Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Shorter Day by Far, Heating Things Up, Seeing AZ Things

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ

On Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, I was awake at 3:15 am for some reason. The new time zone and yesterday’s long day had us a-kilter. 😊 I couldn’t seem to drop off for the longest time but when I heard Bill and Gibbs get up, I realized I had dropped off again. We all got up at 5:30 and Bill turned the genny on for a boost in power to make our drinks.

first thing this morning, workers were
behind the Walmart parking lot
It was 5:30!! What work ethics!

At 6, when Walmart opened, he popped back into Walmart for a carton of our Breakfast Blend coffee. Our last visit to Costco left us disappointed when they didn’t have any in stock. This brand will have to do. We aren’t into strong coffee, both compatible in that regard. The Keurig pods make it easy though if we preferred different strengths or flavours. With our drinks under our belt and a thermos each to go, we were pulling out at 7.

The sun on the mountains always makes a great picture

It was easy to get back on our route, I-10W. Yesterday, we canceled our reservations at Quail Ridge RV Park in Huachuca City. The more we thought about that week, in a park that is only on our list because of its close proximity to Bisbee and Tombstone, the more we realized we just wanted to get to Quartzsite. 😊 It’s where we love. It’s where my sister and her husband are and it’s also where our Manitoba friends are camped right now.

We saw fields of Cholla cacti but it was hard to get a
picture without the 'driving blur'

The word from Lorne’s blog is that they have met each other now, so I’m happy that worked out. It will be a surprise to Gayle when we pull in and we’ll be able to spend a week there before our next reservation. On the road, we made a Rest Stop before Phoenix and carried on until we needed fuel again. We would make it to the Q but Bill doesn’t like cutting it too close when it comes to how much fuel is in the tank.

things are different in the southwest
People back home don't see the beauty we do
in the colours here

Colours are there if you look for them
(without the white of snow)

No overpasses in Ontario have colour
like this

When we started seeing the Saguaro cactus
we knew made it to our southern 'home'

The rest area is another pretty one

The Palo Verde trees are so pretty
and unique

We arrived at the Q around 11:45 and fueled up right away at the Arco at Exit 19.  By the time we arrived at La Posa South, it was around 1 and by the time we got our $40 pass (across the road at Tyson Wash), dumped and filled our 100 gallon tank with fresh water, it was 2. Our first thought was to locate where Lorne and Sue were camped but the coordinates didn’t work, so we looked up Gayle and John instead to get set up. This was a surprise to them, but a good one, I think. 😊

Maybe my favourite picture today
See all the saguaro?

These beautiful red plants brightened up the roadways

In the middle of Phoenix busy roads, a rocky mountain

Our first time through this busy city

We came out unscathed
Easy peasy following I-10W

Gibbs had to sit up when we went through the tunnel
Is it bedtime, Mom?

If we’d found L & S first, we were going to pull up with the Suite and park within 50’ of their unit. Reminiscent of our last meeting, which was our first and only meeting in 2017. That private joke and story is one of my favourite rv memories from our first year on the road. It didn’t work out but it would have been hilarious! We set up behind G & J’s Montana and sat for a while to visit before loading our chairs and drinks into their truck.

Our good little traveller is a good little poser too

We found Gayle and John's fiver

We basically invited ourselves for Happy Hour at Lorne’s site at 3. Yes, I do believe that was a good surprise there too. It was so great to see them both again after 4 years. Gibbs was pretty good, a lot of thanks for that goes to Sue who helped entertain him. Actually, most everybody had a hand in keeping him in line. He can be a handful but he’ll learn to love this experience, I think. We left before 5 with the promise to get together again before we/they leave.

Gibbs soon learned who had the treats ♥

Happy Hour picture with Lorne, Sue and Gayle
John had stepped away
Sue being funny by turning away

I'm glad I took two pictures because this one
Gayle shut her eyes πŸ˜‚

For supper, I had meatballs out of the freezer with no real idea of what we’d have with them. However, by 5:30, we decided on spaghetti and Caesar salad and that was easy to prepare. Rosy cooked the meatballs and they were very tasty. They were a first-time purchase for us and we’ll buy them again. After dishes, we brought the awning in as the winds were picking up a bit. It was still 72F/23C at 7 pm and only going down to 50F/10C. Nice night for sleeping.

Supper was good

This was a fun day; the excitement of ending up back here in Quartzsite, seeing family and reuniting with friends and warm weather is like the icing on a cake.

We dozed off in our chairs before supper
I almost missed the lovely sunset
Good night!

Thank you for coming around to see us! 😊


  1. Glad you made it safely. You made good time.

  2. I don't know if you know it but coming up from Tucson right before you get to PHX you could have turned off on the new 202 going west and it would have taken you around most of PHX meeting the I-10 again on the other side of town. You would have missed the tunnel and all that traffic. When pulling my trailer I use that cut off and it eliminates a lot of congestion. Glad you got to your destination safely!

    1. Hi Gail. All we really knew was that we needed to stay on I-10W so no, we didn't know about the 202. Sometimes we wonder how far things take us when we take cut offs but that sounds like it would have been a good plan. Thanks! We did okay but there were a few slow downs with crazy traffic.

  3. Glad you two made it to AZ. you deserve it after last winter and all the snow Bill had to move . Keep up the great blogging . Vern in Boise ( had snow for awhile this A.M.)

    1. Thank you Vern. At least now we'll be warm, no crappy drives for either of us and Black Beauty won't have snow to get stuck in! haha

  4. So glad you dropped by. It was a great surprise!!! We will get together lots I hope. And we are good dog baby sitters anytime you want!!

    1. We are too!! It was wonderful to see you in person rather than on a screen. :) You may be sick of us by the time we leave!
      Thanks for the offer to watch Gibbs anytime. Does Sue charge for training too? 🀣

  5. So happy that you have reached your happy place! Gibbs is a great poser and a very good little traveler.

  6. Awww the peace and quiet of Q. That Gibbs is always smiling!!!

  7. Hooray, you're where you want to be. Spending time with family and friends is wonderful.

    1. Hooray is right, we're happy to be here and the family and friends are a bonus. :)

  8. Loved the pictures! Glad you three made the decision to go straight to Q and meet up with friends. Enjoy your stay.

  9. I was not totally surprised to read you decided to keep coming. I told Tom they drove all the way from Benson and Tom looked at me and said, Deb we drove all the way from Quail Ridge once we were headed here we just wanted to get here...lol What a nice surprise for your sister and her husband and to get to see Lorne and Sue. Last night's sunset was special. Enjoy your time. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to cross paths.

  10. How wonderful that you got to spend time with friends and family. I hope you enjoy your stay there.

    God bless.

  11. So many RVers head for the Q. You're not alone!

    1. That's one thing for sure. You are as far apart from others as you want to be but never alone! :)

  12. So glad to see you reached your destination. Enjoy your time with family and friends.