Friday, September 24, 2021

What’s Another Year? Happy to Admit to a Birthday, Beats the Alternative!

The Ridge

On Thursday, Sept. 23rd I checked my feet. No toe tag so that meant I was here to turn another year older. Yay! Life is short and I know too many friends/ family who didn’t make it to this ripe ‘ole’ age, so yup, it’s my birthday! 😊 A day to celebrate.

A damp morning but the rain held off
for the most part

There was a lovely birthday card on the table waiting for me. My sweetie did it again with just the perfect words. Bill didn’t need to rush to work this morning but I wanted to get in to town before 8 so took my water and left my boys at home. The Mat wasn’t too bad today and within 10 minutes of my arrival, my daughter called to make my day.

The rain yesterday and overnight seemed to
come from all directions
The sheds were darkened on every side

We chatted for a nice long time before saying goodbye. I so love to hear from my ‘young’uns’. 😊 She was working from home today which made that chat possible. I finished cleaning with only one regular customer to work around and then stopped at the bank to deposit some of my cash. It disappears quicker when I carry it around with me although my online purchases take a toll too. LOL

One of my daughter's wishes for me was
'some sunshine'

I took these pictures to show her that
her wish came true for me! πŸ’–
Thanks Bridgette!

I drove by the duplex in town where Bill and the crew were working just because I can. Mike was out front with Bill and called out a birthday wish too. Back home, I had my tea with Gibbs. My reward for finishing yesterday’s blog last night was that I could sit in my chair with the little guy. He is very cuddly this morning and I love that.

At least it was a dryer day to get
this guy out for a bit more exercise
We love his little stance

The weather today has improved from yesterday but it is still pretty much a fall day. If we reached 14C/57F today up here on the Ridge, it would be a miracle but at least the rain has held off since 8 this morning. We got a lot of rain overnight and with the winds from Wednesday, trees were uprooting because of the soft ground. Not here, at least.

When I empty a box, Gibbs grabbed
the little air filled pouch
So innocent, huh?

I stayed inside with the exception of taking Gibbs out when necessary for most of the afternoon. Bill arrived home around 2, done for the day. We needed water so Bill drove to the Acreage only to return within 20 minutes. They had a tree come down across their lane making entry impossible. Oh-oh. He loaded his chain saw after notifying Gerry and headed back. We need water tonight so it is kind of important that he get in.

We relaxed together on the dreary day
Nice way to spend a birthday πŸ’•πŸ’•

Gibbs relaxes a bit better than we do 

For supper, we had fish and chips and tonight, I felt like having the fries too. They were good for a change. For dessert we had runny lemon pie. It just didn’t want to set for me but it still tasted darn good! I’ve pigged out today on carbs but I’m sure I won’t lose any sleep over it. 😊 After dishes, we watched tv until 10 when we all went to bed.

Supper was good

Oh well, it tasted good and looks nice
on the plate

sky to the west after supper

sky to the north still heavy with clouds

I’d slipped our kokopeli blanket between the sheet and the chenille spread today as last night I felt really chilly through the night. I guess, now that it is fall, it’s time to put warmer sheets on too. This was a good day, mostly lazy this afternoon with my book. It is so intriguing!

I think you'll see a pattern here
Images over the years in various locations
My feelings about life and getting older
Quartzsite, AZ
(picture by George)

Some are blurry
Arrowhead Lakes RV Park, Wapakaneta, OH

Elephant Lake State Park

Chatsworth, Ontario
Life is good!
Good night!

Thank you for your pop in. Comments are always appreciated.


  1. Don't you just wonder how they can sleep like that? That floor is HARD!! Happy Birthday again!! Yup I'm happy every day I'm able to wake up!!

  2. Glad that you had a good Birthday Patsy! πŸŽ‚πŸŒž

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like a nice day.

  4. Happy Birthday a bit late. You had a lovely day. Like you when the boys phone us it just makes our day.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. Yes, it's nice when they make the call, isn't it?

  5. So you check your toe - that's how you tell eh? I'll remember for next year! That is runny lemon pie!

    1. Ha ha, yes my father-in-law always said that so had a memory flash when I wrote that! :)
      It sure is runny pie. Probably the last time I'll try making it. LOL

  6. Happy birthday, it sounds like you had a nice day :-)

  7. Happy Birthday! We haven't had service for days it seems, so I'm catching up this am! I did see FB wishes and comment there too! Yes, you are loved!