Monday, November 15, 2021

Our Journey Continues, Warmer Weather Still 😊

Glen Rose, Texas

On Monday, Nov. 15th Gibbs woke us up at 6 for his piddle and then we all settled back in bed until 7. Another lovely sunrise so Gibbs and I left Bill in bed and went for a walk. There are so many smells out there! Not only smells, but Prairie dog burrows to stick a nose into. Don’t worry, I only let him sniff at the edges and pulled him away. 😊 They sure make a mess in the fields, such big holes.

A beautiful sunrise this morning

Don't fall in those holes, Gibbs!

There was a gusty wind and when we pulled out at 9:30, Bill said we were driving right into it. We caught US-81S, ignoring our gps units which wanted to take us back towards Oklahoma City on I-40. US-81 takes us further south, which is the way we’re headed. The sky is clear blue and it has already warmed up to 63F/17C. Bring it on!

A nice driving day

The cotton fields are showing up
on our journey

Not to mention the fun street names

Smooth highways today and at Chickasha we made the appropriate turns, staying on 81. At Waurika, OK we stopped for fuel, just to top up. Good thing we didn’t need a full tank as it was soooo slow. We were feeling our way, having some doubts as to the direction to follow after Bowie. We started to see prickly pear cactus along the route so that was very cool. We stopped in Bowie to get our bearings before we turned back onto US-81S/US-287S.

good highways today

In the town of Marlowe, OK, on US-81
we noticed all trees had their lower trunks painted white
Wrestlers paint them with a white lime paint to protect the trees
from the harsh Oklahoma weather
It is a community service to raise money for their Outlaw Wrestling program. 😄
It doesn't harm the trees and the white actually reflects the suns rays
Neat, huh?

Outside of the town, Bill pulled into a Picnic Area big enough for us to park and open slides. It was late but we made ourselves a sandwich anyway around 1:15. Since I’m cooking supper tonight, it can be as late as we want it to be. Gibbs got his first (of many, I’m sure) experience with a sticky burr in his paw. An easy fix and he was 100% again. He got a turkey bacon treat to help him get over it. 😊 He says,’ Thanks Dolly!’

A cross hanging from a crane near Fort Worth
No doubt it will be lit up at night

They are intimidating but
the overpasses in these large cities will
always leave me in awe when I think of their

Getting through Fort Worth was probably our biggest challenge so far but we made all the right turns when called for and arrived at Glen Rose, TX by 4:30. 

Once we did the beginning set ups, jacks down, slides opened and I replaced things inside to their proper places, it was hot enough for both of us to change into shorts and get our shoes and socks off. Bill finished outside with the barbecue set up, the mat, our chairs and began with the satellite.

This park offers me special places to walk
I can't wait!

I poured myself a beer margarita and he had a Zero Coke. We sat for a few minutes outside with Gibbs and there was a beautiful breeze to cool us down. Can’t even believe I’m saying that!! 😊 Bill worked away at the satellite set up and within 15 minutes, we’d met Jim, Gail and Doug. Such friendly people in this life. We were losing light so Bill was eventually left on his own to finish. Gibbs and I walked until I was needed inside to do my part. Yay! We have tv!

Gibbs keeps an eye on the neighbours dog
(who isn't on a leash)

Our site #79

Gibbs checks out the new bed Keith and Oreo gave him

For supper, I had Rosy air fry chicken thighs, a potato for Bill and vegetables for each of us. We also tried Krystal and Matt’s party favours from the wedding. Those little corn cobs are delicious! After dishes, we watched our tv programs (an hour earlier) and I worked on my blog. I’m sure Gibbs is wondering where the corral is, where’s the mailbox and the pond but we think he’ll adjust well after a few months of this. He was the best little passenger again today, we’re very proud of him.

But he wanted to check our my chair too

This was a longer day than we expected but it was a great day to travel and we reached our destination in another membership park. Tres Rios RV Resort is a beautiful place to hang out for 6 nights and the good news is that the pool is open and puzzle making is only a few steps from our site. 😊

I cooked tonight and it was very tasty
No tip had to be left either 😉
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Glad that you are all set up in such a nice park. We really liked it there too. I can't believe what a good boy Gibbs is. I'm enjoying seeing the sights as you go. Can't wait for the cactus pictures.

  2. I read something a couple days ago about you being the whole world to your puppy. They will be happy anywhere YOU are. Gibbs certainly looks happy in spite of all the new surroundings. Honestly, I have so much envy that you can actually cook something. I know your RV kitchen is larger than mine, but the fridge and freezer space is so minimal!! Not sure how I'm going to handle that. Maybe always order in pizza!!

  3. Great pictures today! Looks like a very busy park there! Nice to hear you talking about the pool being open, great temps! Your chairs look comfy. Dinner looks yummy, it's nice to eat out but after a few I crave homemade.

  4. I'll admit it, I'm envious that you've found the heat. The park sounds lovely with walking paths, a pool, and a place to do your puzzles.

    Gibbs is definitely a good pup. And cute to boot!

  5. Nice to have heat, if I want that I have to stay inside. Not that I am complaining much, things could be much worse.

    The park looks lovely and having a pool open is a big bonus.

    God bless.

  6. Can’t believe you’re in Texas already!