Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Heat is On and We're Enjoying It

 Tres Rios RV Resort, Glen Rose, TX

Tuesday, Nov. 16th I was the first one up because Gibbs sensed my movement and came up with a kiss. 😊 I slipped into lunge pants and took him out for his first piddle and poop. What a greeting when I opened the door! It was so warm! We went back upstairs but since it was 7, I got dressed. I’d thought about a walk but made my tea instead and sat downstairs for a while. Bill joined me soon after.

We started out with some clouds this morning

The clouds were quite prominent first thing but by 9 they had cleared out of the area. We agreed to try and get on track with our eating, little by little, to skip the cereal and hold out for a decent brunch instead. I sat outside with Gibbs for a while and was impressed by how he behaved while other dogs and their owners walked by. A little admonishment was all that was required.

But it didn't take long to clear out

My orange patio chair has given up the ghost so we got out our 2020 Christmas gifts, the big bear chairs. 😊 I refused Gibbs a seat on my lap, hoping the little blue stool will be his ‘go to’ chair when outdoors. He seems to like it but he’s so involved in keeping security that he is on and off a lot right now. I don’t know what we’d do without his patrolling!

Our security dog

I brought him inside with Bill after an early coffee and took myself for a walk around the park. Time to check out the clubhouse, the ‘Palace’ rooms and the Lone Star Lodge near the back of the park. I also checked out the pool, which sadly is closed for the season?? Anyway, I walked in on the 10:00 am craft session but didn’t join although I was encouraged by the 8 ladies. Maybe another day.

Inside this morning, I had longer hair
Wait a minute, that's someone's tail!

We were informed of a Thanksgiving potluck on Saturday so I wandered up to the Office to see what was expected. Bill and I don’t like potlucks at campgrounds, plain and simple, even less when we’re with people we don’t know from Adam, BUT the list left it up to us what we wanted to bring which is better than being told ‘salad’, ‘dessert’, ‘potato dish’ etc. At home with family, I don’t mind it as much. 😊

Bill trying to get the material off
At the end of the day, he decided it would go to the garbage after all

We had bacon and eggs at noon and that should get us through until supper. Bill went out to retrieve the canvas on my broken chair since there is nothing wrong with it. It may end up being garbage too but for now………we’ll keep it. 

Still watching

The day had warmed up to 79F/26C by noon hour so that pool would have been a real treat for this gal! Once the sun moves further west, it will be lovely sitting on our shaded patio with a breeze. Can you believe I’m saying that??

Walking down to the river
One of the Tres Rios

We talked about whether we wanted to gadabout, the stockyards being one thing, and we may head into Glen Rose one day for shopping and perhaps Stephenville to their Hometown Antique Mall or Cowboy Walk of Fame. The stockyards are an hour’s drive back to Fort Worth which would likely mean being away from Gibbs for at minimum 5 hours. We ruled that out this time although it would provide a lot of things to do. Another trip.

It was pretty down along the water

Tomorrow, I'll check out the end of the stream
It is definitely shallow along here

I joined the boys on the patio, watching Bill work. It’s what I’m quite good at! 😊 He finished with the chair and then worked on the barbecue getting it working like new again. Good thing, we’ll need it soon. Gibbs and I went for a walk along the river/creek and it was almost too much for our furry little guy. He was pretty happy to be back home for a good long drink. Funny, at home, he tries to get to the water of the pond. Here, he wouldn’t get close enough to get a drink from the clear water.

Good books for both of us
it was nice to chill out this afternoon

The rest of the afternoon, Bill and I sat with our books. He finished his and I got pretty close. Gibbs was out with us the whole time and although he was somewhat of a nuisance when neighbours went about their business, he wasn’t terrible. It seemed like we said ‘stop barking’ a whole lot. At 4:30, the winds had us coming indoors, it has been quite strong all day long. With the heat, it did feel pretty nice though.

nice pool, too bad about the closure

Sometimes, Mr. Security took time out for play

For supper, I heated up a pot of chili and we had it on toast. It has been thawed for a few days so I wanted to start eating it. I cooked some mixed veggies and reheated the corned beef that was leftover from a casino night. I threw the rye bread out. Gibbs had his supper and we stepped out into the light from our outdoor light so he could do his business. It is a lovely mild evening. 😊

A filling meal and some fridge items
cleaned up

This was a good day and we watched some programs on our PVR and recorded others before calling it a night. I’d snoozed in my chair when we came in from outside, but I still know I’ll sleep well tonight.

This might be my favourite picture of the day
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. That Gibbs is great at his job. Good to you two enjoying warm weather. 😊

  2. Hi Patsy, Glad you were able to cross over, enjoy the heat !
    What is the name of your patio rug? Thanks from NC

    1. Hi Cheryl. Thank you for your comment.
      We love our mat it never lifts in the wind, ever, without being held down.
      Bill thinks the mat is called Sea Breeze, a Canadian company he will get the name for sure. We bought it at our dealer, CanAm in 2016.

  3. I love the upside down photo of Gibbs...he looks to be smiling. :)

    After today's weather, I'm even more envious of your travels. It was windy as all get out this morning, and the snow started just after lunch. Roads are closed in and out of the city. And the streets in the city are icy under the layer of new snow. Enjoy your heat!

    1. I agree, that is a cute picture of him.
      Thank you, we are sorry to hear about your snow but it confirms why we left when we did. Stay safe and well.

  4. Looks like you found a beautiful place to enjoy the warmth. Gibbs seems to be enjoying himself, too. Take care.

    1. Yes i think this heat is hotter than normal at this time as it drops a bit over the next days. We got here at a great time!

  5. Weather looks great. Too bad about the pool but maybe another time. Gibbs is a character and I am sure he is settling into the nomadic lifestyle a little better each day. Keep soaking up that sun, I can almost feel it from your photos and words!

    1. We're blessed with the weather for sure. It will cool down a bit tomorrow but it's still lovely here.

  6. Enjoy the warm weather, but it is too bad the pool isn't open.

    1. Thanks. This heat is unusual for this time of year, i guess, maybe that is why the pool is closed.

  7. Great security dog!!! I have the same problem. Every car that passes by the house, Cooper now barks. I use the SHUUSSSHHHH method and it seems to work. Dinner looks awesome. What a beautiful campground.

  8. How lovely that you are in nice warm weather now.

    Gibbs will soon learn not to bark at everyone who is minding their own business.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie for both parts of your comments. We're loving the heat and feeling hopeful for Gibbs. :)

  9. I'm beginning to get jealous you know!