Thursday, November 18, 2021

More Normal Temperature, Walk to the Ruin, Shopping

Glen Rose, TX

On Thursday, Nov. 18th we woke up at 7 to a cooler morning. It got down to 45F/7C last night but we expected it to drop and had all the windows closed. Bill had turned the furnace to 66F but it didn’t come on until 7 this morning so it stayed nice inside. I bundled up in long pants, runners and my hand crocheted sweater. It is heavy and warm without being heavy if you get my drift. 😊

My walk to me to the west on Hwy 312

I'm headed toward the ruin I remembered
from early 2019

If it wasn’t for the wind, I may not have needed it. I left Gibbs and Bill in bed and went for a walk down the road. Do you remember the old ruins of Outlaw Station here? It is what’s left of a gas station-turned-speakeasy and it supplied moonshine to locals in Glen Rose. FYI: I just learned that G.R. is/was also known as ‘Whiskey Woods Capital of Texas’. Now, that’s cool!

Although we saw prickly pear cacti on our drive
through Oklahoma, this is my first close up
this year

The Petrified wood in this structure with the brick
is so interesting!
I wish I could find a picture of it before it was abandoned
in the 1960's

If you are at all interested in the history, I could copy it here or you can read it for yourself by checking it out here here. It’s quite fascinating! 

It's difficult to stop taking pictures
Btw, my time is off on the camera by an hour


I walked that far, took the following pictures and a selfie from the cement picnic table (like I did in 2019) and turned for home. It is a really nice walk only to be made better with someone special to walk with.  

I told you it was windy, it was doing a number on my hair!

Bill and Gibbs were both downstairs when I returned, the little 4-legged mister was all excited to see me, I’d slipped out w/o him. 😊

Granbury Lake is a large pretty lake

and we drove around two sides of it

We puttered a bit and made a decision about plans we’d already decided upon and booked. That’s why Jell-o is so popular, it jiggles a

nd sometimes for the right reason. Seldom is anything written in stone in this lifestyle. We got cleaned up and drove to the Walmart north of us, along US-377, in Granbury. We debated shopping at Brookshire’s but we wanted some things for Gibbs to chew on plus a couple of hardware/automotive items. Walmart was our best choice.

We followed this Jeep to the Walmart
He/She also has a Santa on the front grill 🎅

We found everything on our list and on the way home, took a drive through Glen Rose before returning home for brunch. “Let’s try the sausage patties”, so that’s what we did with scrambled eggs. They were different and good; they will be a nice change from bacon once in a while. 😊 After dishes, it was another slow day. We stopped at this park for a break and that’s exactly what we’re getting. Neither of us even care to ‘galivant’ as I first thought we might.

We get excited when we see our first Tillamook product
It will replace our cheese and our ice cream
as it is just as good or better

The day remained cool but all because of the winds. The sun did it’s best to warm things up but when I tried to sit outside, there was just no shelter from those gusts. The neighbours beside us had hired an RV wash company to come and do their Forest River Sabre and the one guy left it looking like new. I guess it is kind of new, a 2021, but they were well impressed that he did the tires and windows at the very end. Nice job!


Patsy got a new drink
Did you say Chocolate AND real Cream?

For supper, it was fish and chips, for both of us. We’d both had a craving since the first night we ate at the casino in Grove. Tonight, we satisfied that hunger and it was good. Just before supper, I made up a couple of boxes of Jell-o, the real jiggling kind. 😊 We haven’t any dessert for a few nights and I’ve missed it. I’ll make up some whipped cream tomorrow to have with it. After dishes, Bill watched tv upstairs and I read downstairs and watched some of my own programs.

Fish and chips
for both of us

This was a great day. It will be a cooler night tonight, close to freezing but sunny and mid-60’s again tomorrow. I’m sure these temperatures are what is normal for this time of year, as opposed to those we experienced at the beginning of the week. Hopefully, the winds won’t be so prominent, I’d like to wash some windows. 😊

Gibbs got a new rope and some bigger chew treats
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. That is a beautiful old building really kind of sad that it is abandoned. Sometimes the best part of the journey is the changes we make on the fly. That Chocolatini sounds good.

    1. It is a beautiful building with a cool history.
      you're right about the changes we make, sometimes they turn into the real treat!
      I'll let you know about the Chocolatini. :)

  2. At least you aren't driving in the wind and it's nice that you can have some nice relaxing days. It's been windier here than I can ever remember. I'm just so impressed with how Gibbs is so good as a young puppy. And of course just as cute as ever!

    1. Bill says the same thing, Loree, about the wind. :)
      We are really getting good at relaxing!
      Gibbs has come a long way and we're pretty sure we'll get the other things under control. :)

  3. That looked like a great walk - too bad about the wind though. Cool building, I love interesting stonework and the wood in there with it is really different.

    1. I knew the building was there but it still causes me to take even more pictures this time.

  4. I just love that building. It looks like the first drive-through. Wouldn't it be fabulous to fix it up!! Chocolate and cream? Yes ma'am!! I have to say I do like that there is no snow in your pictures!!!

    1. I love the building too. A drive through distillery perhaps. :)
      I am anxious for the first hot day in the desert to try my drink.
      I LOVE that there is no snow in my pictures too!! ♥

  5. I was minutes ago watching a YouTube B-class Sprinter vlogger (From She To Me) who just visited the Petrified Forest National Park in AZ!

    I don't know why but that stuff fascinates me, especially the fad of using it as a building material in buildings along the old tourist motor routes in the 1920s & 30s. The fad seems to have started there where you are in Somervell County TX which is littered with the stuff & spread in all directions to OK, CO & LA. I keep my eyes open for examples whenever I take the back roads here in TX, it shows up in surprising places including residences (there are some houses in Glen Rose too.)

    Here's a good article about Glen Rose's bounty of those structures:

    Apparently the "wood" in Somervell County comes from 112 million year old conifers!

    1. That is very interesting that you were just watching that! I never thought Petrified wood would be used in this manner. Thank you for your comment and the information, I've copied the link into my browser to read more about the area.

  6. The photos of the ruins are lovely. It must have been quite the place when it was operating.

    I hope the wind dies down for you soon.

    1. I would love to see a picture of when it was operating. Especially when Bonnie and Clyde frequented.

  7. Having fish and chips tonight.

    Your new drink looks very interesting...Chocolate and cream could be as tasty as chocolate, raspberries and red wine.

    God bless.

    1. We obviously were at the same restaurant! :)
      You're right, the raspberries would be a good addition!

  8. Very interesting bit of history there.