Monday, November 29, 2021

A Busy Day Filled with Good Stuff, Quail!!

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ

 We were up on Monday, Nov. 29th later than normal. That was the late night last night, as after we got home from the campfire, we watched a movie until 11. So, at 7:30 we dragged ourselves up out of bed. Me, dragging more than Bill. 😊 I’m not ashamed to say that I need my 8 ½ to 9 hours to be able to ‘bounce’ out of bed in the morning. Well, bounce was a bit of an exaggeration. LOL

In town, we went to Jim's shop

I had a blog to finish so I did that while letting the sun come up and charge up the batteries a bit. Gibbs and I went out after he’d eaten his breakfast and we saw Gayle coming back from her 50-minute walk. Good for her! She told me yesterday that she hadn’t quite got into the routine yet so I’m happy she has started. Us Snelgrove girls do like to walk!

They have lovely cactus gardens

Inside, I had my tea and we each had a shower. Before we hook up in the morning, Bill likes to fill the truck up so we took a jaunt into town. I’d seen an easier harness for dogs and one that wouldn’t be as hot on Gibbs so we stopped there to pick one up for his size. Getting it adjusted perfectly for a good fit is always a challenge with a squirmy pup but we’ll get it right after a few tries.

My first sighting - yay!
They're adorable

We found Jim’s RC planes shop on a back street that I can’t name and Bill went in to get a prop for the plane that did a nose dive. While he was inside, I heard a familiar noise and got all excited. I know what that is!! I was out of the truck with my phone camera all ready to go when I saw them. At least 25 Gamble quails were scampering all around the gardens, chattering to each other. My first sighting of them is always the best but I never tire of seeing them.

                                                            If you've never seen a quail

                                                            This is your sneak preview. ♥

Back home, it was noon hour so I made bacon and eggs for lunch. Our supper would be simple so this was good to have in our tummies. 😊 

this picture shows old vs new of rv's

After dishes, Bill snoozed and I wandered over to Gayle’s patio and she and I had another game of Cribbage. John was watching the football game inside and Gibbs was inside with Bill. It was fun and now after a taste of it, I’ll miss having her to play games with.

Gayle won this on by a mere 2 points
Now we're even

I had texted Lorne about maybe hitching a ride in his bright yellow Jeep, just for fun. I figured this could be my only chance to do that and he had kind of offered. After I hinted. 😊 Around 2:30, he pulled up and I hopped in. 

the windshield says OffRoad so that's where we went

The mountain base was our goal

Someone's gold claim

It was a hoot and I wasn’t even worried about where we were going because I knew he did. Hah! That was when he told me that he had no clue either, twisting and turning this way and that, over this wash, these rocks, bushes. It was only when the Jeep stalled that my mind went into freak-out mode for a few seconds. How far back is it??

Lots of cholla cacti out there but many
are trying to recoup from the winter

I was setting up the selfie on my phone
I'd say we found the King of the..........mountain? 😂

My pictures we slightly washed out but here we are
My tour guide and I at the  base of the mountain
and the yellow Jeep

Fun times, thank you Lorne for that experience. Back home, Bill drove Gibbs and I over to Lorne and Sue’s site just so Sue could say goodbye………….to Gibbs. 💕 (well, us too). Then, we relaxed together here at the Suite. Gibbs and I sat outside in the half shade and just watched the world go by on a quiet afternoon. Bill sat inside and read his book and the melancholy hit me that we were not only leaving Quartzsite for a bit but also our family and friends.

A Jeep with a/c

A fun ride and hopefully, down the road, there will be another

We’d not be seeing Gayle and John again this winter unless their plans jiggled. We’ll be back in January but they’ll be gone. For supper, we had toasted blt’s without the bacon tonight. Instead, we added cheese with, of course, my olives on the side. They were quite yummy! Tonight, is our best tv night but we’ve been invited to watch Nomadland at Judy and Gary’s site with Gayle and John. Bill has the pvr set up to record what is most important so we won’t miss anything. 😊

With most stuff put away, it was peaceful just
sitting out with my little guy

He likes the shade

He did dishes and I worked on my blog. It still may not get done tonight. We’ll see. The movie was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! It wasn’t probably as close to reality as the book was but it was entertaining, and other than 2 of the main characters, everyone played themselves. I like that. If you boondock at all, especially here in the Quartzsite area, I recommend taking the time to rent it. Gary and Judy have a great set up over there with a private patio setting and with their propane fire pit and tv, it was cozy and warm.

Easy, tasty supper

We were home before 9 and I planned on staying up until 10, if I could. It was a busy but wonderful day! Our last one here for a while but we are looking forward to going to a nice new rv park tomorrow and meeting up with our friends from Illinois.

Movie night was awesome!
Thanks Gary and Judy! ♥
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always a joy to read.


  1. I'm glad your time there lived up to your expectations, but knowing y'all all your stops will be great fun and you will see many friends I'm sure.

  2. I like the halter much better than the collar for Gibbs. The perfect purchase. Don't you just love the sound of quail?? They are so darn cute!! Always sad to leave friends and family, but more adventures await.

  3. Nice set-up to watch the movie! Safe travels.

  4. Sounds like an awesome day once again! I like the halter too. The little movie theater looks like a great place to hang out for a movie!! Can't wait to see where you end up today :)

  5. Sounds like you had a fun day. We watched Nomadland a few months back and it was fun to watch. Always fun to spot the quail or a roadrunner; even more fun when you get the picture.

  6. Lol. Guess what I watched last night? Nomadland! Elva

  7. Nice set up to watch the movie, but where is the popcorn.

    God bless.

  8. My, the friends you have! Couldn't keep up with all the names. Fun day and evening by the sound of it.