Sunday, September 19, 2021

What a Difference!! Early Birthday Dinner

The Ridge

Saturday, Sept. 18th Gibbs and I were up and out the door for our walk shortly after 7. We had a nice walk today and made it all the way to Turbine Lane. The sky to the east made for pretty pictures and I noticed a few branches that had come down in the Tuesday storm. I hadn’t seen them when driving. The air was cool but I find I can still wear shorts as long as I’m layered on my upper body. 😊

Good morning y'all!

I'm not sure if our geese are confused over the
weather changes or if they are just trippin'

The sky was beautiful this morning

Gibbs walked really well this morning

The trees along the field here must not be very healthy
They keep losing large branches

When we returned, I made my tea and Bill was just making his coffee, ready to work. With the sharpened chain saw, he took the truck down to our downed tree and set to work. It was after 8 when I joined him but other than a break for him to pick up Gerry’s trailer, we never stopped until noon. I was happy that Gerry offered to help and came over with his car.

You might want to take note of all the brush
behind the tree

hard to know exactly where and how much to cut
to control the fall
But my lumberjack did a great job even if it 'woops, went the wrong way!' 😂

When it fell, it didn't damage the cedar rail fencing

I was the designated ‘picker-upper-trailer loader and unloader-truck driver’ and Bill just cut and cut and cut. You get the picture. I was very grateful for my brother-in-law’s assistance. As it was, we made 4 trips up and back down with an over-full load of branches. Once Bill started, we’d agreed that he would carry on to clean up the whole front, road side of the fence. We had a healthy apple tree and two cedars trying to grow in there.

Gerry and I took many loads similar to this one
to our brush pile

Remember the first picture?
This is just the apple tree remaining, which I'll clean up when
the apples are done
Two cedars will remain after our final clean up

Gerry left and Bill and I made two more loads before stopping for the day. There is still some small spindly stuff to cut and clean up as well as the cut logs to load and bring up for stacking. We were thankful that Gerry was open to leaving his trailer so we could putter away at it this week. The funny part was Bill giving me direction to back up the small utility trailer each trip. LOL, I want to learn but I was having such a hard time.

This is Bill's backing up job, not mine.😁

A road view
those tall spindly weeds will come out

Bill does it so easily but was very patient with his teaching, telling me not to get frustrated. I’m getting it – slowly, very slowly. 😊 It looks amazing down there now! I can’t wait until it is all done and we’ll start on the laneway brush and give it a serious go. There is a lot of work there but we’ve got October and the remainder of September to make a stab at it. We had some lunch and a ‘collapse’ in our chairs for a few minutes. Bill eventually went up for a snooze.

I think it's obvious why Bill moved upstairs
This was a cute photo opportunity though

Oh yah, someone is thinking they're a big shot
right about now.🐕

With some time before our dinner commitment, he cut the back field of grass, one more step of weekend lawn care finished. Around 4, we started getting cleaned up ourselves and after feeding Gibbs early, left him in charge while we drove to the Acreage to pick Donna and Gerry up. We had reservations at The Paisley Common for an early birthday supper. They’d never been and we love it. Our friend and Bill’s boss, Mike, met us there for 6. 😊

Gerry led the group

As usual, it was delicious! Bill ordered the 1 pc. fish and chips and I ordered the smothered chicken with skin on mashed potatoes. Oh my! It came with cheese, bacon and mushrooms cooked on the chicken and a really nice assortment of mixed vegetables. Not the standard boring peas and carrots. 

A Paisley Sling to start - yum!

I would order this again in a 💗 beat

Donna ordered the same thing and we both loved it, bringing leftovers home. I have enough for another meal which is always nice. Gerry ordered iced tea and got the homemade version, (pretty much everything is homemade/home grown) but because it wasn't sweetened, Donna drank it instead. 😂

Our waitress took our picture for us

Just before paying our bill, the owner, James, came downstairs from their apartment so Bill and I were happy to say hello to him. He is such a nice young man and made us feel welcome. We’ll definitely go back again. We said goodbye to Mike and drove around to see the Inn and the de-construction process. At the back, we could see how much had come down so of course another picture opportunity.

The backside of the Inn has been torn down

That's quite a pile of rubble

Before leaving Paisley, Bill took a drive down past the old mill too and they have started renovations there. I’m glad it isn’t being demolished; it is another beautiful structure. Donna asked if ‘this’ was the street along the river that I walked and Bill answered for me. “There isn’t a street in Paisley that she hasn’t walked!” I thought that was comical, true but comical. 😊 After dropping them off at their trailer, we came home to Gibbs and he was ‘piddle’ excited to see us. LOL

Another favourite historical structure of min

I had had a Paisley Sling at the restaurant, since it was a birthday supper for us, and then at home poured a small bit of Desarono before heading up to bed around 9:30. Gibbs couldn’t decide if he wanted to come and stay so I closed the door and never heard a thing after that. This was a really good day. We got a lot done down at the road and had a wonderful meal out with some family and a friend. Thanks all of you for joining us!

There was a huge moon last night but the
full moon (Harvest Moon) will be Monday night
I'm leaving the moon photos up to the pros
but wanted to try tonight.

Good night!

Thank YOU for joining us here at my site, if you wish to comment, I appreciate it!


  1. I just love your fences. Good try with the tree and nothing got broken!! LOL Backing isn't all that easy, I can tell you. Go slow and make small corrections. Small trailers are much harder to back.
    Uh oh ... next thing you know, Gibbs will be on the table. I can tell he's pretty proud!! He did good ... Cooper would never try jumping up on a chair, only the couch cuz he's a klutz!!

    1. Thanks, we love our fences too although they need some adjustment at times. ;)
      The tree fell, which was the main goal and didn't break anything, on us either!
      That's what Bill says. He says the small trailers are harder than big ones. I want to practice more and with Gerry's trailer here this week, maybe I can when Bill is home.
      LOL to Gibbs on the table! I sure hope not but wouldn't put it past him.

  2. You definitely had a very busy day, lots of physical work! Your birthday dinner was a great way to end the day. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks Maebeme. Because not everyone was vaccinated in our group we had to have our dinner before Sept. 22. :( Our birthdays aren't for a few days.

  3. Good job on the tree felling. Both of you worked very hard and what a difference that removal makes.

    God bless.

  4. The tree limb falling turned into quite a bit of work, but that area really opened up with it gone. Once you clean up the other part you mentioned that area will really pop. How fun to join in a birthday celebration. The food looked amazing!! Your morning pictures were beautiful. Sunrises and Sunsets...oh my!!! I loved the building you deemed a favorite of yours. What a fun and busy day you had.

    1. Thank you Cheri, nice to hear from you. I, for one, know how hard it is to keep up with everything. I haven't had the time to sit and stay caught up with many blogs so have been popping in here and there. That Mill building is so unique, I'm hoping they keep it renovated and standing. :)

  5. Great job on the tree! Love how open the fencing is now, it's so pretty! Backing up is just something my head won't do. That and changing gears on a bicycle LOL. I'm sue you'll get it! Great pic at dinner! The food looks amazing! Love when veggies are different and not the boring!

    1. Thank you, Bill doesn't fell trees often but I thought he did great all the same. Backing up and me - like you. Can't remember all the things! fast, slow, left mirror, right mirror etc. hahaha
      That food at Paisley was excellent and I would order it again.