Monday, November 8, 2021

Whirlwind, Last Hugs, Renewing and Making Acquaintances


The Ridge

On Sunday, Nov. 7th, we were up around 7:30, not bad after our late night. We didn’t waste any time nor did we rush. A couple of walks with Gibbs and we left Alma C.C. by 8:30 (after turning our clocks back for DST). We were in for another beautiful day with a high of 15C/59F. 

The drive for us was much improved from Saturday, we remembered Gibbs’ bed and he settled down in the back seat with it like the good puppy we know. 😊

The view out behind the Suite

It was a nice walking trail

If you remember, I still had the advent calendars for the grandchildren. I was able to distribute 6 to Bill’s side of the family yesterday at the wedding but still had my 3 in the Suite. Bill planned today’s route so that we could drive past Bridgette and Chris’ home near Woodstock. We parked on the country road and walked up the lane to drop 2 off for her to deliver to Taylor and Jake, if not before Dec. 1st, before Jan. 1st. 😊 That’ll work too!

We almost got in a horse and buggy traffic jam!
I've never seen so many in such a short time period
Church time

settling down nicely with his bed

Still some pretty fall colours

Parked at Bridgette and Chris' place

Cutie Patooties and great hugs
This is Chris who we bought Jazz from
Notice the shirt, hence the treble clef on the Yamaha

The first thing to do once arriving in London, was top up with fuel so we drove to Colonel Talbot Road. Sadly, the Flying M, our usual truck stop, was closed at the pumps. Actually, the pumps were completely gone. Crap! So, we drove back along the flying field road to the east side of town again to the Flying J. Their prices are always just those few cents more, which is frustrating but we needed it. Back to the west, the CanAm parking lot was mostly empty, with the #1 spot across the front wide open.

set up at CanAm

We set up and plugged into power for the night. It was a good start to our day and just mid-morning. I finally was able to sit an work on finishing yesterday’s blog posting, losing all track of time. We hadn’t eaten in the morning so I made us each a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Bill was out with Gibbs and noticed other rvers with an Airstream down the row and made acquaintance with Duncan and later Patty. 😊 There we go, one of the joys of this lifestyle.

Oreo and Gibbs try to be friends

Keith, our good friend, was at the flying field and popped in to see us once more. He didn’t want us to leave without saying goodbye. Gotta love those hugs! We had a short but pleasant visit with him and Oreo. She met Gibbs and although he was on his leash, making it difficult for a real meet and greet, they did pretty good together. We joined Duncan and Patty after they moved their chairs to the sun for some afternoon warmth.

Nice enough for a step sit

There’s never a challenge finding things to talk about with other travellers. As it turned out, they were storing their ‘new to them’ rv for the winter and picking up their cruising boat in Georgia. They too were debating just how soon to get on the road in the morning. They’ve never rv’d before so were quite interested in the tips and tools of the ‘trade’. 😊

The sun set over Dawn and Michaels rv

As the sun dropped leaving us shade, it cooled down and we parted ways, wishing them good travels from Florida and hopefully the Bahamas if the conditions are good for them.  It was in saying goodbye to them that two other rv’s pulled in and  we were greeted by Wanda and Mike. We first met this couple at CanAm a few years ago, maybe after our first winter south. Bill and Mike have kept in touch by text over the years so they were quite surprised to see it was us in the lot. Funny how things transpire.

Two more Cutie Patooties 
Two more hugs

Gibbs got to experience 3 more dogs, Oscar, Jewels and Lucky and we met Dawn and Michael, their travelling companions. What a treat this life is! Patrick, my son, and grandson Nate, arrived around 5 for another short visit. I was tickled that he lives close enough to make that work too. We didn’t unhook BB so the onus was on him to fit us into his day and I’m glad he wanted it too. We visited for a short hour and I was able to hand Nate his calendar. Hugs all around and we chowed down on reheated chili from the freezer.

Gibbs wasn't keen on Oscar's size
even though he was a gentle AussieDoodle

He much preferred Jewels and Lucky

I believe it was 6:15 when Gibbs and I said goodnight to the group outside and came inside for bed. I brought my book upstairs and crawled into bed but Gibbs couldn’t settle down until Daddy came in half hour later. 😊 Momma’s boy, my ass!! I read a few chapters but had to turn my light off shortly after 7:30 and rolled over. It wasn’t difficult for me to sleep at that hour, it had been a couple of whirlwind days. Bill said I was asleep when he turned his light off at 8.

Goodnight Ontario, Canada

Wow! It is truly happening and other than a couple of nasty batches of shingles, basically one right after the other, we’ve have been blessed to have things run smoothly. I’ll try to get on top of my postings but I know you all understand how things are and I value your support. This was another great day!

Two more wedding photos
 Bride and Groom
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit too!




  1. You guys are so very social that other rver's are attracted to you.😊 Glad you made it across the border with no hassle. Smooth is always nice. Looking forward to your travel blogs. I'll miss having my sister nearby but will keep in touch by text. Love you and safe travels@

    1. Ah thanks sis.
      I'll miss you too, more than you think but it will be like when we lived in London. Kind of. We still walked together many mornings!!❤

  2. hope things proceed without any further glitches.

  3. Thank you Patsy for sharing your fall and the work to get ready for your winter more into sunshine. I am glad I found your blog! I have enjoyed reading your posts and look for a new one every day!

    1. Hello Joy! Thank you for you kind comment. I'm Nagoya you find something in my ramblings to keep coming back. 🥰

    2. I don't know where Nagoya came from but i meant I'm happy you keep coming back!

  4. What a busy few days, I can believe you're tired. Safe travels!!!

    1. I am sure things will slow down for a bit once we get further south. 😊
      These old bbodies get tired to quickly! Haha
      Thank you.

  5. I've been keeping an eye out on the news and read that the crossing in Ontario sounded like mostly smooth transitions across the border. In Quebec, not so much - there were waits of up to three hours for some folks.

    Nice to hear that Gibbs just needed his bed to be comfy in the back seat. Looking forward to hearing about your travels. Take care, stay well.

  6. I'm glad most people had an easy time with the crossing. We listen to Sirius radio when traveling so miss the news.
    Thanks for following along. 😀

  7. It’s a whole new life for Gibbs!! He’s never met many dogs up to now. No doubt he will be nervous. Sounds like a great trip so far. Safe travels.

    1. It really is a new world for him. I how he grows to live other doggies. 🥰🐕

  8. Your excitment is matched by Florida, where we live, and the southwest states. The border opening is huge news here. We've missed all you Canadians too! Safe travels.

  9. "On the road again".... I bet you are over joyed.

    Safe travels and post when you can.

    God bless.