Tuesday, January 25, 2022

An Improvement in our View, Lazy Days, Too Impatient!

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az

On Tuesday, Jan. 25th Gibbs and I were up for our walk by 7:20. There was an increase in temperature from yesterday morning but there was also a wind from the southwest that cooled it down. You’d think there would be warm winds from that direction but they weren’t. It was 44F/7C and a few clouds to the east making for a prettier than normal sunrise.


The sky was clear otherwise and soon broke out into another wonderful day. A good day to be lazy. I was surprised, in a good way, to see our last three neighbours packing up this morning. It would just be nicer not to have anyone parked so close even though they seemed to be very nice people. They had all pulled out by 10 leaving us an uninterrupted view to the south.

I love Saguaros
They survive over a hundred years
and then they die

They stand tall for as long as they can
and eventually, the very environment they
thrive in, takes their life. 
They just crumble bit by bit
You can see how tall this one was from the debris on the ground

We had nothing on the agenda today, nothing at all. We had our morning drinks and once it warmed up enough outside (55F/13C) we went out to sit until lunch time. We didn’t want eggs this morning and that was good since I didn’t feel like making any. Instead, I made a quesadilla with the ingredients I had in the fridge. Closest food item to Mexican that I can get here at home with what I have. 😊

Quesadilla for lunch
Half left for another day

It was filled with onion, ham, red pepper, cheese and lettuce. Bill isn’t into them so he cooked bacon on the Weber and had a toasted tomato sandwich. We were full after a tasty lunch. After dishes, I became impatient with my desire to crochet a blanket. Once I’m in the mood, you know? So, rather than wait until I can see Deb on the weekend, I Googled how to crochet an easy blanket. (with our crappy AT&T connection) You can sure tell it's January in Quartzsite!

72 stitches wide and I knew it wasn't working out
so I contacted Deb.

I found one and started, with the one oversized ball of chunky wool that I have left. I figured if it went well, I’ll buy more of the same to finish it. I only got about 3 rows in with 72 chain stitches and I could tell it wouldn’t be big enough. I liked the pattern but wanted it bigger. Also, I noticed that it was curving, indicating that my beginning stitches were too tight. Deb, help! As always, she came to my rescue and reminded me of the foundation stitch to prevent that. Oh yeah!

Our family affair
You can see I'm making progress with the blanket (132 stitches wide)

Long story short(er), I ripped it out and began again using this method for 132 stitches. That looks much better! From there on, it was fun. I only have to do the same pattern over and over for each row and I should have a blanket. I am still interested in seeing what Deb can show me as far as making one beginning in the centre. 😊 That’s a ‘down the road’ project. Sorry, Deb, you’re not off the hook!

Bill got his drone out today and captured some nice
pictures of the area surrounding our Suite

The afternoon was a family affair, since we were outside from noon until 5 when the winds cooled everything down. It was no longer comfortable outside. Gibbs slept a lot at our feet and in his bed, Bill read his J.P. book and I crocheted to my ’s content. 

What is that thing, Daddy?

I started supper around 5:30. Tonight, it’s spaghetti. I cooked Bill’s noodles in the easy peasy spaghetti cooker and my spaghetti squash in the microwave. Yes, the generator came through for us again. Supper was yummy, the only thing missing was garlic toast, but Bill said “not necessary”. 😊 


After dishes, This is Us was on at 7 and I tried to work on my post for the day. During commercials at least. Then we watched New Amsterdam together before turning the genny off for the night. Both were powerful tear jerkers!

Gibbs is getting used to sleeping outdoors
I wonder if he'll do this back home on the Ridge

Update: Bill sat down with me to see what was different between his Blogger account and mine and we found and fixed the issue I was having with posting my blog. I am a happy 'camper' again, literally! Now enjoy Bill's drone pictures this afternoon.

Gibbs isn't sure what to think

What a nice day! No pressure, no commitments, just we three enjoying ourselves. ♥ 


Thank you for popping in!


  1. Cool drone pictures. Look how it shows all the patterns we didn't see from the ground. Glad the neighbors pulled out. It's much more relaxing that way. Your crocheting looks fine, you just have to do that first row really loose to keep it from getting so tight. I was going to start one, but can't find a pattern I like.

    1. I love Bills drone pics. I wish we'd got some when y'all we're here. 😍
      That first attempt was too short anywayand was curling badly. The foundation chain worked great and is very flexible.

  2. Love the color of the wool! It'll be beautiful! Bill's drone pictures are great. Lazy days are nice sometimes :) Dinner looks yummy once again..love spaghetti squash noodles :)

    1. Thank you for you confidence vote! Ill need more balls of that will do a trip to Hobby Lobby in the next couple of months.

  3. That sounds like a lovely day, very relaxing for everyone.

  4. Nice to see the drone shots and it sounds like a wonderful way to spend your day :-)

  5. Love the drone pictures. The park seems quite empty.

    Also I noticed right away that you got your blog pictures back the way you like them. Glad you got the problem fixed.

    God bless.

  6. Good to see Bill got his drone out and took some pics. They sure give one a different perspective of things.