Sunday, September 12, 2021

Taking it Easy

The Ridge

On Sunday, Sept. 12th we slept in until 8 or was it 8:30? Who knows? Who cares? 😊 We had our morning brew and wondered what the day would bring. It was cloudy but there was a bit of hope that the sun might make an appearance. Bill checked the forecast on his phone for rain. He would have liked to have gone flying at the Hanover club but we couldn’t count on it staying dry. No flying today.

Resting in between playing
We've learned that a tired puppy, is a good puppy

Online, I ordered something we agreed on for a wedding gift for the soon-to-be newlyweds and when informed that it was ready for pickup, made plans to drive to Hanover this afternoon. I had some shower gifts to pick up from Walmart so that would work out well. Bill had some toast from the homemade bread I got at Foodland. He wouldn’t need lunch but I made a breakfast casserole in Madame IP anyway. He suggested it for supper so we’ll give it a try. I, then, had toast as well.

Bill played outside with Gibbs for a long time
tossing his 'Duckie' in a fetch game
This is one of the cutest pictures of those results

Black Beauty needed fuel so we left Ptooties at home. We were in and out of the two stores, the gas station and on our way home within the hour. Because it turned into such a nice afternoon, with only a spattering of rain around 10:30, we changed into bike gear and went for a ride. That was another great ride even though it was just shy of 90 minutes. Gibbs looked after the house for us both times and did a great job!

We rode to see if Murray was home

Murray stores our car and/or cargo trailer for the winters
so we wanted to touch base with him

But he wasn't home

Daisy was home looking after their property
She usually comes to us when Murray is home
but today, she was on duty and kept her distance
letting us know she was in charge 

I made myself a tea and Bill sat in front of one of his recorded movies. I don’t say he ‘watched’ it because he couldn’t keep his eyes open. I cashed in my Lotto 649 ticket yesterday and was surprised that it was a $10 win. Bill checked my next ticket for me earlier and I won a free ticket plus $2 on the Encore. Seems like I’m on a slow roll but still a roll! 😊

There was an influx of birds just before
sorry for the blur but they didn't stop fluttering in the water
I've never seen so many bluebirds!!

At 5:30, I turned the casserole on to cook. It was pretty simple to make so if we don’t mind breakfast for supper, we’re set. This afternoon, Jamie and Cheryl (& Morgan their lab) dropped over to pay me for the month of August. He's been unavailable for a couple of weeks but is very prompt, paying me as soon as he could. It was nice to catch up with the two of them, and hearing that Emma is doing well at school in Pennsylvania.

Aren't they adorable?

Our supper was quite good. The casserole was light and fluffy with the 6 eggs and heavy cream. Yum. With a Foodland bun each, we enjoyed this untraditional meal for supper. There was cheesecake left so we had a piece of that with cherry sauce. I was quite full. We did the few dishes and went our separate ways. 😊 That sounds ominous but it only means that I moved upstairs with my laptop and turned on an old movie, The Pelican Brief, and Bill watched something he likes downstairs. I love having two tv’s.

A Woodpecker visited right outside the window

Goldfinches were also present
And Bluejays, which I didn't get a picture of
It seemed that it was their last summer reunion
Notice the bright one on the branch?

It was a good day and I’m so glad we got out for another ride. Our days are numbered for the weather that allows us to do so.

Sausage breakfast casserole

It was quite good

Good night y'all

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Great pictures of the birds taking a bath.

  2. The casserole looks good, I can eat breakfast anytime. We never see bluebirds and they are cute. Gibbs is shaping up well. Hope y'all get away this winter!

  3. I bet it's hard for you not knowing if the borders will open. Keeping our fingers crossed they do! Your casserole looks yummy I know we love them! Your cheesecake looks oh so good too! How nice to get out for a ride, gotta take advantage when the weather cooperates!

    1. It is hard not knowing, we can't even imagine what we'll do this year if they don't. :(

  4. Love the bluebirds, they are definitely adorable!

    We have breakfast for dinner almost once a week. I like it because it is easy and eggs are so versatile and it is one of my son's favorite meals.

    Good luck with your winter plans.

    1. Aren't they adorable?
      Eggs are versatile and I'm glad to have found that recipe. I'll make it more often. ;)
      Thank you for the luck!

  5. It amazes me how much you all accomplish in one day. That casserole looked so good. We always enjoy breakfast for dinner.

  6. That looks like a family of Bluebirds at your birdbath!

  7. Cute posture of Gibbs and makes you wonder if they have rubber bones :-) Too bad that Bill didn't get a chance to fly his plane but at least you both got a ride out of the day. We haven't had any rain in weeks. Grass is dead here! I would eat that casserole you made for dinner anytime as I prefer a lighter fare breakfast.

    1. These pets of ours certainly are flexible. I guess we were too as kids! :)
      We had a nice ride. We've sure had enough rain here!