Sunday, November 14, 2021

Laundry – No Cleaning, Visitors from a Neighbouring State

 Grove, Oklahoma

On Saturday, Nov. 13th we had lovely clear blue skies again. Bonus! The only thing on the agenda today was laundry and black/grey tank dumping. We’d already decided we weren’t going anywhere so when an opportunity arose to have company, we jumped at it. First things first, I was up around 6:30 (according to our light on the ceiling) and Bill remained in bed until 7ish. 😊

A nice looking day

Last night, I couldn’t get my pictures to download into Picasa, which is the tool I use to add my Chillin’ with Patsy watermark before exporting them back to my Google photos folder. (still with me?) This also makes a 95% faster download into my blog post on Blogger. It is totally worth it at any time. Being in an area with somewhat slower wifi data connection, it is imperative, especially of an eve when I’m already tired. So, I gave up and sat with Bill until we went up to bed.

Since I was working on my blog, Gibbs sat on Bill's laptop
to keep up his security job

This morning, my first thought before tea was to get them moved over and finish my post. Sounds easy but it wasn’t. My laptop refused to open, just sitting there staring at me. I had to shut it down completely and wait a few minutes before it would even allow me to sign in. Then, Picasa still wouldn’t co-operate, I had ti Import from the folder and well, eventually after a few curse words (!!**&&&##) they finally moved and I successfully got ‘er done.

Gibbs is too busy watching the goings on
to say cheese

After my tea, I sorted laundry with Gibbs’ help, leaving Bill to figure out where we’re going tomorrow when we leave here. The laundry room is across the lane so I wheeled my bag over and put the two loads in. I was the only one there so came back home for 30 minutes. It was all done and put away by 10. Nancy was curious how clean it was, 😊, the 6 machines were clean and although there was no clean table (because of the renos and drywall dust), I had no issues. For $1.50 & $1.00, it was a cheap wash and dry.

Walking with my sweeties

In between the wash and dry, I hopped in the shower. Bill had hooked us back up to the water source and I expected my first ‘full pressure’ shower since March when we left Paisley. It’s interesting what you get used to. It didn’t seem any different but it was still a good shower. A couple of hours later, Bill said that he’d forgot to turn the valve from our tank to the outside faucet. LOL no wonder the shower felt no different. I’m still waiting for that pressured shower!! 😊

Back home, Bill managed to make our next reservations and we are both very happy to be returning to a CTC (Coast to Coast) membership park in Texas for a week with one stopover in between. Our buddies, Rob and Pat, took us here in 2019 on our journey home. After a second brew, Bill got a propane tank filled and had finished with the tank dumping. We didn’t get much frost last night, if any, but it did drop below freezing.

Our home spot for 3 days

We went for a couple of walks, Gibbs and I, and then all of us. At 3:30 the sun was pretty warm but dropping quickly behind the big tree across the lane. We were sitting at the picnic table when our company arrived. Yay! 

Waiting for our friends to arrive

Dean and Cheri from Travels with Bentley live less than an hour from here in Kansas so it was the perfect opportunity to see them before moving on. We discovered that they were not traveling south this year either with so much going on in their lives. They are busy people! 😊

A great picture if I do say so myself

We sat outside for a while until the chill got to us and we moved into the Suite. Gibbs was a little rascal and wouldn’t leave Cheri, especially, alone. I felt bad and we were constantly at him but she was a real trooper, understanding that he is a pup. It was around 5 when I snapped a selfie of the 5 of us and after a lovely visit, they headed home. Bill and I had already decided to go back to the Cherokee Casino for supper so we gave Gibbs a treat and drove down the road.

It was a calm night although chilly outside. I’d caught a beautiful sunset as our friends were leaving and it was even brighter pink when we left the park. 

The Maitre D told us there would be a 30-minute wait or we could sit on the bar side, there was a high table available. That’s what we did! Tonight’s meal was even better, by far, than last nights. I had the chicken quesadilla and a margarita and Bill had the build your own burger with fries and a rum and Pepsi. We both oohed and aahed throughout the meal.

We didn’t play the slots and our whole bill was under $30 so we were thrilled with the outing. I’m such a cheap date because when we got home, that meal and one drink did me in for the night. We sat up until 9 watching the movie Wild Hogs. It always gives us a laugh and we enjoy the antics. This was a great day for our last one here. 

I could eat this again and again

Tomorrow, we’ll move on a bit further west and a bit further south. Our destination is too far for one day’s driving, trying to rein ourselves in to 250 miles or less per day. 😊

Bill's burger and fries
Good night!

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  1. So why is "Bighorn" on the trailer behind you reversed in your perfect group portrait picture? Or is that just my dyslexia kicking in? eb dluoC.

  2. Great picture of the 4 of you. We have always enjoyed delicious meals at the casinos. Elva

  3. I just think it is wonderful that you have friends along the way to visit with. Not only does it break up the trip but it gives you an opportunity to catch up with them after such a long time away.

    Lovely photo of the group. And may I say that quesadilla looks delicious!

  4. Your meal looks wonderful!!!

    How lovely that you have friends to visit with on your travels.

    God bless.

  5. That is a cool bench you and Gibbs were sitting on. Nice to have a visit along your travels.