Thursday, November 4, 2021

A Calm Day, More Puttering/Packing

The Ridge

On Thursday, Nov. 4th after his initial ‘outing’, we managed to keep Gibbs in bed until almost 8 o’clock. There was no early agenda today, really nothing timed at all. That’s kind of nice too. No additional precipitation overnight but the occasional light flurries through the day. It was calm, no real wind to speak of so it was a good day for Bill to be outside doing the ‘last minutes’. It was quite a different morning from what we've woken up to the last two days!

Bundled up against the cold -2C/28F
Bill checks the tires and batteries, tests the generator
and brings in the flag pole (for starters)

The tires on the Suite got checked and topped up where necessary. She has sat all summer so some badly needed it. Bill also took his flag pole down and went about the arduous task of packing our ‘basement’. Everything in its place and he has been a bit concerned about how things were going to fit. I’m never too worried, he always manages to make it work. Sometimes when we get down to Arizona, he rearranges depending on how easy it is to get things out and back in again. 😊

Inside, Gibbs waits for Daddy

Other than keeping Gibbs entertained, in and out, I didn’t venture outdoors too often. I did let him run with his leash while I scraped and swept our ‘new’ stoop and shook the two mats off and set them out to start drying. Only one will go with us, the outside door mat will go in the Bunky. Bill also looked after closing up his cargo trailer and the Hangar for the last time, leaving nothing major for tomorrow.

Walking down the lane and a view
of the stone house in the clouds

Bill had a couple of phone calls to make (Gibbs is not helpful in this regard) so I took him for a nice long walk, down the lane, North Line and Baptist Church Road. With the heat of the sun, it was quite a nice day for a jaunt.

With leaves off the trees, our home is quite visible from
the road
Time to move! πŸ˜€

We had bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch and then I got my dust mitt out to take care of that job. Most of the woodwork got wiped down, including the leather sofa and I washed our grimy looking mirrored closet doors. When we heard a tap, tap on the door, we were pleasantly surprised to see Jamie. He said he would connect with me before we left and pay me for last month but I honestly didn’t know how we’d make it happen. 😊

Gibbs was walking so well, we carried on down 
North Line and turned right at the corner

Aiming for a selfie without my tripod

We had a nice visit and then when he opened the door to leave, Gibbs slipped out without his leash. Crap! It is never easy catching him and I never thought to grab his treats for temptation. For approximately 10 minutes, Jamie and I tried every ‘coercement’ possible to try and grab hold of him. ‘fast little devil, isn’t he?’, Jamie remarked at one point. He was so patient but I felt bad for delaying his departure out the lane. Finally, we got him in the Suite with the enticement of a treat and my ‘boss’ was able to slip down the lane. Good grief!

On our return, again a zoom in from the road
Bill is packing up the basement

Inside, I finished with the closet doors and then got the vacuum, dust mop and wet mop system out of the hall closet. As I went along, I packed up the knick knacks on the table, entertainment centre and dresser. Bill slept through it all and Gibbs felt quite protected from those scary floor things by sitting on his lap. Even a dust mop has him running at it, around it and away from it. It’s quite hilarious what gets him going. When I finished, Gibbs had rung the bell so we went for a walk down the lane to check the mail.

The infamous 'bed bone'

I had my afternoon tea around 4 and then began making meat loaf for supper. Bill’s favourite. We have two potatoes to eat up and some onion as well. Neither are on the list for acceptable border crossing so we never take chances anymore. Gibbs has what we call his ‘bed bone’ that came with his new bed, way back when. For a long time, he never chewed it in a way that it split open but as he grew, he was rougher with it and it has split apart, revealing that green fibrefill inside. Which he likes to eat, of course.

I’ve stitched it up once after taking it away for a couple of weeks. He has now opened it again so rather than throw it out (it is like a soother at bed time – “where’s your bed bone?”) I pulled all the fibrefill out and stuffed an old pair of my ankle socks inside. At least, that is something he can’t swallow easily once he gets into it. Right now, he is the poster boy of innocence as he sleeps on the sofa, hard to believe he could ever do the things we witness! 😊

Innocent, yes?

It was certainly a different day out there
This view is out our tv window

Supper was ready shortly after 6 and it was delicious. Nice to have leftovers again for tomorrow night. After dishes, we watched some tv and had a quiet evening. 

And the sun sets again
Somethings we can always count on

It will be bitter cold overnight, -5C/23F but the word is that we are expecting a slow warm up for the weekend and into next week. We’ll take it as it means a mittful of sunshine for our beginning travels. Fingers are crossed here and from a few friends and family that we’ll hear early word about Black Beauty being ready for us.

It was a yummy supper and we can finish
much of the leftovers tomorrow night
Good night!

Thank you for coming by for a visit!


  1. Do I understand that you've only got two days left!?

    1. Yes we are leaving the Ridge Saturday morning IF we get the truck back today. Leaving London on Monday morning to cross.

  2. Gibbs is sweet. Our little girl Fergie is blind and deaf but still healthy. The weather here is nice for the next week. Great for traveling.

  3. I took all the stuffing out of my Princess Pup toys and replaced it with newspaper. If she does get them torn again there is no choking hazard. (My friends dog had to have emergency surgery after eating a sock)

  4. Gibbs has already torn it apart again so he won't get it back. Little devils.

  5. I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday (except on FB) but Love, Love your hair!! That first picture it looks like Gibbs is posing! Nice Jamie came by and paid you..fresh cash for the trip! Hoping BB comes back early and you can get out when you want to! What time is the wedding? Looking forward to pics!

    1. ah thank you Shirley. It is unusual for me to have body in my flat hair so I'm rather enjoying it too! ♥
      Gibbs is a poser for sure. :) I'll get the cash in the bank and can transfer it to U.S. whenever I need some Ross or Marshall shopping $$. 😍😍
      Thank you for the wishes from your end. The wedding is at 2, cocktails at 5, reception at 6. Looking forward to a lovely time so I hope things work out and we don't have anything to fret about aka Gibbs back home with D & G etc.

  6. Cooper was always (and still is) a runner. I finally figured out the thing to do is call his name and get him looking at you, then run for the house. Cooper followed every time when he thought I was leaving him instead of playing the chase game. I'm glad to see little to no snow!!! Have fun at the wedding!!

    1. Gibbs doesn't fall for that. I sure tried and never chased him once. The little bum. Finally, he followed Jamie to the trailer. I should have had a treat but I didn't. :)
      Thank you, we will!

  7. Soon it will be "On the road again" for you. Have a wonderful journey and I can hardly wait to read about your travels.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie! Looking forward to having you come along! :)