Sunday, November 21, 2021

Time to Move On, Cloudy Sky

From Glen Rose to Brownfield, TX

On Sunday, Nov. 21st we were up just before 7 and wasted no time. There wasn’t any hurry so we had our morning coffee and tea sitting at our laptops. Gibbs had to sit on my lap which slowed the process of commenting on our friends’ blogs. 😊 Such an inquisitive lovebug. We had some cereal and got washed up before Bill went out to dismantle the satellite dish, put the Weber Q away as well as dump and pack the hoses.

Our walk by Squaw Creek this morning
I found the name of it ♥

I slipped over to the clubhouse to drop off my Catherine Cookson book and picked up the two James Patterson books I’d left the other day. Our new friend, Shannon, reads the same authors we do so I left them on his picnic table.  While I at the clubhouse, I met the minister, who was sitting with an old Bible waiting for his congregation. Of course, he invited me to his service but instead, in his large Stetson, he wished us a safe journey when I told him we were headed out. 😊

All set for another day on the road

Some two lane highways are nice
This one was too winding for my taste
especially with a speed limit of 70mph!
We only went 55-60 and that was plenty.

After saying goodbye to the little family next door, we pulled out at 9:20.  Shannon (Bill thinks he said Shawn) said he’s going to follow my blog so I hope he comments occasionally to let us know how they’re doing. We don’t have their contact info so it is important to leave their name as well. Hint hint.

Bill pulled over into the left lane
to let the load catch up with his lead car

It wasn't until it was in front of us,
could I see exactly what was 'oversized'
about it

What a lovely sign!
(Black Beauty said that)

Our gps’s were different from each other but we knew we wanted to get to I-20W so just stayed the course. Following them, it took us from US-144 to Granbury, then onto US-377S but then onto FM-4 which was called a truck route. Well, it was very winding with little to no traffic, a decent 2-lane highway through small towns but we couldn’t figure why we were directed this way. Anyway, it got us to the interstate and we settled in for a fair distance towards our destination. We saw lots of things today.

Cotton fields


Dead tanker cars

Black gold??

We made a stop at the Rest Area near Abilene where we had our sandwiches and then Fuel at an Alon station to top up the tanks. The price was $3.24/gal, the best we found so far today. The Flying ‘J’’s and Loves are ridiculous, as always, at $3.52/gal. It’s a numbers game and for us, low number wins. 😊 We carried on without incident, although signs tricked us when we tried to get back onto I-20W. Easy enough to get straightened around.

a hint of what was to come - Yay!

We love seeing the extensive entrance
gates to the ranches
Some pretty, some overboard, some entering nowhere
We liked this one

The flatness of our drive today made us sleepy

Red rocks, more oil rigs and patchy gold grass
I've never seen so much cotton or oil rigging

I could see Bill was getting tired around 2 so suggested a picnic area. He walked around, as did Gibbs and I and that fresh air was enough. By now, we were on US-84W and then US-380W which we followed directly into Brownfield. Our elevation today increased from the 620’ in Glen Rose to over 3300’ and with the winds, we didn’t get the best mileage. However, we are here and the sun is trying to shine at 4:30 for the first time today. 😊

Arrival in Brownfield
A nice little Texan town
We passed through many desolate villages on this highway
Obviously people doing the best they can in dying towns 😔

We are all set up at the town’s Coleman Park/Brownfield RV Park. It is their day use park but they have 15 spots for travellers to stay for a night or two or three. They offer water and electric hookup and there is a dump station if you need it when you leave. All for the fantastic donation of $5/night. How is that for hospitality? We found this spot on a few years ago and have visited it twice previously. We’ll stay tonight and move on tomorrow.

Our spot for the night
with 5 other rvs

They suggest $5/night

After set up, Bill unhooked and drove uptown to fuel up. There is a Pizza Hut on the main ‘drag’ so guess what we’re having for supper? 😊😊😊 Bill picked it up at 6. Half Meatlovers with olives and half Hawaiian (ham & pineapple). Ooh la la! It was the best pizza I have had in a very long time. We L-O-O-V-V-E Pizza Hut! I felt hungry enough to eat all my 4 pieces but stopped at 2 and will have the other 2 tomorrow night while Bill finishes the thawed chili.

We did dishes and Bill played with Gibbs for a while, throwing the rope until he tired. Bill, not Gibbs. Gibbs never seems to tire out. LOL But then all of a sudden, he’s done and is sound asleep. He just wants attention and was ringing the bell – a lot. 😊 I made sandwiches for tomorrow and that was it. We had a quiet night with no tv, just our books and it was nice. Bedtime will probably be early, for me at least.

Oh - My - Goodness, it was delicious!!
I had Jello and whipped cream for dessert

Thank you for stopping in. One more travel day before we hit Arizona – finally!


  1. I’m going to check out your RV site locator. Don’t feel bad Bill, I always get tired before Cooper!!

  2. Enjoyed the soothing sound of Squaw Creek. Sounds as if you had an enjoyable country drive today and ended up at a very economical park. Enjoy your stay.

  3. Sounds like a long travel day and I'm sure you both slept well last night. You definitely got a bargain with the site.

    The pizza made me chuckle. I was away for a day; there were leftovers in the fridge and I'd taken out a package of bacon so my son had choices for dinner - he ordered in pizza. I guess I know what I'm eating for the next day or so (not the pizza). :)

    Safe travels!

  4. Those towns are smart who offer the little campgrounds! I've noticed them a lot in Texas :) I need to keep the free campsite site in mind. We love the pizzas we make, but honestly nothing can beat a "real" pizza! You are having a great trip, love all the pictures!

  5. Such a lovely gesture by the town.

    Even here in Saskatchewan it seems ranches and farms have some wonderful gates.

    God bless.

  6. How can your gps readings be different!?

  7. I heard on the news yesterday that the Biden bunch is banning the word squaw from place names on federal lands. Supposedly "squaw" is derogatory!! What next!!! And I wonder what that will COST!!!
    Don in Okla.