Monday, November 29, 2021

Getting a Walk in Before the Heat, Happy Hubby, Circle of Friends

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ (mostly my walk pictures and of course, Gibbs)

We woke up at 7 on Sunday, Nov. 28th. That’s kind of sleeping in for us. Before my tea, I slipped out and went for a walk towards the southeast. The sun wasn’t quite up over the mountains to our east but on my return, it popped beautifully (from practice, I’m sure) and it was very warm on my back. I didn’t have my sunglasses so planned that just right. 😊

As barren as the foreground looks, it is made up for
by the pink mountains, glowing in the sunrise

It hasn't reached the lower land where we are yet

I was happy to get my vest off, even though it was required in the 46F/8C, and hoodie once back in the Suite. Bill was all ready to head out, with his thermos of coffee, water and a mug to go. He was going back to the flying field, this time he hoped to do some flying and then help them finish with the project they all started yesterday. I have a happy man. He is pretty content normally, but this is what he loves and why he likes to be in the Q.

Another creative 'home' set up with their own laneway

a closer look, cute tent shelter!

I made my tea and had a blog to finish. Finally, I hit ‘publish’ and was done with that. I grab my dust mitt in the morning and do a quick swipe across the coffee table, counter tops and table before getting into anything. After 2 days, I stopped grumbling about it, dust is part of the whole deal here in the desert. Gibbs and I spent the remainder of the morning outside on the ‘patio’. It was another hot one but lovely! Compared to the snow back home, we are in heaven.

It's the various shapes of the Saguaro's arms
that intrigue me
each one unique

A Palo Verde seems to be dying but
I don't think that is the case

This sign has us puzzling
Some sort of group with the welcoming rocks
La Posa R V Q???

Gibbs busied himself gathering rocks, big ones that can’t be swallowed so I let him at it. I started a new book and I’m not overly convinced that it will be good, until I get into it. The last one snuck up on me but once it introduced the religious factor, it just stronger and more prominent. 

This one has me interested so far

Fingers crossed on this story that it will keep me enthralled. Bill had texted at 11 that I should go ahead and eat lunch when I was ready, meaning he wouldn’t be home to join me for a while.

Of course, a selfie at the Q is called for

There is some greenery in the desert

It was a bit before noon when we came in and I made myself a nice cheese, meat and lettuce wrap. 

Almost as soon as I sat down with it, Bill texted that he was on his way home. Ha ha, this happens a few times but he would be on his own for lunch as I wasn’t planning on cooking. I had pulled sausage out for supper and we’ll barbecue those along with a potato. Bill went upstairs, after we did dishes, for a snooze.

It's sad when a Saguaro gives it up but I'll
bet this will be a 'location marker' for someone
to find their favourite site

This healthy one is 10' away

He didn’t have much luck this morning with his trip to the field. Not for flying anyway. They got to work first and by the time he could fly, the wind had picked up and he had a bit of a nose dive. Unfortunately, again, Lorne had driven out to watch some fliers and none of that was taking place. It just wasn’t working out. Bill says his Timber can be fixed so isn’t discouraged. To me, it would be a big deal but it is his small electric plane that has found the ground too fast a few times. 😊

This flag was just fluttering lazily
but it was welcome today in the 77F/25C

When Bill finished ‘rebuilding’ his plane around 3:00, he came in with Gibbs and gave me a break to do what I wanted outside. I love the little guy but it is a pretty steady job making sure he isn’t chewing on small stones that he could swallow or that could get stuck in his throat. We’re his parents and it keeps us on guard. I appreciated that I could go out and sun sit with my book and have no distractions. Gibbs slept after the long walk I took him on anyway.

It's difficult to write a blog with my
Little Gigolo on my lap

Wouldn't you rather play with me, Mom?

Who's the ham?
I guess we both are!!

His bed isn't the 'go-to' yet
but once in a while, in the shade
he likes it

Sometimes, it is our chair that
he can roll around in that makes him

Today, he found 5 or 6 rocks
that he brought back to the mat

Searching out shade

a good spot to watch
His security job lives on

At 4:15, I came in and made myself a cup of tea. The old-fashioned way, by boiling a kettle. Nothing wrong with that when we’re on solar and it’s late afternoon. It tastes just as good! For supper, as mentioned above, we had our sausage on the grill and mashed potatoes with veggies.

A good supper

We ate a bit earlier and after dishes took our chairs across the road to Lorne and Sue’s for a campfire. A real one. 😊 Gayle and John followed us within 15 minutes.

The sleeping Indian from our view
Once you see him, he is very prominent ♥

The sun sets just at our supper time tonight

Lorne had a nice wood fire going and there was a nice circle of friends started around it. When everyone arrived, we had a large group of 12. The stories came from all couples and we covered ground from the Magic Circle to our different work back home and lots in between. It was a mild, fun evening and we stayed until Lorne stopped putting logs on the fire “just one more log, just one more log”. It was 9:30. Bill turned the generator on so we could watch a bit of tv before bed and I worked on my blog.

Lorne beat me to the group photos
but I had to take one of him doing it

L to R: Sue, Deb, Tom, Angie, Chuck

L to R: Angie, Chuck, John, Gayle, my chair, Bill

What a great day! Mine didn’t consist of much other than sitting around with a good book, a couple of walks, ending with a nice evening with family and friends. 

Cool picture with a splash of colour
Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. It’s a tough job being watch pup!! Maybe he’s bringing you rocks to paint!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha ha, it is!! I need to train him on which rocks are best for painting then! ♥

  3. Envious of your outdoor time. I can't help myself. If I'm ever able to sell this house and get away for the winter, I'm pretty sure I won't spend my winters here.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Ah, we are so fortunate to be able to do this, live this lifestyle. Winters back home are just not enjoyable for us in anyway.

  4. How wonderful that you could get together with friends around a fire. There is something magical about sitting around a wood fire.

    God bless.

    1. When Lorne threw the colour packet in, an already mesmerizing fire became lovely. :)