Friday, November 26, 2021

A Pretty Normal Day, Finding the Stinger ‘B’, Gringo’s

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ

So, on Friday, Nov. 26th we were up around 7, taking turns in the shower right away. With that out of the way, we turned the Keurig on for our coffee and tea. The first priority was to get propane so after getting washed up, we loaded in the truck and drove to town. Seeing the familiar places felt pretty good, we do enjoy it here.

The sunrises over John's Ford

RV Pit Stop is where we get our propane and they are always very friendly. No different today. It was warming up quite nicely, already 64F/18C by 11 am so we were in for a hot day. After filling the tank, we drove by American Trails RV Park, which is where we plan on staying in February. Before heading home, we drove past La Posa South to find RoadRunner BLM.

I had to share these pictures of Gibbs
sitting behind me on my chair - side view

From the top πŸ’“

We’d never been in there before so took a stab by turning into La Posa Tyson Wash LTVA in the hopes we’d locate the bright Stinger ‘B’. In a round about way, I spotted Deb and Tom’s rv to our right and we followed the road to their site. There’s no mistaking their ‘home’ and it was a nice morning surprise for them and great for us to get our UP hugs. 😊

Not to be left out, it's Daddy's turn

Is he needy or does he just think his parents are? 

They were getting ready to pull out and come to La Posa South so we didn’t stay long and left with a promise to see them soon. Slowly, some of our friends are coming together even if it is only for brief periods of time. Back home, we had bacon and eggs for lunch and even though I’d planned to wash the back window of the Suite, other things took precedence. My book and the sun were calling my name.

After dishes, Bill had a snooze and Gibbs and I went out to the patio. I was in heaven. Gayle and John left for town to do laundry and I was almost finished my book by the time they’d returned. Gibbs was pretty good out there, with some grumbles and barks but mostly good behaviour. He likes to find stones, big and small, to crunch on so it keeps us busy, keeping that from happening and/or fishing them out of his mouth. :0

By 5 o’clock, the 4 of us were on our way to Quartzsite to have supper at Gringo’s. Lorne and Sue had told us about an entertainer there on Tuesday and Friday but unfortunately, the turnout on Tuesday was not enough to warrant him to return tonight. Oh well, maybe in January. We went mostly for the night off from cooking and for the good food. Tom and Deb were joining us so they met us there. 😊

I'm going to call this Keith's mountain
I can't look at it without thinking of him
It is the one he and Oreo trailed in 2020

I was about to text Deb when I spotted the yellow
off in the distance

Enjoying the afternoon sun

And when Bill went in, Gibbs claimed the chair 
for a while ♥

It was and enjoyable evening. Bill and I had fish and chips while the others mixed it up with fish tacos and chimichangas. Everyone left with full tummies and satisfied palates.

a good supper, there are a few appealing choices
for our next visit(s)

Gringo's is temporarily set up here for the winter
But moves around in Billings, Montana for the summer months

We were home by 7 and I changed into my pj’s. I hadn’t written anything on my blog yet so sat and got it written. I downloaded pictures with a cup of hot honey water at my side. It’s actually turmeric honey and I’ve grown fond of a nice hot drink with it every so often.

A nice dinner with family and friends
Good night

This has been a great day. I got some sun and really got the best of the day. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Sorry Dan wasn't there but the food looked good. We were thinking about joining you there but things didn't work out.

    1. I'm sure it has to be worth Dan's time in making that decision.
      It was good food indeed for the right price.

  2. It's great that you can meet up with friends you've met other years on your travels. The fish and chips look yummy!

  3. One of these days when I make it down there, you will have to show me around. I've always stayed out at MM96, or something like that. Hopefully I'll see you in January. As with MY kid, they do love the attention. As soon as I get up, he curls up in my spot. Just like Gibbs and that chair! LOL

  4. MM 99 is kind of where Roadrunner blm is, down the other road, which is why we missed the entrance. We better see you in January!🀞
    I think that is partly why Gibbs gets into trouble, he wants our attention 24/7.

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  6. It must get cool in the evenings as I see jackets in that last photo. It's all relative right?

    Gibbs is certainly attached, but I think that's a good thing. He knows his pack.

    1. It does drop down here at night. We forget after such hot days that it is still winter. The low temps hover between 40F and 50F most nights. :) It surprised us our first year but we're prepared for that now.
      Gibbs is definitely our baby. ♥

  7. It truly was a great surprise to see you guys pull up yesterday glad you found us.
    It was an enjoyable evening and the food was good, thanks for asking us to tag along.

    1. Always great to connect with you guys and other friends. It has just begun! Yay!

  8. Looks wonderful! When it starts getting cold here (very mild days so far) I will be envious. Enjoy that sun!