Sunday, November 28, 2021

Again, I Can See Clearly! Lazy Day, Evening Fire

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ

On Saturday, Nov. 27th (wow, our time here is flying by!) I was up first with Gibbs at 7. Slept out so I took him out for his morning constitution. It was a calm morning and if the wind remained at bay, it would be a hot day. The forecast read 73F/23C. At home, that is a lovely warm day. Here, that is a lovely HOT day if there is no breeze. 😊

I was determined to clean these windows today
even though they'd be dirty after a few days

I haven’t been walking in the morning and since I was still in pj’s, I didn’t this morning either. We’ve got in the habit of waiting for our first coffee/tea until the sun is up and starts hitting our portable solar panel. The batteries drop overnight, since the sun is well gone by 5:30 and even if I don’t cook with power, the tv pulls them down to about 11.4 by early morning. So, I sat quietly downstairs and searched through my cupboard of books.

What a huge improvement with just water,
Norwex pads and little pressure

My unread novels are on the top shelf and Bill’s are on the bottom, after I’ve finished with them. He has a lot of catching up to do. This morning I chose an alternative to the mystery/detective stories. Pretense is by Lori Wick, whom I’m sure I’ve never read or heard of prior to picking this one up – somewhere. It looked and sounded interesting, so after my choice, I put the others back for next time.

bbq'd patties and scrambled eggs
for lunch

Bill took his coffee in a go-mug and drove to his Quartzsite flying field. I wasn’t sure if he’d be flying but he wanted to get reacquainted with the whole idea before we left. I didn’t expect to see him before noon at the very latest. After my tea, I left Gibbs inside and took my Norwex materials outside to wash the large back window and the ones surrounding the kitchen table. 😊

Just sitting outside with my book
and Gibbs running around eating stones LOL

Boy, did those pads look a mess when I finished! I should have taken a picture of the filth I’d removed, but instead, I was so pleased with the cleaning job that I took a picture of the window and then washed the pads and hung them to dry. As Gibbs and I sat outside in the sun, Gayle popped over to sit for a bit while John prepared breakfast. I’m glad she doesn’t mind coming here, it is more of a challenge taking Gibbs over there and although he gets excited to see them, he settles down eventually.

It is very peaceful and we are far enough away from the throughways and traffic

I forgot to mention that on Thursday night when Bill and the boys drove to the flying field, (which was a disappointment when no one was there on Thanksgiving), Gayle came over and her and I played a game of Cribbage. We’d not played for a long time since our hubby’s don’t play so it took a bit of re-learning to get the procedure down pat. It was fun and I’m glad she suggested it. We talked about how Mom and Daddy always seemed to have card games on the go.

I started this book today, it sounded
However, after 4 long chapters, I discovered it to be focused
a fair bit on God and the process of salvation
Not my cup of tea but I'm not saying others won't enjoy it
There are some pretty high ratings in Goodreads
just not from me

Bill returned around noon today so I lit the Weber and he cooked the sausage patties while I cooked scrambled eggs inside. We’re going to look for a small bbq compatible grill pan for the eggs too. I don’t know why I wasn’t that hungry; I’d just had yogourt at 8, but I seemed to be forcing the last few bites in, slipping a few pieces off my plate onto Bill’s. 😊 It tasted good though but I think I prefer the mini sausages.

My sweeties went for a walk with
Gibbs on the long rope so he could stretch his legs

After dishes, Bill went up for a snooze, I think he had another late night. He forgot his coffee mug and jacket at the field so we drove into town and first stopped there to get them. I wanted to check out the grocery store that Gayle mentioned yesterday so Bill parked in the busy lot of Coyote (yup, that’s the name of it) and I nipped inside. It was busy and mainly I only wanted eggs. You know that wouldn’t happen and I came out with tomatoes and some seedless grapes as well.

The sun slips behind the mountains in the blink of an eye
and I missed it tonight
but this is still beautiful

Before coming home, we popped into the Hardware/Grocery Store on Main St. Nothing we were looking for was in there so we came home. The rest of the day was reading outside for me and inside for Bill. It wasn’t really windy, just a slight breeze, and that sun was hot. I go a little crazy on my first opportunity to sun-sit on this journey so fully enjoyed it today again.

I never get tired of seeing the pink mountains
at night after the sun drops or in the morning when it pops up

Bill took Gibbs for a walk on his long leash, giving him the opportunity to run a bit and then we all came indoors just before 5. I had thin chicken breasts thawed for supper and leftover spaghetti (w/o meat) to warm up so something would work. A potato extra for Bill plus veggies. Doesn’t that sound delicious? 😊 Well, that was what we had and it filled our tummies and tasted just fine. Gayle informed me earlier that they were having a fire tonight so we popped over there for a bit.

A new creation with leftover spaghetti
Bill had chicken, potato and corn
Mine will be called Chicken Spaghetti
It was delicious

Judy and Gary were already there so we had a nice little catchup, laughs at John’s expense and a few great stories. It was 8:30 when we came back home. The propane fire was very nice but both Bill and I (plus I think the rest) were starting to feel the chill on our legs and backs. The Suite was very welcoming when we stepped into its natural 75F surroundings. We watched a pretty good Christmas Halllmark movie and I went to bed. Not sure when Bill came up.

This was another good day, they are stacking up just the way we like them, as busy or as calm as we like them to be.

Ending the evening with family and friends
around a campfire ♥
Such night owls we are, we'd pulled up stakes at 8:30.
Good night!

Thank you for your visit and patience with my late posts. 😊


  1. Don't worry about when you post, you're on vacation, right?

    The mountains are absolutely gorgeous, especially in the early morning and evening light. Enjoy!

  2. Those rocks must be mighty tasty!! My old New Years standby for years was pork spaghetti. Yup - pork cut up into small pieces and fried, then dumped into a pot of spaghetti. Pour into pan, smother with cheese and bake. Sounds awful but it was delicious, just like your chicken spaghetti.

  3. If they give out an award for green olives, you should receive it unanimously!

  4. The campfire looks nice...missing those. Gotta love those Norwex cloths!

  5. I just bet you enjoyed that campfire!!

    Lori Wick does write very religiously set novels. I have trouble getting into them.

    God bless.

  6. Looks like another great day there! We go from 20 degrees to 60+ in the afternoon. As soon as the sun starts to set, it gets cold! The campfire looks awesome. WOW! What a difference in your window!!