Saturday, November 20, 2021

Some People Leave Their Mark

Glen Rose, TX

On Saturday, Nov. 20th, Tres Rios RV Park staff were hosting a Thanksgiving luncheon for its campers. We were told of this on the first day we arrived by not one but two rv’ers. On our second day, I wandered up to the Office to check out the list of people who had signed up for the ‘potluck’ and see what I might feel comfortable bringing. Since then, we’ve both agreed (that was easy) that we’ve had our Thanksgiving, we don’t need to participate in another one.

First picture is of food
Omelette with olives in mine

With the luncheon taking place at noon (makes sense, huh?), I was in no rush to do laundry. I figured if I waited most campers would be preparing their food and going to the Palace building. We had omelettes for breakfast today, an earlier meal than usual, and then I walked my wheeled bag of 2 loads over to the ‘Laundromat’.  We didn’t have a lot in each load but it would be good to get it done.

What I didn’t expect was to discover that you don’t use coin here or a card. You need to download the CEC Laundry Pay app and load it with the $$ you need in order to use the machine. Everything is done on your phone. I wasn’t keen on it NOR was I completely understanding the process so was happy when another lady came in and between her and her daughter got me set up.

Gibbs stayed home with Daddy
while I dealt with all the laundry stuff
He has a huge chew toy that Daddy picked out for him

Unfortunately, as long as I had $$ on the app, I had to use a fingerprint or pin to get into my phone! That doesn’t make me happy even though it’s easy for me to get into, if Bill needed to……….duh. I’m hoping upon hope that other machines we encounter, like at Quail Ridge (our next park), will use the same system. It is in Arizona though so what are the chances? Needless to say, we have clean clothes put away in the closet etc.

Our neighbours beside us, are a younger couple with 2 twin girls, about 7 years old. They are adorable. He has been over a couple of times chatting with us, very curious about our lifestyle and about Canada in general. He is very nice and although we haven’t met his wife yet, have given him an RV card. So often, they are given out for naught, as we never hear from most, but sometimes, we do. 😊 We sat outside for a while, the day was a beaut, reaching 75F/24C by noon.

Where he barked when they came over
or when they played next door,
he eventually settled down quietly to just watch the
twins ♥

I’ve started reading a Louise Penny book called All the Devils Are Here. It features a familiar detective, Armand Gamache and as usual has caught me on the first page. Bill went up for a snooze around 2 but with the young girls next door and the barking dogs, Gibbs included, I don’t think that worked out very well. It was another moderately windy day so I didn’t stay out in the shade for long.

I copied a few Keto recipes from an email into my Word documents. They sounded easy and interesting so one day I’ll try them. How can it be wrong with pecans and chocolate? Later, Bill and I sat outside at the picnic table and by then his orange patio chair gave up the ghost. He took it apart as well, kept the ‘string’ that held the canvas in place and threw it in the dumpster. They have been used a lot, pretty much daily over the course of the last 5 years minus last winter. No complaints.

See how good I am, Mom?

Our big bear chairs, as I call them, are not as comfy on the butt as we thought they’d be but we’ll make do with them and maybe look for a flat cushion that will add padding. We’ll see. They are fun to sit in cross-ways though, like a big arm chair. 😊 They cost enough so we’ll keep them for as long as possible. Gibbs and I went for a walk before supper and he gained all kinds of oohs and aahs. He met a few doggies and was very good plus a nice man gave him a couple of treats. He did the perfect 'sit' without being asked. ♥

Our neighbours on the other side, an older couple, left around 9:30 or 10 for a funeral and when they hadn’t returned by the time we started supper at 5:30, we were getting concerned. She drives their truck because he has had back surgery. Another nice couple.  They have a wiener dog, who they had to leave behind and whom we’ve heard barking throughout the day, periodically. We couldn’t help ourselves but think of the worse case scenario and wondered about a plan of action, in case.

I remember these pretty ducks
from our last time here but I
couldn't get a good picture when Gibbs was with me

At a few minutes after 6, they drove up so I went out and said “it’s about time you children came home”. They got a kick out of that and informed us about the driving time to get to the funeral. It was indeed a long day and they thanked us for our concern and took the dog out. For the record, I believe the dog was giving them a piece of his mind too, from all the barking we heard! 😊 Bill barbecued burgers for supper and I opened a bag of Caesar salad. It was all very good.

Supper was good
I wasn't going to have the bun but those
Tailgater buns are so soft and delicious!

We cleaned up dishes and settled in for our last night. There are just a few things to put away in the morning and I have a book to drop off at the clubhouse. This was a great day and it has been an enjoyable 6 days here in the park.

We're moving on in the morning but there are some
nice days ahead for those who are staying
good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. What a nice day except for the wind I guess. Amazing the pay hoops some laundromats' put you through. Have a safe trip tomorrow.

  2. Wow have you been there for 6 days already, I feel like that went fast! I have not run across that laundry system yet.

  3. Quail Ridge is always a nice stop and we always enjoy our time there. I was not using our washer because of the leak in a pipe going into the grey water tank, hate to be the one to dash your hopes...they are still using coins to wash and dry. Safe travel days as you make your way further west.

  4. It does seem surprising that 6 days have passed already. That's such a nice park. Gibbs sure is curious and is cute with his back legs stretched out. Safe trip tomorrow!

  5. Have a safe journey today. I hope you get into even nicer weather.

    God bless.

  6. Oh the joys of a busy park! We call Colorado the dog state as it seems everyone there has at least 2 or 3, lol. But barking aside, they do keep people safe from bears and hoodlums so I guess we'll let a little barking slide. Glad you got the rest you were wanting and the weather looks on par with us here in North Florida. which is about perfect!

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is a busy park and keeping Gibbs settled enough to not bark at ALL that is going on is a full time job! Not really but get the drift. :)

  7. I was wondering about those ducks and Gibbs!!! Dinner looks yummy. Yes, time flies when you are having fun in a sunny place!!

    1. I think he remembered the sounds from the Ridge. Now squirrels! He hasn't seen any before, just Chippy so he chased a couple up the trees as fast as he could drag me! haha

  8. Safe travels! Those temperatures look very nice to me. It was -16C this morning here when I went out to feed the birds.

    That burger looks very tasty!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Brrrr, I'm very happy with our temperatures!! haha

  9. I love the picture of Gibbs watching the girls play. The weather there is pretty much the same as here. Except we are cold! Have a nice drive. Elva

    1. I do too, he was such a gentleman. :)
      I bet you feel cold. No. 1, there is nothing to you and No. 2, you are used to heat heat heat. :)
      Thank you Elva. ♥

  10. I look at that temperature and feel jealous!