ah so sad. I hate it when they tear down cool old buildings. I tried the seatbelt thing with Cooper. It didn’t go over well. I spent more time untangling him. Looks like Gibbs is ok with it.

    1. I know, me too! it's so pretty!
      Yes, Gibbs seems to be okay with it - so far!

  3. Yes, I'm with Nancy. A fine old building. Won't be another one like it; when it's gone, it's gone. Too bad someone can't figure out a use for it.

  4. I agree, so sad about the inn.
    Gibbs sure does know how to relax. He's so cute.
    Amazes me how many people forget their clothes at the laundromat.
    How could you forget them when that's why they went there.😏

    1. Gibbs is with the perfect family for relaxing, right? haha
      I don't get the forgetting clothes thing either. Maybe for a day but then??
      I love your last statement!! ♥

  5. I wonder if the people who leave their clothes behind, buy them back at the thrift store?

    Gibbs plays hard and sleeps hard too! He's such a cutie.

    1. You gals are making me laugh about the clothes!! ♥ Thank you for that!

  6. I too hate to see buildings torn down. It takes so much history from a community.
    In the property we recently bought we discarded close to 3-3 cubic yard dumpsters full of clothes. I wondered if they just bought new, or got them free or super cheap at resale shops/ garage sales, etc. rather than wash them. It made no sense. We found them everywhere. Not to mention sacks and boxes of CDs, movies, games, dishes, etc.
    Gibbs sure seems to be catching on to what Mom is teaching him.

    1. It is very sad about the Inn, as you know I enjoyed getting pictures of it last winter.
      Wow! That's crazy and it would certainly make me wonder too about all those clothes. LOL If it is more than a couple of days, a week, i wonder if something happened in the family but after two weeks, i've got to do something with them. Since Jamie has to pay to dump garbage (we all do) why should he dump their drop offs?