Monday, September 6, 2021

A Push, A Ride, Storm Chasing (or Running?) Collages

The Ridge

On Sunday, Sept. 5th we were up around 7 and Bill and I sorted the dirty clothes. I was at the Mat by 7:45 and had 2 loads in the washers when I started cleaning.  Bill called at one point and asked me to pick up a loaf of bread before coming home and M called to ask if I would throw his comforters in the big machines if he brought them into town.

The morning weather, could have hung the clothes after all

The debate, I was having in my mind, over the sky and whether I could hang the clothes out was soon moot. Since I offered to help with the bedding, I knew I’d be at the Mat long enough that I may as well dry ours too. Of course, once I put the dryer on with our clothes, the sky seemed to clear up. Figures. 😊 I left the laundromat with our folded clothes and M's comforters around 9:30, picked up bread and filled Gibbs’ outdoor water job before driving home.

we wasted no time and after lunch headed out

M had called last night and asked if we could give him a hand at the shop this morning and he had a couple of things for us. Bill and I drove over and gave him a hand, pushing Tommy further up into the shop so he could fit another small car inside. It didn’t take long and we chatted a bit before he gave us some $$ from a sale of a few of Bill’s tools. He also had some green beans and potatoes for us from a friend’s garden. I got them washed and put away and waited for a decision from Bill about our plans for the afternoon.

There were a few overhead dark clouds that
created a cool ride for about 5 minutes

Sticking to the highways, we toured a few small towns

and avoided the cities
Glammis, Eden Grove, Tiverton

It was an unusual sky from the time we got up, we couldn’t tell what was going to happen in the weather department. After Bill and Gibbs had a rest, we got dressed in our bike leathers. It wasn’t cold enough to wear our chaps but we’d planned on a ride to the lake so put them in the saddle bags just in case. It is always cooler near the water. This was a great decision and the weather was perfect for a ride. We reached Kelly and Richard’s cottage around 2:15, an hour and 10 minutes after driving out the lane. 😊

Arriving at Inverhuron
The lake ahead is gorgeous!

No one home, so we relaxed at their beautiful cottage
area and decided what to do
Bill tried texting Kelly to see where they were

No one was home but the door was ajar and the windows were open so we knew they couldn’t be far. I had to use the powder room so Bill encouraged me to go in and use their facilities since the door was open. 😏 We drove to the beach area in the hopes that we could spot them. After about 10 minutes of searching the sandy terrain, just as we were about to give up, (there were a lot of sunbathers!) we spotted Richard walking our way. How lucky was that? He pointed Kelly out so we were greeted with an enthusiastic hug. It was a treat to see Jessica, their daughter, and meet Nick as well.

Kelly! Where are you?
Turns out - they weren't far, top right picture
in that grouping somewhere 😀

Found them!

We met back at the cottage, they were ready to call it a day, and shared a cold drink and some snacks on their deck while catching up. Their dogs were happy to greet us all and it was neat to see J & N’s 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel as he looked like a grownup Gibbs in many ways. 🐕 It sounds like Gibbs is already doing great in comparison, McKinnon sounds like a little terror. Also Kelly and Richard's Sadie (?) was her beautiful self although much calmer than I remember from the last time we saw them. That might have been 3 years ago? 😕

Jazz parked back at the cottage

McKinnon and Sadie
Now, I can see Gibbs looks more like a Cocker spaniel 
than a poodle

At 4:20, Jessica pointed out what she called 'a rain cloud'. Indeed, a huge strange looking black cloud was coming in across Lake Huron. Woops! We’d better get moving. We said our goodbyes, geared up and ‘Jazzed’ (heh heh) it for home. 

It sure seemed to be following us
until eventually we felt we'd won the race
The temperature on the ride never really changed much
We didn't need our chaps but I did zip my jacket up

It seemed to be around us but so was the clearer sky

Bill did well keeping us a few hundred feet ahead of it and we made it home without getting wet. Gibbs was happy to see us, he’d been alone for 4 ½ hours. We’ve got such a good little dog. It was wonderful to see Kelly and the family and Bill took the time to text her that we arrived back at the Ridge.

Top left picture, you should remember the grain elevators
I passed often while living in Paisley
We were on Bruce Rd. #3
Bottom left picture looks scary but it was just
an interesting cloud formation

We agreed on toast bacon, cheese and tomato sandwiches for supper and started to prep them together around 6:30. First, I had a cup of tea. After we ate, we finished it off with an ice cream cone. If we hadn't been able to visit, the cone was on my mind from the area. It was the perfect ending to a great day. We both felt whipped, I guess it has been a pretty busy day, and Gibbs was just getting started. 😊 He’d probably been sleeping all day! He ran around the island with his sock toy and had us laughing at his energy. After we were settled, I wondered why the little guy got so quiet.

Home arrival at 5:30
My handsome Biker Babe texting Kelly

Outside, the rain started around 6:30 but nothing heavy, just tricklings. We believe tomorrow will produce more precipitation with a 77% chance of it.

Home sky, the pool got blown around a bit
Supper and Gibbs mark on Bill's comb
It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon!!
Thank you Kelly and Richard for the snacks! 💕
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. What a fun trip. I miss the days of motorcycles ... a lot. Glad Gibbs was a good boy. It's all about the training!

    1. It was and the weather perfect.
      Thank you, there was a compliment in there somewhere. 😊

  2. That sounded like a wonderful outing for you two on a Sunday afternoon with Jazz. Gibbs will learn to stay put and wait when its not appropriate to take him with you.

  3. Nice to help M early on a Sunday morning. Definitely looks like a day filled with Adventure especially while dodging that storm while out cruising on Jazz.
    Gibbs is maturing to your way of living nicely. If he was around children he'd be as wild as they would be.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That is a scary looking cloud! But glad you enjoyed a nice ride.