Sunday, September 26, 2021

Making the Best of Every Day

The Ridge

We were up around 7:30 on Saturday, Sept. 25th, sorted laundry and I headed into Durham with 2 loads. The debate was whether the rain would hold off long enough for them to dry on the line. It was expected around noon. That didn’t mean we had sun though because the clouds were ruling the sky. The Mat wasn’t in too much disarray but bad enough that I had to sweep first instead of last. LOL

This is the kind of day we had

One customer was in and informed me that the change machine was empty, not as a complaint though. With the ‘wash’ day beginning, I made note to text Jamie before I left. I ended up tossing the heavy load, jeans and t-shirts, into a dryer but decided I could hand the small stuff on the line and it would be no big deal if they got wet. As I was leaving, I saw an elderly man enter and begin to unlock the ‘lock up’ door. Hmmm.

I went back assuming it was a relation and I discovered he was Jamie’s father. 😊 What a nice man, and that doesn’t surprise me at all because Jamie is ‘good stuff’. When I saw him starting to load his Honda CRV with the 8 bags of garbage and recyclables, I shut Ptooties off and helped him. He seemed to be pretty frail. He waved me off but at my persistence, graciously accepted my help. We crammed them all in and laughed about it.

By the time I finished hanging undies,
it was full but I'm not showing you that picture!

I drove to the Water Store and filled a bottle before returning to the Ridge. Bill had finished cleaning up the brush and wood from the front and had Gerry’s trailer back in place. So, there’s two jobs done. I hung the small items, doubtful about the sky, and I resolved that I should have dried everything. Duh! Within the hour, it started a very misty heavy rain so I brought them in.

Bill got the wood brought up and stacked
Turned into a nice pile for a couple of years

I resorted to Pioneer Woman days and strung a line over the sofa in the Suite. I don’t have the option of just throwing them in a dryer. 😊 It looked funny but hey, it worked! Bill had his lunch and drove to the Saugeen RC flying club for an afternoon meeting. Gibbs and I stayed inside for the rest of the miserable day until he returned. He smiled at the clothesline. I had my tea around 3:30 and we got dressed for a dinner out.

Bill got our Blue Flame propane heater out
and we had it on low all day

Gerry and Donna had invited us over for a meal. When we all arrived, Mike was there so we visited until supper was ready. No picture today, but it was a wonderful meal of ribs, potatoes, carrots and broccoli. Yum! Blueberry crumble with ice cream for dessert so it was our own fault if we left the table still hungry. We didn’t. 😉

Sleepy time 💖

It was around 8:30 when we headed home and Bill put a movie on which I was able to stay awake for until 10. That was enough. Gibbs and I went up to bed. This was a peaceful day ending with a family visit.

A memory from last year on this day
Definitely different weather!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too!


  1. I can just imagine your inside clothesline. Made me smile.

    Hope that today was much nicer.

    God bless.

  2. After seeing your picture yesterday we drove down to see McGowan Falls - awesome! And I finally spotted where your laundromat is as we drove back out from Tim's.

    1. McGowan Falls is pretty neat and when it rushes like that, quite the sight!
      Cool! I'm sure the Mat was sparkling out through the windows from being so clean! haha