Saturday, November 13, 2021

An Easy Day – Picking up Some Food Stuffs - Computer Grief

Grove, Oklahoma

On Friday, Nov. 12th we first woke at 5:30 but all 3 of us went back to sleep until 7:30. That was nice. Bill informed me this morning about his late night so no wonder he was tired. He feels that he is getting back on his normal track before his summer work began. We had our morning brews after Bill figured out the problem with the levelling jacks. As I mentioned earlier, we were on top of the world again. 😊

Grand Lake and the Sailboat Bridge on the left

My second HUGE leaf
This one a maple of some kind

I put Gibbs’ walking harness on him and we left Bill to get us levelled properly and empty tanks. He filled our fresh water only to about half for now. Tonight, we are expecting below freezing temperatures so the park staff ask campers to unhook hoses and turn their faucets off to prevent damage. I definitely want a shower today at some point, definitely but maybe not until the morning. 😊

The pond within the park
for canoeing and kayaking

We had some breakfast, got cleaned up and drove into Grove. They have a Walmart and a Harp’s grocery store and we needed to stock up on some food items. We opted for Walmart because it’s familiar and the prices are generally better. 

Sailboat Bridge at sunrise
Bottom right hand corner, I got excited to see
the blue heron

He let me get so close
and the geese were not bothered by us at all

I get a little crazy when I see them, it is rare
for one to visit us on The Ridge

We got everything on our list with the exception of one thing that wasn’t imperative. It’s odd not seeing the same brands as we see back home but other than yogourt and peanut butter, we always find a suitable replacement.

Close enough, he squacked and flew off to a nearby tree

One of my favourite pictures this morning
(and there were a few)

Another one I love

I didn't get so close this time
so as not to bother him again

I also enjoy the 2 or 3 beer, wine and liquor aisles. Not today but I will peruse and find different thing to try at great prices. Other than Bill’s rum, Appleton’s, I’m not particular on what I try for myself. We fueled up at the Turtle Stop just down the road at an incredible $3.13/gallon! That was a nice break right there! 😊 Back home, it was too late for a lunch so we snacked on some cheese and crackers to tie us over until supper.

But I zoomed in as best I could with my phone camera

Bill read until his eyes got droopy for a snooze, Gibbs is sleeping at my feet and I’m starting today’s blog post. I’m going to slip out in a bit and see what buildings are open for me to access. Bill finished his James Patterson book so I can drop it off for someone else. I love the free book exchanges that are available in the park clubhouses. Not that we need more to read, the cupboard is full but I like to look – just in case.

At checkout, Bill speaks with a Korean War vet
Thanking him for his service and then it was answering questions
about boondocking
You never know where you'll meet up with someone of like interests

Our toaster has been giving us grief AND burnt toast
so time for a replacement - cheap

And finally, a new projection bedroom clock
Not for the alarm, for the large readable time in the dark 😀

It’s a cool day, a high of only 50F/10C because of the NW wind but it is a sunny day for the most part. If we weren’t plugged in to power, our panels would be charging. We’ve paid the $10/night so we’re going to use their source, doggonit! It was a relaxing afternoon and I got out for my walk but was disappointed that the big clubhouse/games room was completely closed ‘until further notice’ and the laundry room was half closed off for renovations. Oh well, enough machines for us to do our wash tomorrow.

We're never here at the right time for the pool
but it is a lovely one
I got in it once, our first year and it was cccold

The only open building, other than the washrooms
to the right

I'll be doing laundry on Saturday here
It is just across the roadway

Gibbs got his supper around 5:30 and Bill and I got involved watching Shaft, the movie. We had to leave before it was done at 7 and drove down the road to the Cherokee Casino for supper. 😊 We were told it would be a 30-minute wait so we played the slots until we got notified our table was ready. My 5$ went quickly on the 1¢ machine but sitting beside Mr. Lucky Pants, I watched him win 20 free games and he walked away ahead of the game. $$$

A selfie at the Cherokee Casino
for some slots and our first restaurant on this trip

At the restaurant, I ordered the Reuben and smashed potatoes and Bill had the only fish meal on the menu, breaded shrimp and fresh cut potato fries. We finished our meals and our rum drinks and headed home. Gibbs looked after the house for us and for the evening we watched more old programs. The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, Green Acres had us laughing all over again. This was a pretty great day. My pictures wouldn't download into Picasa last night and with such slow wifi, I wasn't about to move them into my post without it. 

A Reuben and smashed potatoes & gravy for me
Breaded shrimp and fries for Bill
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Your reuban looks yummy, all it's missing is the sauerkraut! Those old tv shows are definitely a blast from the past.

    1. There's sauerkraut in the sandwich and cheese. ;) It was missing the dill pickle on the plate though.

  2. I was surprised to see no mask wearing at the Walmart checkout. I always liked it when we would stop for a few nights on the way down. Kind of gave you time to refresh your 'internal' batteries. Drive safe.

    1. The checkout and most other staff had masks but most customers didn't.
      It is nice to stop for a bit. Hook up and have a good shower.

  3. Love the selfie, very cute couple! Gosh darn that rueben looks yummy! I love your favorite pictures too! WE have never worn a mask at any Walmart..if you don't wear one, they assume you have a medical reason. Whatever works! LOL.

    1. Thank you, I can't get over how Bill looks like his Dad in that photo. :)
      We always wore the masks back home and here are playing it by ear, carrying one in our pocket.

  4. I think you will find no masks at most small towns. Even in California, they gave it up most everywhere in spite of the warnings!! Your reuben looks amazing ..... shades of Big Nosed Kate's!! I'm curious if the laundry was as clean as "yours"!!

    1. So far, that is what we've found. No masks, mostly.
      The reuben was jam packed and very good. Missed the pickle though.
      The machines in the laundromat here are clean, the renovations make everything else dusty.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. I hope you didn't get frost overnight. Gibbs is a great puppy, he seems to just go with the flow.

    1. Thanks, it was a good day and we've stocked up a bit on things. No frost really but it did drop to 28F. Gibbs is pretty good but I'm working on a couple of things with him. Maybe by spring he'll have caught on to them. :)

  6. We've been using a projection clock for years, and had to recently replace ours, too. Wouldn't be without it. Safe travels to both of you!

  7. The RV park you are at is beautiful, so enjoy your stay. I never thought of getting a projection clock, (didn't even know something like it existed) and think it is a great idea for the RV. I will look for one. Lucky for you both that Bill had a good hand at the slot machine.

    1. It is a nice park. To bad we're never here when it is hot enough to swim.
      You'd like the clock. We do.

  8. What a gorgeous RV park. Too bad it isn't warm enough to use that pool, it looks very inviting.

    We have one of those projection clocks that we take on holiday as well.

    God bless.

  9. I feel like I can stop worrying about you guys now!

  10. I was born and raised in Grove. Beautiful area! Love following your travels.

    1. That's cool. It is a nice town.
      Thank you for following asking, teyna.

  11. So glad you got to escape this year. Have fun and be safe.

  12. That is a huge sycamore tree leaf. Or you have a tiny foot! whichever, the leaf is a lovely color!