Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Calm AFTER the Storm

The Ridge

Wednesday, Sept. 15th it was as if nothing had transpired last night. We felt relaxed and it seems that other than rain, the storms ended after we went to bed. It doesn’t mean we are able to stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’. Bill left around 7:30 with the work trailer and at 7:45, I drove to Durham to clean. Each time I go, I convince myself that it is soon time to stop cleaning too. As much as I’d hate to let Jamie down, it is nagging at me so much, the way people treat property that doesn’t belong to them.

The fog was apparent this morning out
at the road
The joke is that fog is just fallen clouds 😄

The L & F box is still crammed to overflowing with the clothes that were in there on Monday. Plus, an old coat, a filthy comforter and a just as dirty body pillow. Yeuch. For now, with gloves on, I put them in one of the laundry carts. I finished up by washing the floors and popped down to Foodland for a loaf of bread for Bill’s lunches. The day was starting out cool with an expected high o f just 20C/68F. That doesn’t sound too bad but it depends on how much sun comes with it. In Arizona, 68 is absolutely balmy, swimming weather for me.😎

A fair sized branch off the corral tree
So, it got windy enough!

I focused on finishing my blog – heck, actually writing it since I hadn’t even started. I guess the day was busy enough yesterday with other priority things. After a few distractions, I managed to complete it. I felt hungry so had 2 toasted bread crusts (the Villagio crusts are so fluffy) with some Gibson’s Turmeric honey. Having a craving for something so sweet isn’t a good idea but it tasted great! LOL

There are a few trees coming down this fall
Obviously this 'drooper' will be one of them

The rest of my day was reading and Googling online for short term rentals. It feels like an obsession for me right now but we really don’t know what the situation will be. Finding a space of our own for the winter months is turning into a real challenge and even more so because we aren’t in a position to commit yet even if we found one. Gibbs and I went for a walk to get the mail and walk through the front field. It was a good time to clear my head too.

It was foggy along our drive to work

On the way back up the hill, ‘we’ picked up or rather dragged the branch that came off the corral tree to the brush pile. Gibbs is such a good little helper, bouncing around in front of the branch. 😊 

We ran across the front field
but he still needs to check on me

Bill pulled in the lane a couple of minutes past 4 and we caught each other up on our day. It felt quite warm inside the Suite so I opened windows. I’m sure we’ll be closing them pretty soon since it is supposed to drop to 8C/47F overnight! Yikes!

He grabbed an apple from the ground under the
apple tree
Such a cutie

He wanted me to chase him

I had ground beef thawing for supper but until it ends up on the table (it’s almost that iffy) I couldn't answer Bill when he asked what we’re having. It will be a surprise to both of us. Ha ha! So, at 6, I fried the beef with onions and eventually added frozen mixed vegetables. We had boiled potatoes on the side and I made gravy out of the hamburger mix. It’s a fall back recipe that Mom made for our large family, a lot. I’ve always enjoyed it and can still see my older brother using bread after his potatoes were gone. 😊

Then he runs up the hill with his find
He doesn't eat them, just plays with them

Supper was delicious as that meal usually is. I don’t think it was from the meal but before he finished eating, Bill experienced heartburn. It concerned me as it took a while for it to ease tonight.

Our patio mat was covered in leaves and debris
so I got the broom out

I did the dishes and eventually he was able to settle down and hopped in the shower. The air has already started to cool down and the sun is dropping below the horizon. The sky was pretty to the south with a Waxing Gibbous moon. I had to look it up, I’m not a moon watcher. We have to wait until election night, Monday, to see the full moon.

I love this meal

For the evening, we just relaxed watching tv. I was feeling some effects from last night’s late night and although I dozed off in my chair a couple of times, I knew I’d sleep well tonight. This was a nice peaceful day. No storms. 😊

The Waxing Gibbous moon
as the sun sets
good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. So glad you had the calm...storms are scary. Glad you had a place to go even if not needed! Dinner looks yummy. Used to make something like that on top of mashed potatoes or rice. Kinda like they served in high school LOL. I feel for you not knowing what's happening this winter. Trying to line up a place without having to commit now. Geez...I can see how you worry about it. :(

    1. Thank you Shirley and Ken. I think they call that a comfort meal and we needed one. ;)

  2. Gibbs is the cutest little helper!💙

  3. It looks too foggy to drive to work, must be cool outside. We only get mists here on the mountain roads. Gibbs is such a happy go-lucky dog. I think he understands the advice of "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

    1. It seemed to be just in the hollow but it was thick.
      Gibbs is a happy dog indeed. :) And smart too with the apples!

  4. Love that first image and the expression on Gibbs face. He never lets you get too far away it appears. In spite of the wind, it doesn't look like your yard fared badly. It's cooling off here too, but I don't expect it will last.

    1. Gibbs just has to look at me with those big brown eyes and he kinda gets away with a lot.
      Our place didn't fare badly at all, thank goodness.

  5. That first photo is simply stunning. It almost looks like a painting.

    I was thinking that this winter is still a toss-up for you. I understand the US will announce whether they are extending the border closure sometime late this week or early next. Perhaps that will give a better sense of what this winter will bring, however with the extensions only being 30 days it probably doesn't help that much. Wishing you the best as you make your decisions.

    1. Thank you, pictures do surprise us sometimes. I agree that it is a nice one. ;)
      You're right, if Biden keeps extending it month by month, our decision gets harder and so does the wait. :(

  6. It is a difficult decision but not a difficult one on the other hand. There is so much unrest over there and then there is the Delta issue. We found too much shooting as well as civil unrest and that made our decision an easy one for us. We have decided to sit it out for quite sometime. Good luck with what you decide. Please keep safe. All the best. It's about time!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kathy. The only decision for us is where do we go if we can't cross the border. If it is open, there us no decision to be made, we're going. We're not concerned about the unrest or the variant, we have no place to live here, where there, we can boondock in Arizona. We aren't ready to stay here, that wasn't in our full-time plan. Thank you for the luck, take care!

  7. Do you suppose some of that crap/bedding belongs to that gal who sleeps there now and again?
    I love hamburger stew on a slice of bread. My mum made that a lot when we were youngsters. My dad really loved it.

    1. I wondered that but she hasn't been around lately. I think there are enough homeless around though.
      That meal was the same for our family as youngsters. :)

  8. You are so lucky, everything is still so nice and green.

    I am glad that Gibbs is a good helper.

    God bless.