Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Warm Wednesday, A Good Book

Glen Rose, TX

On Wednesday, Nov. 17th Gibbs and I woke up a few minutes before 7. What a good little sleeper he is. After taking him out, we let Daddy sleep and sat downstairs where I was able to finish my J.P. book. As long as Bill was snoring off and on, Gibbs had no interest in bothering him. Once we heard sounds of him moving to wake up, about 45 minutes later, Gibbs went up to help. 😉

Gibbs watched the sun come up this morning
He had the best vantage point

I wasn't too put out and
let him use my shoulder for leverage

We had our morning drinks and then relaxed until around 11:30. I baked cinnamon buns for brunch and after dishes, we went outside to sit on the patio. 

I like the way the sun gradually lights up our home

It wasn’t long after that Bill got Gibbs' leash and we all went for a walk along the river bank. Were we ever surprised when Gibbs ran right into the water! He didn’t realize that it was as deep as it was and hopped out quickly. That was funny even though he was a bedraggled looking dog for a while. It was very hot and we were all panting when we got back.

Walking with my sweeties
Okay, I was tagging along behind

I told Bill this would make a great swing tree
Don't you agree?

Woops!! 'That's deep, Dad!'

More patio sitting but Gibbs wouldn’t relax when we were both outside with him. Once we came in and left him, he immediately seemed to calm down. I know that says we are doing something wrong but for the life of me, I’m not sure what. 

Where the water ends, used to be one of the three rivers
joining in

Bill had a late night so I assume that is why he went up to the bedroom around 1:30. Too hot up there for me so I caught up with our Book List, now that we are both reading, I need to stay on top of it. 😊

The park is quite full, a lot of rv's here near the back

Gibbs met a little friend
Part terrier and part poodle
Equally cute

After starting my blog post, I carried our two completed books over to the clubhouse to leave them for someone else. Yesterday, I found a Lee Child story of Jack Reacher and brought it home. I love the lending/borrowing libraries. Once more, the rest of our afternoon went along lazily. Both of us getting into some books, some tv and just plain nothing. Gibbs and I sat outside until the wind got almost unbearable. It was warm while cuddling together in our big chair.

As they walked away, I had to take this picture of
the dog
She reminds me of someone else, very much,
except for the long tail

We started preparing supper shortly after 5, getting prepped for our early meals in the desert. 😊 Bill barbecued short (?) pork ribs with a potato and inside I cooked corn, peas and fried some cauliflower rice. It was all very good and we only needed one of the ribs each, there was a lot of meat on them. We’ll have the other two another night. After dishes, Bill fed Gibbs and we folded our outdoor chairs up in case we get some dampness overnight. The temperature is dropping down to about 52F/12C.

A couple of good books

A good supper, our first barbecue since we left home

The evening was quiet, with some tv and some reading. My new book is by Catherine Cookson called The Tinker’s Girl. I’m almost 1/3 of the way into it already, it is that good. We’ve had a nice day here in the park. We get lots of invites to join crafts (today is was a cooking class for Chicken Enchiladas) and card games but so far it hasn’t tweaked our interests. Those are things we feel more comfortable joining with friends. Our ‘already’ friends. 😊

finally, I caught a sunset
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. A commenter asked about the name of our patio mat so we’re researching that. Bill thinks Sea Breeze but hang tight an we’ll confirm it asap.


  1. You guys are living the RV dream we all have, relaxing in the warm weather, reading a good book and a tasty BBQ for dinner. Hope to join that kind of lifestyle again soon as we are preparing for it. I think Gibbs loves the outdoors so much that when you are outside with him he wants you to go for walks and play with him.

    1. We are so grateful/blessed to be able to do this again this year. Who knew things could change so drastically to prevent people from doing this?
      Gibbs does love the outdoors but it's odd how he's better when we're not there.

  2. Picture of Gibbs in the water is adorable. Sounds like a nice easy going day with an awesome dinner at the end!

  3. Tough life you two are living! But Gibbs has certainly learned to behave.

    1. I know it's tough, but someone has to live it!
      Gibbs has come a long way for sure. ♥

  4. What gorgeous weather you are having. Gibbs looks like he is having lots of fun.

    God bless.

    1. We had 3 unusually hot days here, but now back to their normal. Which is still lovely! :) I think Gibbs is enjoying the life too.