Friday, September 17, 2021

Taking Care of a Few Things, The Weekend Begins

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 17th Bill headed out as usual at 7:30 and I wasn’t too far behind, going in the opposite direction. The Mat wasn’t too bad and I could tell that Jamie had been in to empty the change from the machines. Two dryers were repaired so he obviously got in the part he needed. One change unit does top and bottom dryers. I did my cleaning and shoved the ‘still present’ pillows and comforter into a garbage bag.

He loves his blankets, great chew toys too

At the Water Store, I filled a 5-gallon jug of water and drove home for my cup of tea. My plan was to drive to Walmart for some groceries but after confirming that Northline Service & Repair, down the road sharpened chains, I dropped it off. It meant I didn’t have to take it to Hanover as Bill suggested. Mary was pretty sure they could handle it today. I was in no hurry to go shopping so hung around to hear from them plus I wanted to have my shower first.

More hibiscus keep coming

It was around 12 when I gave Gibbs his treat and went to the car. I’d heard from Northline that the saw was ready so planned to go that way first. I also plugged us in after taking advantage of a few hours of solar sunshine. 😊 I wanted to close things up and put the a/c on before I left. Last glance at the Suite and I saw that I’d left the big awning all the way out. Hanover is only 20 minutes away but that’s far enough if a big wind should arise.

Gibbs and I played outside for a while
when he got tired of chasing Ducky, he found a shady 
spot to rest

I hopped out and ran back inside to pull it in when Gibbs slipped out between my legs and set me on a chase. LOL No way was he having any of my tricks to get a hold of him. Then I heard Bill coming up the drive and of course the little mutt did too and made a beeline for Black Beauty. I freaked and yelled at Bill to STOP! He thinks Gibbs would have stopped on his own but he slowed the truck anyway. I left after he said he’d get the saw. My heart was just pounding so the drive was calming.

Cute, huh?

Walmart was busy but I was still in and out of there with over 100$ worth of groceries and in and out of Dollarama within an hour. When I got home, Bill and Gibbs had just returned from getting a bladder full of water at the Acreage. The remainder of the afternoon was relaxing together. It was nice that he was off early today yet still got a full week of work in. 😊 That means a nice pay check too.

Inside, before supper I made
a batch of Beer Margaritas
thinking of Arizona and specifically Deb D. 😉

For supper, we had bacon cheeseburgers and a garden salad. Bill looked after bbq’ing and I got everything inside ready. It is a simple meal but with the lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, mayo and onion – it seems like quite the ordeal! After dishes, we decided to wait a bit for dessert. We could have ice cream, since I bought more today, in a cone or a dish OR we could have some potato chips later with cheddar. That’s if we feel like something.

It looks like my Bacopa and Petunias are
having a resurrection

Supper was good and so was the day. It was a gorgeous summer day as we head into the last weekend of the season. 

a loaded burger

It reached 26C/79F today and got quite humid. The clouds made appearances throughout the day at least giving some relief periodically but no complaints here. Awesome Friday!

I always watch for this tree as it's one of 
the most interesting transformations on my drive
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Yup - freaking out is putting it mildly!!!!! Those kids can be little brats!!!! Glad all was okay.

  2. Oh beer margaritas! We always think of Deb too when we make them :) Love the changing colors in the tree! Your dinner looks yummy once again! :)

  3. Never heard of beer Margaritas, but they sound very interesting.

    Trees here have been changing colour for a couple of weeks now. It seems earlier than usual to me.

    God bless.

    1. Beer margaritas are potent but in moderation, quite a nice summery (or Arizona winter) drink. :)
      1 light beer, 1 can of 7 up or Sprite (I use diet), 1/2 can of tequila (I use vodka) and 1 can of frozen lime juice. Add ice. You can blend if you want. Don't drive after drinking! haha

  4. Hamburgers are always a bit more trouble than they are touted to be, even when grilled outside! I do love them though....I think guys think they're easy because they're the ones who grill and then assemble what they want from the sliced/chopped/etc fillings.

    1. That's true, most guys like bbq'ing. Bill isn't as keen. It's different at a party where the guys all hang out around the chef. :)