Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Ridge is in Our Rearview, Happy Wedding Bliss!

The Ridge

We were all in bed by 9:30 last night so it wasn’t unusual that I was awake at 4:15, like wide awake. My mind was just going. Gibbs and Bill woke up around 5:45 and we all got up around 6:30. We were all anxious for the day and only Gibbs was in the dark about ‘why’. 😊 Bill and I full well knew what this day would bring, now that all stars were aligned. Speaking of which………

a pretty day to pack up

Hooking up in the sun's morning light

I had one exciting ‘sign’ (if you are believer of signs) first thing when I bundled up and went out into the dark to see the International Space Station. I’ve not seen so many stars all summer and so Bill and I were both able to see it zip across from NW to ESE clearly. The beginning of our winter journey, I said to my associate star gazer.

And a beautiful day for a wedding

There wasn’t a lot to do before we left, basic morning washing, a bite to eat and then Bill went outside. I did a walk through with the last things to be buttoned up and brought the slides in once I got the ‘ok’. Gibbs was harnessed in the back seat when I did that, he was freaking out already at the unusual activity. 😊 

It sure felt great when things fell into place, inside and out and we heard the satisfying click of the trailer hitch snapping into place. Tug test, light check and then we dumped tanks just before pulling down the lane.

It looks like something important is missing here!

He looks so well behaved here,
all harnessed up but.....

As Bill’s blog says, “On Our Way”. *sigh*. Gibbs was not the best back seat rider, let me tell you. He whined almost the whole way to Arthur which made us finally wonder if he had to go out. Bill pulled over and Gibbs did a piddle but it only eased some of the catcalls (dogcalls) from the back. LOL He needs to get used to this and he has perhaps been spoiled over the summer on our short jaunts when he sits free of the harness. Sometimes on our lap. Bad on us.

We weren't the only ones heading south

About an hour later, we arrived at Alma

Priceville to Alma is about 50 minutes give or take a few when pulling an rv so leaving the property at 8:45 got us to the Community Centre at 9:50 and we were set up by 10:15. It sure felt chilly inside the Suite, 15C/57F, so I turned the furnace on to warm things up. We are across from the front of the centre but far enough away that we won’t be in anyone’s way. Behind us is an open park with a paved walking trail so a lot of dog owners are perusing by. 😊

All set up in the corner

facing the hall entrance

In the daylight, Gibbs will be able to see them if he’s on the couch, otherwise there isn’t anything to upset him. I had my shower once it had warmed up enough in here and then we had a sandwich for lunch around 11:30. Ham and cheese in fresh bread for me and it was very good, hitting the right spots. 


Bill then had his shower and we were able to relax for 45 minutes with our books or our eyes closed, whatever we wanted. Bill picked up a James Patterson book last night so the ‘journey’ has truly begun.

The Poole church was a 30 minute drive

I transferred what I needed into the ‘dressy’ purse and put most of my face mask on. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, never have, but on special occasions or evenings out, I like to use the basics and do what I can. I imagine the wedding party will be getting their hair done this morning so that will be fun since it is two of Krystal’s sisters and a girlfriend.

The 5 Groomsmen
(will they break into song?) ♥

I missed out on those things in my past weddings, both being small inexpensive affairs. Getting my hair done for Bill and my wedding and nails professionally done once was the extent of my treatments. Low maintenance, that’s me! 😊 So, we drove to Poole Mennonite Church for 2 pm and were seated, masked. It’s the weirdest thing to me, and I don’t want to get into it, but I will say that sitting in a pew beside my husband and daughter and her husband with a mask on – felt strange. The photographer took pictures of everyone seated – with masks on.

Here comes the beautiful blushing bride
She chose to walk the aisle alone
Bill was fine with that - she's been out on her own
for quite a few years 😉

I wanted you to see her train but I thought
this to be a cute photo too
She's picking up her dress and all the men
just stand there an watch! 😂

I’ve no doubt this whole thing has been very stressful for Krystal, planning a wedding during Covid but I give her a ton of credit for (in her words) “We just wanted to get married!” 😊 It was a beautiful ceremony, with a very relaxed pastor giving the sermon. Much of it was in the bridal couple’s own words and we had a few laughs at Matt’s expense. What a card he is!

