Monday, November 1, 2021

What Did I Get Up To on Sunday?

The Ridge

It was a mildish morning when we woke up on Sunday, Oct. 31st. It was Hallowe’en and, on this day, I hoped for two things. One that it was a non-white precipitation day for us and the other that it would be a decent evening for the trick or treaters. I hate to see the little ones, especially, having their fun Hallowe’en spoiled by the weather. I knew I wouldn’t get a blog started let alone finished. We were busy from beginning to its finality.

It was a dark morning drive to start

I was up at 7:15 and out the door to clean the Mat for the last time within 15 minutes. I wanted to do a good job, (oh darn! I just remembered I was going to use the broom to dust the upper cobwebs!) making sure all things got done plus the big dryer lint. It wasn’t busy when I arrived but by the time I left there were 5 vehicles, customers with at least 2 washers each, in the parking lot. Good for Jamie!

The drive to Guelph was uneventful

When I left there, I had no other stops so scooted home. Bill and I left Gibbs in charge and by 9:30 we were heading out to Guelph Costco. The list was long and before we left, a sizeable donation had been paid. ๐Ÿ˜Š Oh well, it stocked us up and we only missed 3 items of which they didn’t have today. After putting groceries away, since it was 1:30 by then, we just had a nibble to tie us over until supper. I’d had yogourt before work and Bill had some toast while I was gone.

Even though we left a lot of cash here,
it isn't our bank of choice!

The sky began clearing up nicely

Donna and Gerry had invited us, Gayle and John (the other winter travellers), and Cathy and Bill, our oldest sister, to a lasagna supper. We love this pasta meal and if I don’t have to prepare it, all the better! We got to Hanover shortly after 3 and stopped at Walmart to pick up a pair of black shoes for Bill. They had no choices but luckily the one style they had was suitable for a wedding and at a great price. Like his new suit he won’t be wearing these much.

Still some pretty fall colours but
they are far and few between as the dresses come off

On our way home from Guelph,
we scooted through Alma to check out the
community centre for Saturday night parking

It was 3:45 when we pulled into their driveway and once G & J arrived we gathered at her dining table and were eating shortly after 5:30. Delicious! I shouldn’t have had such a large piece of her apple pudding for dessert, nor the scoop of ice cream but it was tasty and I wasn’t uncomfortable at least. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I like the way the water tower in Mount Forest
seems to sit at the end of the street

We enjoyed the evening until 7:30 or so when Bill and I packed up to leave. We thanked Donna and Gerry for the lovely thought and offer to host a ‘Farewell to the Snowbirds’ dinner. Gibbs had been quite excitable with all the company but it is to be expected for a puppy. I don’t regret for a second having a puppy in our lives but I do admit that it is sometimes tiring when in the presence of others.

We walked a bit before going to supper
Trying to tire someone out

I didn't give anyone a warning for the picture
so I apologize to Cathy - no matter,
she's still my pretty sister while eating!♥

The meal was delicious
Pea soup, lasagna, caesar salad and garlic toast

apple pudding and butterscotch ice cream 
for dessert

When we arrived home, we watched a bit of tv and when I kept falling asleep in my chair, at 9, Bill prompted me to go to bed.  That is just too early BUT I didn’t argue and Gibbs and I disappeared upstairs. I know I was asleep in no time. Perhaps the Beer Margaritas had something to do with that too! ๐Ÿ˜Š It was a wonderful busy day and with only a few days left here at the Ridge, we seem to have something going on for each one.

Gibbs likes the taste of Gerry's beer
licking the tops of the bottles

Woops! caught in the act!
Good night!

Thank you for your patience with today’s post and for stopping by. I hope you had a fun Hallowe’en. 

My daughter
A child of the corn!

My brother Michael and his wife, Crystal
I love their spirit!

PS – Donna says they never get trick or treaters down their street so we missed out so I'll include a couple of pictures of family who get into the spirit. Didn't get any of my grandchildren though!


  1. Love the Halloween pictures! How awesome to have that dinner with your siblings and to not be the one cooking it! Looks awesome! Nice job Donna! Love the group photo :)