Thursday, November 25, 2021

Starting the Day off Right, Happy Thanksgiving!

 Quartzsite, AZ

Thursday, Nov. 25th arrived with us sleeping in. There was no rush to get up and that’s a good thing, since we stayed up last night until 11 watching a movie. We’ve seen it before but is a more ‘realistic’ one and I enjoy the characters. ‘Trading Christmas’ is the name and it is predictable but we enjoyed watching it together. We were both fighting to keep our eyes open though because of all the stupid commercials!

This morning there were no clouds for the
sun to push through
Ignore the time, my camera wasn't set

I never walk alone when the sun has risen

So, today, we got up around 7:30 and I went for a 25-minute walk around the near vicinity. It was a cool 48F/9C but I bundled for it and walked briskly. 😊 I circled our area and found where we parked in our group in 2020. It has a motorhome in the middle right now but maybe it will be open for us in January. We’ll miss the large group of friends we’ve had in the past but we’re hopeful that a few at least will be here.

to the gang of 2019/20
This is our spot, where the Class A is

It'll be a guess whether he leaves it empty for us to return
If not, we'll find another spot

I had my tea when I returned and as the sun rose higher in the sky, it heated things up a bit. That darn wind had returned so it wasn’t exactly warm for our 10 o’clock Happy Hour. We all found a spot on the patio mat where we were comfortable and we enjoyed conversation for an hour and a half. Nice to see Lorne and Sue and great too that Gayle and John joined us.

Another example of what campers are doing
This one is different

As is this one
Everyone does what they can do with what means they have

For those who have never been here,
this is what it is like
Not desert sand, but rocky sand
You drive in and just park anywhere
Lots of spaces right now - January might be a whole lot different

It was close to noon when we came inside and I made pancakes for lunch. I’ll need to do much more walking if we continue to eat like this! After dishes, we did some online stuff and Bill went up for a snooze, Gibbs curled up under my chair and I went outside to the heat of the day. Give me my sunshine! I read, I dozed and visited with Gayle for a bit.

This is our little Canadian corner
Friends, Judy and Gary from Alberta, back left
us in the middle
Gayle and John on the right 

The winds weren’t as gusty today so they were very welcome in the hot sun. The day went by slowly and because Bill had plans with the boys for 6, we had supper earlier. If it wasn’t for the residential fridge, we would have been fine, but Bill turned the genny on briefly while I cooked my veggies in the microwave. We had wieners and beans as well, cooked on the stove. It was a poor man’s meal, fitting, ha ha, and it was good. 😊

By the layers worn in these pictures
you can see who is getting the wind

But the sun was wonderful

After dishes, I took Gibbs out and Bill and John left to pick Lorne up and any of the other guys at his site who wanted to go. They were headed to the Quartzsite flying club for night flying. We went last year and it was a treat to see the radio-controlled planes’ lights when you could see nothing else in the pitch black sky. This was a quiet day and I enjoyed it very much.

A saguaro near us

Supper tonight was thrown together
rather quickly

Gibbs watches Bill turn the generator off

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends, near and far. I hope you are having an awesome day. We are very grateful to call y'all our friends, whether we've met you or not. πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–

A beautiful sunset
I'm sure there will be many
Notice, the dust is minimal tonight. 😍
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. 


  1. We enjoyed the visit this morning. The night flying kinda fizzled. I guess all the club members were full of turkey and didn’t show up. We had a nic chat and a drive to Q and back. You snuck a morning picture but I forgot to get one.

    1. The visit gave our morning the boost needed to get us moving. Love laughter at any time and we got some of that.
      Too bad about the night flying.

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying your time with family and friends parked out in La Posa South. It was nice to see the sun come up with clear blue skies this morning and the sunset was not bad either. Cute picture of Gibbs watching Bill shut off the generator.

    1. I don't think we've ever been disappointed here at the Q. :)
      Sunrises and sunsets never disappoint either, right?
      When one of us goes out, Gibbs runs from one end of the Suite to the next trying to see us.

  3. I’m envious. Wish we were still in Quartzsite, it was beautiful while we were there. Hopefully next year we will be able to come at the end of December & spend some time there. Enjoy your time there.

    1. I'm glad you got some time in here. Maybe one year we'll bump into each other here. :)

  4. Any day in the sun is a good day. It shouldn't be too crowded down there this year. Gibbs is so photogenic!!!

    1. I agree about the sun. :)We're curious to see what January here will bring.

  5. I dislike commercials so much, I tend to PVR any long shows and watch them later. I guess that probably isn't an option for you.

    That's quite the place you're in, and obviously very popular.

    1. My two sisters say the same thing about commercials. We could record more programs/movies but it will take a while to get used to the times here. Everything is two hours sooner than what the guide says. LOL
      This place will be so much busier in January when we return.

  6. Great way to start the day with a walk and then Happy Hour (even if it's with coffee!) Love the pic of Gibbs watching Bill :) too cute! Yeah we hate commercials too!!

    1. thanks! The morning happy hours are still quite happy, even with coffee. haha
      Movies would be much shorter without those darn commercials.

  7. I am always amazed at the size of cacti down south. Boy they are huge.

    God bless.

    1. The cacti are really big and the saguaros are hundreds of years old at that size.