Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Stretching the Aches Out, Taking it Easy, No Changes

The Ridge

(no pictures at all taken today - so I hope you enjoy these from a past September)

When I woke on Tuesday, Sept. 21st, I moved slowly. My legs, arms, fingers and shoulders felt achy. I always feel some discomfort when I first move because I believe that I sleep in the same position for the whole 8-9 hours. That’s what it feels like anyway. This morning was different and I understood the reason why. I stretched and twisted and surprisingly all I felt after I got up was a tenderness in my Bursas. (Had to look up the name of that muscle).

September 21, 2017
My one and only home grown sunflowers

After arriving at the Mat, I put it out of mind as I went about tidying up. I had to test a washer with a note on it so found some 3 mos baby clothes in the L & F box and tossed them in. They came out nice and there was no problem with the machine.  LOL, I left the baby clothes on top in the bin and hoped someone claimed them. In a week, I’ll go through it again and donate whatever is left in the box.

Bill built this dock our first summer here
Sadly, the pond wasn't worth keeping it for but it was still pretty
September 2017

Bill texted that he would be working at the duplex in Durham today. He was still home when I left because of the weather and possible rain over the next 3 days. He was waiting for word from the boss. I left the laundromat and drove to Foodland for some bread and cheese before heading home to the Ridge. Back home I made my tea and worked on finishing my blog. Around noon, I warmed up some of the soup with salmon and enjoyed that with a coffee.

Sept. 21, 2017
Donna and I went to Durham beach for a swim
It was that warm

It was the first and only time we've been!

I was surprised to first hear and then see Bill coming up the lane at 12:45. 😉 They just did a few minor hookups in the duplex and that was all they were going to do today. Bill would be happy about that. He had his sandwich and yogourt here at home I got the mop out to do a quick sweep of the floors. They seem to get so gritty with dirt and leaves. I had dusted the counter tops and cupboards yesterday so just the floors today. I’m taking it easy!

I'm so glad I did this, pulling pics from the past
It was the weekend in 2017 that we had our good friends
Kathy and Derrick here for a couple of days

This is the beautiful lady that
we lost in March of this year
Kathy, you are missed so much 💔

Bill went to the Hangar mid afternoon and Gibbs and I went down the lane to check the mail. He ran all the way back up and we moved inside. The little guy slept and slept while I sat in my chair and watched a program on the PVR until FBI came on at 4. When Bill came in at 5, he turned on the recorded 1st episode of The Voice from last night and I began making my recipe for Easy Meatloaf. Once made, I put it in the preheated convection oven for an hour.

Bill and Clemson stroll down the lane
Sept. 20, 2017

We were eating at 6:15 and everything was delicious. After dishes, Gibbs got his meal and we watched tv until bedtime. Tonight was FBI and FBI Most Wanted, shows we watched together last winter. This was a good day. It was dull throughout the day and very light rain began around 4. Sounds like it will be another Tuesday for thunderstorms, more rain than anyone needs by the sound of it.

This was the same time period in September that we 
had our Clothing Exchanges with the London girls
Heather, Gayle, Laurie

Pat went with us to Laurie A's home this time 
Such great memories! 😂

So, our election is over. P.M. Trudeau called it 2 years into his term in the hopes that he would win a Majority government this time. He did get re-elected, not our choice by a long shot, BUT it was a waste of time as he still only ended up with a Minority. No change at all except for the millions of $$$ spent in the process. 

Unlike tonight, we had a beautiful sunset on this day in 2017
Good night!

Thank you for popping in to see what we’re up to.


  1. Yup that election was a total waste of money and they called it before the results from BC were even tallied!

  2. It sounds like you both had a lovely relaxing day.

    God bless.

  3. I miss the clothing exchanges with the London area girls. It was always a great time. Maybe next year we can make it happen.

  4. It's interesting to note the recall vote in California was called the next day after the vote. I checked today and my vote has yet to be counted. In fact MANY votes have yet to be counted. How can they call an election without even counting everything???? Maybe it's a good thing he's still in the minority! LOL

    1. Starting to sound like all elections are scams, isn't it? Surprise!

  5. Was yesterday that sunny down your way!