Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Day Two, Looking Up Another Friend

Bloomington, Illinois

On Tues. Nov. 9th we slept in! (compared to Monday) It was before 6 when Bill took Gibbs out and I dropped back into slumber until I heard the “one paw, two paws” etc. from downstairs. 😊 He must have done it perfectly because he got a treat before rejoining me up in the bedroom with his chew rope. I didn’t get up to make the bed until closer to 6:30.

Kenny's little farm

We missed seeing Kenny last night as it was after 9:30 that he got home. I read in bed for a while but soon turned the light off. This morning, we set an alarm to be sure to see our friend before he left for work at 7:30. We came this way so we could see him so didn’t want to miss out. We took Gibbs out when we heard doors closing. Kenny was taking the garbage out and the boys were getting ready to catch the school bus.

Sweet Kenny 💓

It was so good to see him and Gibbs was better outside than he would have been indoors. I was pleased when Lynn came out as well so we could meet his better half. I’m sure he’ll agree. We said our hellos, thank you’s and goodbyes within half hour, if that, and they headed off to work. Bill and I walked down the row of sheds on his little farm to check out the chickens, roosters, ducks and turkeys. 😊 We had some cereal and hit the road ourselves by 9.

Kenny and Lynn
Hey guys! Is that a new trailer?? 😂😂

We followed the directions that Kenny and Lynn gave us to get to Hwy 24 but instead of going further south only to have to head up to our destination along the route, we stayed on that good highway right across IN to IL, catching Interstate 55S at Chenoa. The two-lane highways were perfect today as we were in no hurry to sit in a Walmart lot for longer than we had to. The roads were well kept and the small towns quite interesting, giving us the personal touch.

A few shots of the farm

I taut I taw a putty tat!!
They teased Gibbs and of course he took the challenge
for a chase

Our rv’ing friend and blogger, Doug, is expecting us in Bloomington, IL for the night. Without any room at his home lot for our Suite, he has directed us to a Walmart lot within a couple of miles. It will be nice to see him and Yuma and to finally meet the infamous Dolly. We had our lunch somewhere along the way, just eating our sandwiches in the truck and Bill pulled in for a fuel up at a Caseys. The price this time was $3.75/gal.

♫'These are few of my favourite things'♪

Detour on 24 that added an extra
35 miles to our trip - out of the way

I'd LOVE to tour these homes!!

It was around 2:15 when we pulled into the Walmart, it was very easy to follow our gps to its location and get parked. Once we set up and rested for a few minutes, I texted Doug and within a few minutes he arrived to pick us up and take us back to their place. We all got a chuckle out of watching Yuma and Gibbs outside and then later, inside. We think they’ll get along famously this winter down in the south where they can run off their leashes. 😊

Once at Walmart, Gibbs wonders why
everyone is parked in 'our lot' 😀
First train viewing and flat land coming across
Indiana and Illinois

Hey Doug!!
Our ride to their house since we
weren't unhooking BB

Dolly is a real sweetheart; I felt a connection immediately. Their home is so cozy, I loved it! We sat inside for about an hour and got to know each other as best we could in a short span of time. Meeting, from a distance, little Fergie is even smaller than I first thought from the pictures I’d seen. Dolly sent us home with some turkey bacon treats for Gibbs. He’ll love them! Doug drove us back to the Suite and we agreed to meet Doug and Yuma again sometime in December in Arizona.

Cute first greeting outside
and one inside
before they got too rambunctious

Bill and I walked into Walmart (with masks on) to pick up some bread and treats for Gibbs. (fyi - not many masks and some that wore them had them below their noses! duh) We talked about going out to eat but it needed to be someplace we could walk to and there just wasn’t anything close enough. So, for a fast meal, we bought some mac & cheese and we had some ham slices to have with it. I felt like a zombie for some reason, just needed to catch up on our sleep, I think. We finished the last bit of cheesecake, did dishes and I struggled to finish my post.

Dolly and her baby, Fergie
Tiniest little fluff ball ever!!
Gibbs finally got curious enough to visit
She can't see or hear him 😢 but she is loved a lot!

It was another great driving day and we made good strides. The cooler weather is headed this way so we want to snub our noses at it and head further south – soon. 😊

A nice picture of the family to end the blog post today
Good night!

Thank you for your visit! Comments are always welcome.


  1. Fantastic that you have met Dolly and Fergie at last. Great to see Doug and Yuma again I'm sure. Thanks for sharing your visit with them.

    1. Now we know Dolly is real! Ha ha, and such a wonderful lady. Fergie is so precious although Dolly says 'ornery in her old age'. :)

  2. Great picture of the Doug and Dolly family. Little Fergie is so sweet!!! And of course Yuma is a handsome boy!! It's funny, Cooper never chased cats until Jessie ran after just one ... and it only took that ONE time for Cooper to think that was a fun game.

  3. Seeing and hearing a train again is always a bit of a shock isn't it? We haven't had the pleasure in several years.

    1. Bill's Dad loved trains so we always thought of and sent him pictures of the long ones down here. Now he has the best view and can see them from heaven.

  4. whoopsie, didn't finish, Glad you are able to out run winter.

  5. It's wonderful you've been able to get in some visits along the way. I'm sure it helps break up the driving. Sounds like Gibbs is getting the hang of being a travelling dog.

    Safe travels!

  6. It was nice to see that you got to visit the Lanings. We always enjoy enjoy our time with Doug and Yuma.

    1. We are very glad it worked out too. Too bad Dolly isn't in to the travelling.

  7. Keep ahead of the cold. Nice that you are getting to meet old friends and new ones as well.

    God bless.