Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Changes and That Darn Jello!! Things Were Too Smooth, Now That’s a Happy Hour!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Nov. 3rd we woke up around 6:30 as per our usual, regardless of any work schedule. Goodness! Maybe, if we’d known what the day would bring, we’d have stayed in bed. Once we got over the second shock of the week with the snow, Bill cleaned Black Beauty off. 4 ½” of new white stuff! Yah yah, say it’s pretty but we really didn’t need to see this covering everything.

This morning, 4 more inches

A different looking pond again today

We drove to town to stop at RBC to get some cash changed into US funds. I needed some cash too because of my hair appointment. We returned home but, on the way, Bill commented that our ‘check engine light’ was on. Oh-oh, that can’t be good. He dropped me at the Suite and so he drove back to Grey Bruce Fleet to have Jeff put the diagnostic on her. After he left, I took Ptooties down the road to Northline Repair where Bonnie has her in-home hair salon.

Instead of sitting in front of me, I let him sit behind me
I could still type this way and he really isn't as squished as he looks


Today, I was getting a perm! That was my final decision and I was quite excited about the change. Bonnie was ready for me with a client just leaving when I arrived. We hit it off well and didn’t stop talking the whole hour and a half that I was in the salon. The best part is that I walked out looking totally different and loving the full result. 😊 With my fine hair, I never know how hair maintenance/treatment will turn out.

A walk down the laneway
was a wonderland

I found Bill down at the Hangar with Black Beauty when I returned and when I did a rotation in front of him, I got a “Wow! Sexy!” so that was even more than the response I was hoping for. Bill gave me the word from Jeff with a new problem on the truck. 6

I'm pleased with the result not with my picture

But I admit to loving how the back accents 
the last of my blonde

He knows of our plan to leave on Saturday so has promised to order the required part tonight, keep the truck for a couple of days and fix it by Friday sometime. LOL I guess things have been going too smoothly for us and that just couldn’t be allowed.  There are worse things, of course, we understand all that. 

the drive to Murray's

Bill has already called the insurance company to remove the coverage as of today on Ptooties so we have to take her to storage. We had some tomato soup for lunch and then called Pat to inform her of the change of plans. This afternoon we were set up to visit them for Happy Hour at their place. We wouldn’t have a vehicle after someone from the shop brought us home. It all worked out in the end, we were dropped at our buddies’ where we still had a wonderful 3 hour visit with them.

Laughs are always part of our time together and today was no exception. Gibbs was entertaining enough but within this foursome, there is never a lull as we share good (great) memories and discussed our plans for the winter. We left around 5 with hugs all around. I can’t help but wish they were coming with us. How did we leave? Well, sometimes little elves look out for each other, and these elves are looking after us for the next few days so we can carry on with our last few errands.

Murray had some creative hands to decorate
these pumpkins

Because of the delicious spread of food that they put out for us, we didn’t need much for supper at all. That made it easy and we just had snacks at home and a piece of cheesecake. This was surely a mixed-up day. 

Bye buddies ♥

Some good things, my hair for one, the visit for two, and also some upsetting things. Not much we can do when the Jello jiggles but hope for it all to work in appropriate timing.  Gibbs was quite good for the most part of the afternoon and slept as soon as we returned home. 😊

The sun sets
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in today. PS, the snow is disappearing slowly which is good since we may be getting more overnight. Blimey!


  1. Well, I hope it melts fast for you! We only got a light dusting.

  2. That's a lot of snow for this time of year isn't it?

    Hope the truck gets fixed quickly so your plans do not need to be changed. I also hope the roads are clear and dry.

    God bless.

  3. Your white hair is gorgeous Girl! You and my sister lucked in with that. I have the misfortune to be all streaky colors like my head can't make up it's mind.
    We didn't get any snow - this time.

    1. Ah thank you! To much sun this summer so the blonde stragglers hung on. πŸ˜‰

  4. Overall, a fun day. Going to be great weather all next week, so no travel problems around here. Enjoy the snowπŸ˜„

  5. Such great photos as always! You are one talented lady!

  6. Just love your hair Patsy. Can't wait to see how you and Bill look all dressed up for the wedding.
    So sorry about the truck but glad it will be fixed here before you leave. Such a sweet picture of Pat, Rob and Gibbs.

    1. Thank you Loree. We don't get dressed up often so it will be a great for us too.
      Fingers crossed and a few prayers that the truck will be ready too.
      It was so nice to see our buddies for a nice long visit. ❤

  7. Love the hair.
    Better you find the problem with BB before you start towing and are stuck somewhere else waiting, at least you are close to friends, family. The white stuff just sucks. We're getting the cold but not the white stuff, we are below or at freezing every morning the past two weeks, daytime highs are all single digits now.
    Smile Patsy, this too shall pass and before long you will be gazing out the speeding window at haunting beauty and stark landscapes that you love!!

    1. Thank you Deb. What a lovely message.
      Of course, you are right. This will soon be a memory as we are heading into the beautiful trip ahead of us. ❤πŸ₯°

  8. Nice hairdo and photo. Every year we get a little taste of winter at this time and then it warms up a bit again. Hopefully next week will look good weather wise for your travel. So nice of Pat and Rob to help you out.

    1. Thank you Marlene. I do believe the weather will be nice for travelling. That's Ontario for you, isn't it? Just a taste of the stuff that is forthcoming.

  9. It's a shame about the truck, but good you found the issues with BB before you headed out, and can get it fixed quickly.

    I like the perm - it looks very nice. The snow...not so much!

    1. Always something to be grateful for. The fact that this didn't happen when on the road, pulling our home. :)
      Thank you, the perm is a nice change for me. I agree about the snow!