Sunday, November 14, 2021

A Moving Day, Another Casino – This one a Favourite

Lucky Star Casino, El Reno, OK

On Sunday, Nov. 14th we were up by 7:30. Today was a moving day but there was no rush to leave before 9. We took our time; Bill rearranged some things in the back of the truck and we were pulling out by 9:30. Travelling approximately 225 miles today will take us about 5 hours with the fuel and rest stops, plus we are avoiding the Will Rogers Turnpike on I-44. 😊

There were a few waterways like this one on our drive
It is obvious Oklahoma needs rain 😒

Unfortunately, that meant for us, we travelled on I-69S which in some spots were terrible. I did a whole lot of cringing, afraid of what we’d find when we stopped. Eventually, we got onto I-40W and travelled it for over 100 miles. The temperature when we left Eagle’s Landing was a mild 52F/12C and just got better as the day progressed. The sky is mostly blue with wispy clouds doing their best to cover it.

We see this castle every time we come this way
it's so cool, I take a picture every time

There is another Muskogee castle
on the street behind this
the newer one is for events and banquets
(oh, and spooky parties on Hallowe'en)

Around 11:15, we stopped at a QT in Muskogee for fuel. We didn’t need a lot but wanted to top up while the price was decent at $3.22/gal. We didn’t stop for lunch today; I hadn’t made sandwiches but after our breakfast at 8:00 we were good with a couple of cereal bars and our thermos of coffee.

Backwards because it is taken as a selfie,
Gibbs sleeps 95% of the trip
such a good little traveller

It was clear sailing on I-40W and the roads were good so we decided not to worry about the bypass around Oklahoma City. It was busy enough for a Sunday but easy to get through.

At Gander RV, they have a huge
Old Glory flag
Thought of you, Shirley

There were a lot of cool things today on the drive

Bill had to weave our large load
through a few construction areas today
Good thing it was Sunday, no workers on site

We stopped 10 miles shy of our destination of El Reno so we could take a piddle break – for all of us. I was almost at the point of tying my legs together! Hahaha Too much information, I know.  

Lucky Star Casino, north of El Reno is a free spot where rv’ers can stay for up to 5 night with full hookups. I found it our first year on the trip home, I think, on I love this site, it has given us an answer of where to stop many times.

the painted pavement is one thing
I like about travelling in the U.S.
It sure helps prevent some confusion

The 850' tall Devon Tower is the 10th tallest building
west of the Mississippi
Each floor has 144 exterior panels

Oh gosh, another casino meant another meal out! What ever am I going to do if I don’t have to cook? We like to give them our business when they let us stay here like this and we've never been disappointed with their food or service. We unhooked and set up the electrical but didn’t need the water or dump access tonight. It was 3 pm when we arrived and 62F/17C. The sky is clear and the sun is warm. Bill had a wee snooze, I rested, Gibbs rang the bell at lot and then Bill drove across the street to fuel up for tomorrow’s drive. 😊

If you've travelled through Oklahoma City,
you will recognize the Skydance Bridge artwork

We parked at the very back of a Pilot truck stop
and I got my exercise walking up to use their washroom

A cool water tower

For supper, we walked into the Rez and I had the Philly Cheesesteak and fries. Bill ordered the Triple Decker Club with fries. I’ve never seen such a huge sandwich!! Our server said it was their biggest. Both meals were delicious and for $24, we had no complaints. Let’s play some slots! Our maximum is $20 each and for 15 minutes we had fun with our cash. I cashed out with $23.92, $3.92 ahead of the game. Ha ha! Big spender!

Our site at Lucky Star Casino
Woops, that's two sites!
there were only 3 rv's today

In this picture you can see how close (yet far enough)
we are to the Casino and restaurant

Bill's food isn't green (except the pickle)
We were seating under an interchangeable flourescent light 😂

I slipped the meat off the bun and ate it with a knife and fork
The fries were very good but only half of them got eaten
on both our plates

We walked back across the parking lot to Gibbs, who is always happy to see us. More old time tv for the evening and bedtime at a decent hour. Another great day ending with a great evening with my sweethearts. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I hear they got some snow back home so we’re sure happy to be where we are.

a beautiful sky tonight
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Good to see you guys moving along. I was thinking of you the other day when I was watching this thing on YouTube. Have you ever heard of chaffles, a keto thing that I think even Bill would love as the base is cheese and egg. You can use a bigger waffle maker to make these little things. I suggest you watch some YouTubes on these as I think you might get hooked. The little four inch chaffle maker is just over ten bucks.
    Here's one to get you started.

    1. Thanks Bob, I've never heard of them but will check it out. I'm always open to new keto foods especially if Bill would eat them. :)

  2. Here's another one that shows the simple starter one with just cheese and egg and more.


  3. It's nice to see you making good time in pleasant weather. What a wonderful traveler little Gibbs is!

  4. Patsy you notice your last picture looks like the face of a man blowing out the candle (light)? Very cool. Thanks for the picture of our beautiful flag :)) What a great drive you had beautiful pictures. I would do the same with your dinner too..looks yummy! Ken will order the club sandwich, but asks for only 2 pieces of bread instead of the 3..still huge and edible for him. :0 Enjoy the ride!

    1. Shirley, you are so observant!!! I never noticed that but once I found it, it is like that's why I took the picture, so visible! :) Thank you for pointing that out. ♥
      The sandwich was big but scrunched down after the first bite. Bill loves the bread so ate it all. Not all the fries though, he was full. :)

  5. When there was a mister around, we always split every meal. It was more than enough food at half the cost. I rather imagine Gibbs is happy to smell so many NEW smells!! Wish I had Bill's backing skills!!!!

    1. Bill isn't a 'splitter' - ha ha, likes his own meal. Maybe one day that will change.
      Plus, we both like different things so it likely wouldn't work out anyway! haha

    2. PS - Bill says the backing up skills comes from years of 'practice'. ♥

  6. Just curious why you went into Pilot for the washroom instead of using your own? I think its smart to stop before you get to your destination, so often I am jumping around trying to get us backed in fast so that I can go to the washroom. Yummy looking meals :-)

    1. Ha ha, we have to open two slides to get into the Suite bathroom. It isn't on the door side but up the stairs at the other side. :) Valid question though!

  7. Enjoy your nice warm trmperatures, and think of us!

  8. Can't tell you how many times we've cussed US69 in OK. Unfortunately, it's a road we've used many times and will again due to the location we are headed. Good info about the casino in El Reno. The food looked wonderful. I too had to go back and look at your picture after seeing Shirley's comment. What a great shot to catch that. Gibbs seems to be a great little traveler. I enjoyed the pictures and information along the way.