Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Crossing Things off the List, Black Beauty, Visit with the Wee Ones

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Nov. 2nd it was a strange wake up. I first opened my eyes and I read 4:45 am. on the clock on our dresser. I couldn’t really drop off again, my mind was reeling and running through things ahead of us. Next time, I looked, I couldn’t see the clock, it was pitch black in the room and no reflection from the fireplace downstairs. The bathroom night light was on and my Fitbit showed 6:04. When Bill woke up at 6:30, he said he’d heard a beep earlier but didn’t clue in to what it was.

Gibbs and I were stopped in our tracks
this morning

The power went out at 6 and didn’t come back on until 9. Our inverter took care of things but a couple of things were delayed because of the outage. Bill had a haircut booked down the road for 9:30 and it got changed to 10. I knew he wanted to get into town for 8 o’clock and get a propane tank filled. We are eating it like it is going out of style, not surprising with these temperatures. That was delayed as well since Durham had no power either until 9.

White water, Mom! 👌

The shock of the day was when I took Gibbs out at 6:30, the white terrain stopped both of us in our tracks. Gibbs had never seen the white stuff so once he stepped onto it, he fell in love. White water! He just wanted to go to play after that but our day was too busy, again, to allow him to run free. And it was cold! Thank goodness, this is the first we’ve seen it and hopefully it won’t last.


He looks handsome! ♥
(even though his lovely curls are gone)

After he returned, I went with him to meet Bonnie and discuss my appointment for tomorrow. I was asked by M if I could possibly pick him up from dropping his car off at Tony’s after our appointment so leaving Bill at the Ridge, I went off to do that. Back home, we had a bite to eat for lunch and drove to Stratford for a pre-planned visit with our youngest daughter. It will be the last time we see the little ones before they move out west.

Within mere minutes, it could and did change

It was a short but sweet hour with Jess, Easton and Hadley. Those grandbabies sure grow up fast. There will have to be lots of facetime chats so we aren’t shocked when we see them next. Whenever that will be. 

Easton being funny with one of Hadley's soothers

A proud Mama 💖

We travelled through every kind of weather during the hour and a half drive, with the exception of summer, but the sky changed from blue to white fluffy then black menacing clouds, rain and even a snow blizzard a couple of times. Blech!

a proud Grandpa 💓💕

We got a call on our way to Stratford that Black Beauty was ready for pick up so we wanted to be home before they closed at 5 if possible. It was more than we expected but we had the front brake pads, vacuum pump, drive belt replaced and the oil change. She’s ready to roll! 😊 I left Bill at the shop to pay the bill and scooted home to Gibbs in Ptooties. He had been alone for 4 ½ hours and was quite happy to see me. The snow was mostly gone by then but he managed to find patches to eat on our walk down the lane.

We had a quiet rest of the evening with halibut and chips for Bill and halibut and squash for me. We finished the last of the Hallowe’en cake and cleaned up dishes. The snow didn’t give us a break, it continued throughout the evening. This was not in our plan but there goes that Jello again when you least expect it. The highlight of our night was when our Albertan friends, Dave and Cheryl, called.

No wonder we don't see the geese up our way anymore

We had a great chit chat with them catching up on theirs and our news. Sadly, they don’t have a plan (yet!) to go south this winter so another couple of dear friends who we will miss seeing. We watched The Voice and Gibbs and I went up to bed at 10 to watch a bit of vet tv before I fell asleep. This was a busy but pleasing day. We’re so glad to have seen Easton and Hadley and get some precious hugs and giggles.

a tasty meal for supper
I LOVE my Unico olives!
thanks Costco

Thank you for stopping into out snowy Ridge today. Comments are always welcome!


  1. Snow!!! Yikes! Definitely time to hit the road. I'm cold just looking at your pictures!!

  2. Oh my, snow! It seems odd to me that you'd be getting the snow while we have yet to see any. It's cold this morning -9C when I went out to feed the birds but it's supposed to warm up nicely later today. Next week though - that's another story.

    Easton and Hadley are adorable, glad you had a chance to visit. Perhaps you'll have to travel home via their new home next spring.

    1. Yes, it's ridiculous! Maybe -9 is too cold for snow, we find around the -1C is where the clouds open up.
      We have often thought of coming home that way but the route is not pleasant in March or earlier. Not pulling a big rv at least.

  3. No snow here in Yuma, beautiful weather. I know you are excited to be back in the US for the winter.

  4. You certainly did get snow. What a difference a day makes weather wise. Bill looks great in his new haircut and I can't wait to see your new hairdo. So cute that Gibbs loves his first snow.

    1. Dumped on two days so far. Yeuch.
      Thank you, Gibbs is a snow bunny for sure!

  5. Snow came early this year for you two. Wrote to Ken this morning and unfortunately they will not be coming either. Enjoy your last week.

    1. Too early, right?? Yes, we're sad they aren't going south this year. :(

  6. Where"out west" is your daughter moving? -Mary