Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Week Slides By, Clouds and Sun

The Ridge

Thursday, Sept. 9th Bill got up with the anticipation of a working man. 😊 It was quite cloudy and appeared to have rained recently but he got ready and Gibbs and I said goodbye to him around 7:30. Then it was my turn so I left the little guy at home and drove to Durham to clean. I can't believe it is almost the end of another week! The Mat wasn’t looking too bad, I deduced, as I did my initial walk around. 

It's as if it was placed carefully on the floor
for me to find
Too bad she isn't alive
I set her on the window sill to admire

Today was a good day to empty the Lost and Found bin. I looked in it on Tuesday and it was jammed full of clothes. Obviously, unclaimed loads of laundry. Much of what was in the bottom, had been in there for a couple of weeks. Frustrating, we aren’t in the ‘clothing dispensary’ business.

Looking forward to the day when the gray clouds
take a holiday

After emptying the recycling bins of the few recyclables and the garbage (!!) I started bringing the clothes out. Checking them over and folding the clean ones in good repair. I realized that there were a lot of children’s clothes, from baby to a 6 yr. old perhaps. Aren’t these people missing this stuff? I don’t know the story behind it so trying not to judge, I tossed 4 items that seemed dirty into a washer and carried on.

Back from town and Bill was working on erecting
the flag pole 🚩

The children’s clothing went into a large grocery bag and I set it back in the box with a note that it will be donated after Sept. 13 if not claimed. There was a garbage bag full of very large items of ladies’ clothes. Anything with holes got put into our disposal bag and when I left, I loaded the bag in the back of Ptooties. It isn’t fair that Jamie has to pay to dispose of clothing so I will drop it off at a Goodwill or the second-hand store in town.

I'll get a picture with the flag tomorrow
Only one casualty - a gladiola

I came straight home after fueling up across the street. Bill was outside, with Gibbs on his leash, working on his flag pole. The cement post had set and he erected the 21’ pole and hung our new Canadian flag. “It’s really tall!!” was my comment and he beamed. It’s like a traditional pole where we can pull the cord for the flag to raise and lower. Yay! 😊 It looks awesome.

I love that the Cone flower (Echinacea)
blooms all summer

My own project for the day was indoors. I’d decided it was time to empty our upper cabinets and get rid of a lot of the plastic containers we’ve accumulated over the past 5 years. How many leftover dishes do we actually need? One cupboard at a time, I removed, washed and decided upon each piece. I surprised myself, I was pretty ruthless. I still needed to keep in mind that we would need 4 or 5 containers for chili. Something that would stack in the freezer nicely for our journey south.

They still look full but a 'neat' full

All of this came out of those cupboards 👏😃

I made a huge dent and carried on until I found myself with half of an empty cabinet. Wow! That meant I could transfer our electric frypan from a bottom drawer (something that isn’t used a lot but often enough to keep) to this upper space. It isn’t heavy and is easy to get at. It made the drawer too full and the lid had to be set in place each time I closed the drawer. Now, all is good! Some progress was made and on the next rainy day (hahaha) I’ll tackle other drawers.

Gibbs got his run this after noon
Up the berm, down the berm, if he has something
he knows he shouldn't have in his mouth, he just goes and goes
I don't chase, I just ignore (except for my laughing)
eventually, he comes close enough to grab his leash 😀

Bill brought our bike helmets in to see why our communication system isn’t working. We haven’t been able to chat through them on our last two rides. My position on the bike, up high, and without a face shield on my helmet, both make it difficult for me to hear him but he usually hears me at least. The small units needed charging and then they worked fine. Another thing taken care of.

Bill works on the helmet communication system
Gibbs relaxes like a big boy beside him

I made a pot of Wild Strawberry tea at 3:30 to see if I would enjoy it. Our winter of 2019/20 with Rob and Pat found us visiting a Tea Shop in Old Albequerque. We each bought some new flavours of loose tea leaves and I still had some left. I had to add some cream and Splenda in order to enjoy it today.  This makes me think that the best part of the tea, is the memory of what we share and treasure. 😊 I texted Pat the picture below and was happy to hear they have some left as well.

I came across this steeping tea pot in the cupboard
and remember how much I love it

Bill went out to the Hangar after 4 and I poured myself a second cup, since I made a whole pot. Gibbs and I sat in my chair with my book. The bbq was lit at 6 and we had loaded bacon cheeseburgers for supper. Dessert was the same as last night, cheesecake with cherry sauce. This makes for an easy cleanup. The sun was quite dominant for the early part of the evening, with a couple of minor rain showers during the supper hour.

Just a burger for supper with dessert, of course
I finished the pot of tea before 7:30
Good night!

This was another good day. They are stacking up and there are no complaints here!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. OMG we are in love with that flagpole! Can't wait to see the flag blowing in the breeze! Great job Bill! I clean out my cabinets pretty regularly and they still are a mess after a month or so! Grew up saving butter containers, coffee cans etc. Try not to do that now LOL. Love that burger!! Good for you taking the stuff to Thrift or Goodwill. I agree with you aren't these people missing these clothes??

    1. It is a great pole, isn't it? Bill loves his flags - everywhere we go he wants to fly them. :)
      Yes, Mom passed down the 'save everything' trait to us too.

  2. I'm not sure if you have room for this, but I keep all my plastic containers in a drawer. I find it's easier to see what I have. Though I have the issue of missing's like socks in the washing machine. :)

    I love the shot of Gibbs looking over the arm of the chair at you. What a cutie he is!

    1. I don't have a spare drawer and these containers are light weight so perfect to be up in the high cupboards. They stack nicely and I keep the lids all together in one open storage tub up there too. Great idea though, you're right about the sock scenario but I've got this one mastered! haha

  3. Seems like an enjoyable week to me. Love the cone flower so much. Wonderful job and spot for that flagpole.

    1. It has been, thank you. I love the cone flower too. The flagpole looks great, Bill says he can see it from the road. :)

  4. I made a cheesecake in the Instapot today. Thank you! It was your picture from yesterday that inspired me. It was so good. I love the new flag pole. I want one when we get settled in a house again.