Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Hump Day, New Month, Premier's Decision

The Ridge

Before I start with today, Wednesday, Sept. 1st , I need to share last night’s beautiful sunset sky. Were we in Arizona? It was too late to add them to my post so here is your morning wakeup!

It seemed to colour everything pink

Bill only had to drive to Durham for work so he was able to sleep in until 7, when I needed to get up. I left the Suite at 7:15 for the Mat. Two customers were present when I walked in and there were 3 machines I needed to test. The change machine didn’t give change to one customer and a dryer wouldn’t take quarters.

I don't think we're in Ontario anymore!

The washing machine I checked had a note on it that it wasn’t working but it was just fine. Other than that, the floor was the only thing dirty - with 8 dryer sheets. Call the presses! I guess I’m a bit bitter still about the ‘whiners’. I left an hour later, leaving a clean laundromat and the floors shining. As much as old waxed floors can shine. 😊

A healthy lunch today with twisted bacon

As I turned onto North Line, I was surprised to meet Bill as he was ready to turn on to Baptist Church Road. I wasn’t aware of his start time, hence the surprise. I had my cup of tea and some banana/zucchini bread warmed with cream for breakfast. I felt a bit of a nosh for some reason. I called the new doctor’s office to remind her about sending our forms. Bill still hadn’t got them. Nice start, huh?

Passed out and very comfortable

 It was cool overnight again, and I might have slept better had we put an extra blanket on. Bill had offered to turn the furnace on but that seemed a bit much so I declined. Perhaps he was right? ./;.''Instead of cleaning up the brush today, I opted to work on my cross stitch. I was giving myself an afternoon off. The day was pretty quiet and Bill arrived home from his day around 4:30. We watched some NCIS and at 5:30 I started making spaghetti for supper. It was quite good and a nice change.

While Gibbs was outside on his tether,
he did some weeding for me

while digging new holes in the gravel

After dishes, Bill made his lunch and tried to print the documents from our old printer. I say ‘tried’ because of course it jammed. If we didn’t have frustrations, life would be perfect, wouldn’t it? 😊 

I decided to sew Gibbs' bed today and
see if he still wants to chew it
He is a couple of months older now so we'll see

Speaking of frustrations, I admit to being one of those constituents not happy with our Premier’s decision to go along with the Health minister’s recommendation about Ontario vaccine passports. Because we have family and friends on both sides of the fence, I think it is a step too far, a step towards even more segregation. 😕 I know many don’t agree and do not care to open a discussion about it.

I made some more progress on the 'forever' cross stitch

We watched the second half of America’s Got Talent together before calling it a night. Not too many pictures again today, making for a short posting. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. I did mine!

tonight was Italian!
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. Uh no on vac passports. Surely that’s against our right to move about freely. Guess it’s no longer a free country. Tell Gibbs he’s a bad boy for digging!! But I bet it was fun!!!

    1. I know but it passed and we weren't allowed to vote on that!
      Gibbs is a bad boy for digging but he does have fun. LOL

  2. I agree with Nancy. Just like America is supposed to be FREE but we aren't anymore. It's ridiculous! This has divided families, ours included and it's such a shame. Your spaghetti looks awesome! The sunset pics are gorgeous!

    1. I hate the division created from all of this. Luckily, our family and friends are still 'together' no matter what side of the fence we're on.
      supper was good and always filling.

  3. Your cross stitch is looking good. I was wondering how are you going to go south when the United States keeps extending the border lockdown?

    God bless.

    1. thank you! Yes, we're wondering too but holding out hope that Biden opens it for November.