Monday, November 1, 2021

The Beginning of the End, ahem, Our Last Week Here

The Ridge

On Monday, Nov. 1st we woke up a bit confused. It’s funny, actually. Bill had set his alarm for 6:45 as he was taking Black Beauty to Grey Bruce Fleet Service for an 8 o’clock oil change. Gibbs woke us up gently, after one of us moved, at 6:15. Our little personal alarm clock.

A cloudy calm morning

Bill got up and looked at his phone. It said 6:01 instead of 7:01. I questioned the DST date, was it last night after all? We’d checked and, on the calendars, it said next Saturday night, Nov. 6th. It was important we had it right only because of the appointment time. In conclusion, somehow his phone time zone (?) got switched to NO daylight savings time. Not sure why or how that messed it up but anyway, we figured it out. 😊

Turned into a pretty nice sky

He left after 7:30 for GBFS about a 20-minute drive. Gibbs and I got up and I had my tea sitting at the table to write yesterday’s blog. Yesterday was indeed a busy day but it was all for good reason. We did accomplish the necessary things and a fun evening to boot! Today, other than the oil change I was hoping to get ptooties cleaned and vacuumed. My windows need to be washed too since somehow ??? they have nose prints all over them!

Gibbs heard Billy as he was pulling out of the lane
Again, the picture is backward but Billy's truck is the blurred
vision beside the Bunky

Bill called at 9 asking me to pick him up. BB needed more than just an oil change. Bill asked Jeff to check her over before we head south and with a couple of issues to take care of, they needed to keep it overnight. Kate’s instruction was for me to bring Gibbs. She hasn’t seen him since he was a few months old. 😊 I was happy to oblige and so was the little guy. ‘Not so little anymore!’, Kate said.

My two Hallowe'en additions

A blurry ghost earring

Before leaving Durham, we stopped at I.D.A. Pharmacy to pick up Bill’s one prescription, his winter supply. Back home, I parked the car close to the Suite still hoping to vacuum. When we came inside, Bill had a couple of small jobs to take care of, one being to clean our Blue Flame heater. It has stopped working. I made a coffee and stayed out of the way but unfortunately, that wasn’t the fix. We’re still stumped but gave it a rest in the hopes we can figure it out.

Time for a snooze
Not such a Momma's boy here, eh?

With the ground beef from Costco, I bagged 3 lbs. for the freezer and with the remaining 2 lbs. made a pot of chili for travel. Madame IP did the work while I fed the ingredients in. It smells yummy and once it cooled, I divided it up into freezable containers. That will help us with meals on our journey through the states until we reach our destination. Our buddies, Rob and Pat, gave us that idea a few years ago and it is a valuable bit of advice.

It doesn't look like much but it made enough
for about 4 meals on the road

The day wasn’t very nice at all with very brief patches of sun and blue sky. Hmmm, do I really want to go out and work in the car today? Bill and Gibbs snoozed and I thought I should eat something. Then I’d make the decision about going out. You can tell I was putting it off. A cup of noodle soup was my lunch but since Bill had breakfast, he wasn’t as hungry and would make something if he needed it. Our breakfast/lunch meals are usually very haphazard like that. It works for us. 😊

More snoozing

Gibbs played what we call ‘games’ with us all afternoon. Ringing the bell every hour. Sometimes, he did nothing. The cool day perhaps made him feel like he had to piddle a lot more, I know it did that for me! He and I spent a fair bit of time upstairs watching a couple of programs, Downton Abbey reruns are always a favourite for me. Gibbs isn’t fussy as long as he can sleep with one of us.

Gibbs watching the doggies on tv
up in the bedroom

He barked up a storm when he heard, then saw out the window, Billy’s Dodge come up the lane to drop the work trailer off. Because of the work site being so close to us, Bill offered them the drop off space for this week while we are here. It saves them pulling it all the way from the Mike’s place in Mildmay. We close our heavy gate when we pull out so it won’t be accessible after the weekend. Bill tried to work on the heater again with no luck.

a cold walk down the lane and another twig to add to the pile

then back upstairs for more tv

For supper, we agreed on eggs and bacon with a Hallowe’en cake for dessert. Why the heck not? It goes along with my bracelet and earrings, the only holiday related things that I wore this year. 😊 Our omelette sandwiches turned out delicious, and you CAN have eggs for supper! The cake was good too, very light and even the icing was light and not sweet at all. The only kind I like. We did dishes, fed Gibbs and Bill took him out for his walk. I was going to wait for half hour.

Egg omelette quesadilla

This was a good day even though it will turn out to cost us more money than we thought. We settled down to watch our Monday tv programs together before calling it a night.

good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. After reading this post I googled "why blue flame heater won't work", try that ,they have a few simple solutions, hope one works for you.-Mary

    1. Ah thanks Mary. I did that too and it shows about cleaning it all out but it was an older model than ours and quite rusty and dirty. I'll look again though. ;)

  2. This last while has whizzed by even faster than I am used to. Hopefully you find a fix for your problem.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie, the time is zipping by and after Monday, it can slow down. Haha

  3. Replies
    1. I know!! Good thing it is fluffy and good thing my hubby likes it. haha

  4. Just love seeing Gibbs watching tv. You certainly have been busy getting ready to start your winter journey. So exciting!

    1. Clemson never paid any more than a few seconds watching tv - Gibbs is intrigued and barks when there are doggies and babies crying.

  5. Cute cake!! I always froze food for both Cooper and I to have when traveling. So much easier than trying to cook unless I was camped out for a few days. Trouble now is the freezer is SO much smaller!!!

    1. Good plan to freeze food, saves 'what'll we have tonight?' when travelling.
      I plan on making sandwiches for our lunches too.

  6. The days are flying by now, you'll be pulling out of the Ridge in no time.

    Take care, stay well.

  7. Have you thought of getting Gibes a little pair of boots. It will help to keep the pad of his feet from burning or from getting thistles in them.

    1. We tried it with Clemson and he wouldn't move with them on, plus his feet were so small they wouldn't stay tied on. Gibbs might or might not like them. Good idea though.