Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I Remembered!

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Sept. 28th, we woke to another lovely fall day. With an expected rise in temperature from the chilly 8C/46F morning to a sunny 16C/60F, it will be a great day for Bill to work outdoors and for me to work on the garden cleanup. First things first, Bill pulled out and Gibbs and I sat while I had my tea. After a couple of trips out for his piddles, I confirmed that it would be warm enough to start work after lunch.

A nice looking day

Second things second. I drove into Durham for fuel, getting 7¢ off per litre. That meant I paid $1.22/litre. Yay! I also wanted to stop at the library, see? I remembered! When I entered the library parking lot, it was pretty full and I wondered if I was walking into one of their group classes or something. Oh well, I donned my mask, squirted my hands as I entered and stood in line behind only 1 other customer.

The sheds look a little bare without their decor
The hats are staying, I just need to cut holes in the tops
so birds have a place to nest come spring

I soon realized why it was so busy. After getting my card updated, something I need to do each year, I asked if they were issuing the hard copy of vaccination certificates/passports. The polite librarian assured me ‘yes, would you like yours?’ Wha?? Just like that? So, I asked the price and once informed that it was free of charge, didn’t hesitate any more. ‘Of course!’

while I waited, I perused this shelf looking for
new Phaedra Patrick's books
All of these books look interesting

Today, I discovered that all that is necessary is our health card and they can print it immediately with all the information onto a laminated 3 ½ x 2 ½” wallet card. The place in Hanover charges $9 for each one. It was what Bill and I were about to do. I know now that Bill can go in and do the same thing that I did and get his printed off. 😊 

Before leaving Durham, I stopped in briefly to get and give hugs to our buddies who have returned home after some ‘vacation’ time in the north. I left Pat with her Norwex package and drove home to Gibbs. I had a coffee while sitting with him and then we went outside for the cleanup. I managed to get everything moveable into buckets or at least on the storage shelf and then came in for lunch. I wasn’t too hungry before I went out but once I started cooking bacon in Rosy, my tummy told me it was time.

I was getting into my new book and Gibbs was in a very
affectionate state today

You can't see it but he has another stick for the brush pile
in his mouth

Gibbs got his exercise out there running around, chasing sticks and finding things to chew on. No surprise, when we came inside, he was out like a light for a couple of hours, only raising his head (&/or body) to see where I was going or to follow me. He is definitely my shadow. Similar to yesterday, I felt by 2:30 that I had accomplished enough and called it a day. That blue sky encouraged me to go for a walk down North Line to the corner with Gibbs. The air feels chilly but a decent fall day.

The Bunkie looks bare too but
it's all ready for the upcoming season

A filling lunch today

We walked and then wandered on the Ridge until Bill turned in the lane at 4. Once parked, we came inside and watched tv until it was time for supper. Rosy air fried 4 boneless chicken thighs, on the stove I fried some leftover potatoes and cooked beans and corn in the microwave. There was even a bit of meatloaf to clean up so we shared that and topped the meal off with the last pieces of apple pie. I added a dollop of ice cream to mine. 😊

I'm glad Gibbs wasn't interested
in these fungi

I don't know if they have a special
name, but there were tons of them

I took Gibbs out for a long walk while Bill finished up the dishes. He has us hopping every evening, every half hour so I wanted to make sure he had a good piddle and poop so we can ignore him for a couple of hours. It should tire him out as well, we hope! The garden things are put away with just hostas and lilies to cut back one day. I also want to plant some of the iris bulbs that I dug up and dig up the dahlias and gladiolas once they are done blooming.

I mentioned Bill working at the Hangar the other day
Here is his finished project, new railing

Gibbs knows where to find good water to drink
when he is running around

This was a good day for both of us. Bill used our generator today at the work site so he was happy to give it a good run and it’s working tip top. All little things that are good to know.

Supper was good

Pretty sky this evening and I believe a 
nice day is on the way tomorrow
good night!

Thank you for taking the time to see how we’re doing. 😊


  1. Sure sounds like you are gearing up to head south :-)

    1. Well, we are gearing up to head somewhere! We can't stay here regardless but our hopes are high for the south.

  2. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Your bunkie looks a little sad without your decor. As for Gibbs, sticks are better than chair legs.

    1. thank you for the crossed fingers. Toes might help too! The Bunky does look sad. :)

  3. Soon I'll be doing the same thing here.....gathering all the garden goodies. The weather is promising to be good for the next few days! Hmmm chicken thighs, we haven't had them for awhile. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I wanted to let you know that I find your comments on books you have enjoyed, a great resource for me. I read on the Kindle and just ordered a Phaedra Patrick book that you mentioned. I enjoy reading your blog every day and am looking forward to your travels again. And I do enjoy Gibbs' antics.

    1. Well, thank you greytlady11! I am happy to hear that I help with book resources as others help me. I'm glad you take the time to read my blog and also to make a comment. :)
      We hope we can travel this winter, and I'll still be reading! Gibbs sure has antics.♥

  5. You were real lucky to get your vaccination passport for free - a good day indeed. Also a good idea that it is laminated and wallet size - so easy to keep. I like the road pix with trees on either sides. Are the trees turning to their Autumn colours? The hangar looks robust and the railings look very well done too - good job by Bill

    1. Yes, thank you, I was surprised to get the passport so easily and free!
      Those trees are changing colours for fall, I need to get walking to keep an eye on them. ;)
      Bill says thank you for your compliment.

  6. That's wonderful you were able to get your vaccination record printed and laminated for free. I was able to download mine and screenshot it for my phone here in Saskatchewan. However, the first go-round had to be deleted because there was a mess up with the QR code. But the process to have access was a real nuisance, having to sign up for an account, then call in for a PIN (on hold for 30 minutes or so), and then finally having access.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you, there isn't a QR code on the passport, but this is acceptable in any of the Ontario venues. We're hoping that's all that is needed at the border WHEN it opens too. ;) Sorry, yours was so difficult.

  7. How great that you got your vaccine record printed at the library!! Like Maebeme there was a problem with ours so I am destroying the ones I printed last week and reprinting them tomorrow.

    God bless.

    1. We heard today that any library here is printing the passports free so that makes it nice and easy for the elderly.

  8. Its great sunny weather for getting things done!