A sweet personal reading of their vows

One of those $priceless$ moments 
that will be remembered fondly for years ♥
I'm sure the story will come up around
our Happy Hours this winter 

We came back to the hall and sat with Gibbs, Jess and Matt for the hour until Cocktail hour. The meal was catered by the Mennonites of the local area and I don’t even have to tell you how wonderful it was. 

Pretty tables

Original gift and card table

Roast beef, chicken, roasted and mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, Caesar and cauliflower salad, rolls and gravy. Oh my! We got our fill from the buffet and many even had seconds! For dessert we had 4 choices of cheesecake and apple and cherry pies.

I love roast beef best when I don't cook it!

A nice picture with siblings

The speeches began and my favourite was Bill’s. He speaks from the heart where most others had paper in front of them. He received many compliments on his words and I was so proud. I uttered few words of Congratulations and Welcome to Matt and that’s my limit. 😊 

Be still my heart

Dancing began but the music was soooo loud that I believe I was going deaf by the end of the night and all those thumping songs that the younger ones love, all ended up sounding the same. Ha ha I guess I’m old.

A photo opportunity

Pizza Hut arrived at 10:30
Meatlovers, my favourite

We said our goodbyes to family and the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Duff, around midnight and we walked across the lot to our home. I offered to be the DD.😊 Bill had looked after Gibbs throughout the evening, every few hours letting him out for a walk at the same time as giving his ears a break. It was a lovely wedding and we (I) fell into bed by 12:30. Tomorrow, another new adventure begins.

Before we left the Suite, we set up
for a selfie
As our buddy says, we clean up pretty good!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. What a nice day for a wedding, and the photos are sweet.

    I sure hope Gibbs relaxes soon and realizes things will be fine in the back seat.

  2. I remember the night before we were heading south for the winter. A million things going through my mind..did I do this, did I do that, did I pack this? Well you know. Then pulling out of our driveway saying 'goodbye house'. Always the anxiety, did I remember everything? then telling myself if I didn't no big deal I could buy it. You know I'm kind of glad I don't have to go through that anymore...14 years of it was enough. Enjoy your travels, drive safe, take care.

    1. Living in it full time there isn't a lot we forget and i don't worry about it. Just making sure to close and latch security bands on cupboards mostly.
      Thank you for your words.

  3. What a beautiful wedding and lovely pictures. You two sure do look spiffy. Gibbs will be okay and happy as long as he is with you. Safe trip across tomorrow friends.😘

  4. awww, you two look just lovely. Best wishes to your daughter and her new husband.

  5. What an elegant looking couple you two were at the wedding. Lovey looking bride and groom. Congratulations all around! With the celebration of the wedding behind you I bet the excitement hasn't stopped and will only ease once you are over the border. I am looking forward to your report of how many rigs were lined up to cross. Wishing you safe travels.

    1. Thank you. It was a lovely day.
      Now, we can breathe easy. I'm just slow at getting my posts out.

  6. Great wedding. The pictures were fantastic. I'm glad all worked out and everyone made it. Now a new adventure begins. Good luck crossing the border.

  7. Congratulations to all. Travel safe.

  8. Planning weddings is always stressful trying to allow for anything that may come up. Krystal did a great job.
    Looks like a wonderful wedding was enjoyed by all.
    Gibbs could be bothered by the static electricity from the Truck. It might be worth adding Static Straps to make all of you feel more comfortable.
    Enjoy this time as you begin your travels to the southwest. We'll be following along.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Krystal planned an awesome day for everyone.
      2nd trip, Gibbs settled down. He just needs to know we're still together.

  9. What a beautiful wedding! Safe travels south!!

  10. Spiffy duds and spiffy-looking couple, and your perm dresses up things nicely too. Glad you had a short first day, for you and for Gibbs. He's going to love all the exotic new smells he encounters over the trip and this winter. Take Care.

  11. You can't get away from us. We're going with you. Sam in the Ozarks

  12. What a beautiful wedding! So elegant. The bride is absolutely gorgeous, love that train. Food looks excellent too! You and Bill take a cute pic! Now you're on your way to the beautiful Southwest! Enjoy!