Monday, September 27, 2021

A Nicer Weather Week

The Ridge

On Monday, Sept. 27th Bill was up with the 6:30 alarm and Gibbs and I got up before 7:30 to see him off. The day looked to be a decent one with an expected high of 20C/68F, so work for Bill, at the outdoor job down the road, is a ‘go’. 😊 He likes the work there and the nicer the weather is, over the next couple of weeks, the sooner it will be done.

The sky was no indication of the
day's weather
It was clear for much of today

I left soon after he did and cleaned the Mat. It was in decent shape so I have no gripes! I took some extra time and cleaned the inside of the washer doors.  Before coming home, I stopped at Foodland for some bread for Bill’s sandwiches. I felt ready for my tea when I returned and even had a toasted crust with peanut butter/honey. For .some reason I felt quite hungry. That is usually a good time to decide what we’re having for supper so I pulled some meat out of the freezer.

The only time he didn't come when called was when he was chasing something in the grass

I sat with Gibbs in my (our = his and mine) recliner 😊 and he dozed while I caught up on reading blogger’s posts. I’ve missed some for sure but at least took the time to read the latest. I had a woops while I was making my tea this morning by knocking the cream container over without the cap. Oh dear! I moved fast though and saved it but not until about ¼ cup went across the island counter, and onto the floor, spattering everything in its wake.

the beginning of my gathering
Gibbs found shade

Knowing that milk is not good for puppy tummies, I quickly wiped it up while Gibbs followed my every move with his little tongue. I was sure I got it all but made the decision then and there to wash the floors. He wanted outside so I put him on his rope tether hoping to do it then. No such luck, he wanted back in before I even got the vacuum out. He isn’t a bother, but he doesn’t like the hose and runs around a lot trying to get out of the way. Comical, actually.

We relaxed

‘We’ got the floors cleaned up and washed easily. I won’t say it again………(I love my Norwex mops) sorry! The floors dry so quickly because they don’t get sopped with soapy water or cleaner, just water. 😊 Then, we went outside. It was a beautiful day so a good time to start gathering the garden ornaments. Once I started, it didn’t take long to get everything together on the picnic table but with my newly painted rocks, there seems to be more each year.

Up in the bedroom, Gibbs seemed content
at the window

Gibbs was very good while I worked, running free with his leash dragging behind him. He doesn’t go out of sight for very long. I like the ability to let him go free so it tires him out. The method to my madness. I worked steady, loading up 2 bins and saving the last one for the things that are screwed down like signs, the woodpecker from Keith and our old wooden Mexico name sign. We will leave the latter at home and get a new one that includes our new family member.

After I finished working, the clouds moved in
and the temperature started dropping

We came inside once I'd gone as far as I wanted for now and he immediately crashed once I opened all our downstairs windows. It was quite hot out and the Suite was an oven. This is the time of year when we switch from heating sources at night to opening windows and doors during the daytime. I’m not complaining, the warm days can stay as long as they want! I did the few dishes and then sat back in my chair with my book.

Look who's back

Speaking of books, I want to thank Loree for the book suggestion, I likely wouldn’t have come across that one unless it was recommended. I have added it to my Goodreads ‘want to read’. James Patterson books always come up near the first of my searches so I’m sure I’ll come across the one mentioned in a friend’s blog yesterday. 😊 Thank you for that too. I wish I would remember to stop at the library in town and update my card. Duh! Maybe tomorrow! (Psst: I’ve written a note)

These little bluebirds are the sweetest birds
to watch

At 3, I could really feel this morning’s exertion in my upper shoulder and arms so Gibbs and I went upstairs for a snooze. I know I dozed for a while but Jr. ended up jumping off the bed and sleeping on the floor. When I heard a vehicle out my open window, I was surprised to see Bill pulling in. It was 3:50 so I guess not so surprising. That’s when I realized I had actually slept and my aches were gone.

So, I took lots of pictures
They don't even look real

We sat together until 5:30 when I coated the pork chops and started preheating the oven. With potatoes on the stove to boil and beans and corn ready for the microwave, I sat with my sweeties until things were ready. The pork chops, not being a favourite meat of mine, tasted great! They were done perfectly with the edging of crispy fat being the best part of all! 😊 There are leftovers potatoes for another night or two and that makes things easier for another meal. 

This guy was shy

After dishes and Gibbs was taken care of, we spent the evening watching (and recording) our programs. Why do the networks have to put so many all on the same night? Last year it was Tuesdays, now it’s Mondays. LOL Why not spread it out over the week? aside from that, this was a good day and we didn’t get any rain! It actually got quite warm so I got a few things packed up for storage.

Supper was delicious
and we had a piece of the runny lemon pie
good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. What are those birds called Patsy? They are just beautiful!
    Gibbs is just a little cuddly guy.💙

  2. Those bluebirds are gorgeous!!! How fun to watch them in the bird bath. Days have been warm, but the wonderful cool nights have arrived!!!

  3. We don't see bluebirds here and I'm a little jealous. I can imagine they are so much fun to watch.

  4. They continue to keep the border closed, I hope you have a warm place to stay in Canada in your plans,do you? -Mary

  5. Love the bluebirds. I miss them now that I live in the same province as Maebeme. I also miss the brilliant reds of the maple trees, the colours here are mostly golds and yellows.

    God bless.