Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Year’s Day – Welcome 2022! ♥

Pilot Knob RV Resort On Saturday, Jan. 1st (aha, I remembered!) Bill was up first with Gibbs. It was before 6 am and that’s a first. Then, around 7:30, I got up with him and we went for our walk. The temperature outdoors was reading 50F/10C but when I noticed how windy it was, I still put on my heavier down jacket. I’m glad I did, that chill would have gone right through me. I kept my hoody up the whole time.
The sun was nice as it sidled up around Pilot Knob Mountain and then popped at the end of the road we were walking on. I wondered if Gibbs would be cold with his new haircut but the way he moves, there’s no way I need to worry about that. πŸ˜‰ I think he has made a resolution. No, it isn’t to stop jumping, nipping or barking. He stopped twice on our walk to mark his territory where another dog has piddled. !!! He has never done that before!!! Too funny because he still isn’t lifting his leg.
When we returned, he refused to eat his breakfast for the longest time but once Bill was downstairs and we were both working on our drinks, he finally ate. Goofy pants, he is. We watched the ball drop in the East last night and then watched and enjoyed some of the musicians perform in Nashville. At least we know them. I couldn't stay up to see the end so Bill recorded the final drop at 11 of their Eighth Note for me.
Slowly the puzzle comes together. The volunteers were cleaning up the clubhouse, taking decorations down and packing them away. We had some chips and dip with our drink to toast in 2022 but for some reason, this morning I felt hungry, early. Before Bill got up this morning, I warmed up some of my baked ‘oatmeal’ and with cream, did it ever hit the spot. I walked up to the clubhouse to work on the puzzle for a couple of hours and when I returned at noon, I made scrambled eggs and Bill fried the bacon. I like this new change of pace! ♥
Gibbs wanted to go outside today and watched everything going on around us.
This next part is in response to a tour through Deb and Tom’s ‘newly renovated’ Stinger ‘B’. Their new buffet/hutch area looks so lovely and neat that Bill and I agreed to rearrange some things to get the ‘junk’ off our own. The baskets that we each have at our end were just places to shove things in. Some are used daily, other things are not. I feel much better about the changes we’ve made. Hopefully we’ll grow accustomed to the slight adjustments because it looks 100% better! 😊
Inside, he stuck close to his Daddy. Can you see him?
Bill and I were going through our cupboards so couldn't give him too much attention. Up at the clubhouse I was happy to see Michele working on the puzzle. They are new friends from Pennsylvannia whom we’ve met this year. We finished it together over the course of an hour and a half and got to know each other better at the same time. She will be here until the end of the month and we are leaving on Friday, so I’ll let her choose the next one to work on.
Michele and I finished the puzzle. There were a multitude of strange shaped pieces. Walking back home, Bill and Gibbs called out to me. Out for their walk, we strolled back together. Two Airstreams in the next row to us caught Bill’s eye. He wondered if it was our friends who we first met at CanAm when Bill was doing orientations. It sure was! Small world, eh? We said hello and I’m sure Bill will catch up with them later. They do not have partners so it will be a man’s visit, which is nice too. I made a cup of tea back home and wiped things down on our newly ‘found’ spaces and changed out the doily that was looking old as well. 😊
Our 'much neater' buffet area. There are still a few more places/spaces that need to be cleaned out and purged and I hope to get at them in the week ahead. For supper, we have air fryer Italian meatballs, potato/cauliflower rice and veggies for each of us. I actually remembered to make the sauce for my Christmas cake so that is dessert. Yum.
The evening sky to the southwest. Supper was wonderful for our first big meal of 2022. Everything turned out perfectly. Three meatballs were too many for me so I have one leftover for another day.
Our First Supper. :) For the first day of this year, I leave you with a paragraph from Willie Nelson’s book, quoted by Norman Vincent Peale. I think it is a great way to start looking at 2022 as we all move forward. It can’t hurt so I'm going to expect the best!
Good Night and Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping around today. It has been a great day!


  1. oooooh I love that quote. I have lived my life believing that you have the ability to wish certain outcomes in your life. I wish for peace and happiness, with a touch of mischievous fun! Happy New Year.

    1. Yup, I thought it was a good quote. :) Definitley some mischievous fun!!

  2. I'm with you on the clutter factor. All the things I took out of the old motorhome never went into this one. Less is best. Those puzzles you do are amazing. I may have to try one, although I have no place to lay it out. Don't say the word leg lift around Gibbs .. trust me, he'll get it soon enough. Cooper seems to have the same eating habits. Some days he's just not interested. Thinking positive thoughts about my quilting machine!!

    1. Yes, having room in the Suite is a challenge but in the Q there will be one set up at some point!

  3. I need to work on a few areas here in my home as well. Hopefully over the course of this year a few things will find a new home elsewhere or be recycled.

    Love the puzzle.

    God bless.

    1. Such a small space in here, you wouldn't think we'd have room for clutter! haha Famous last words!

  4. Your first of 2022 sounds like a good one! I finished a jigsaw puzzle that I started before Christmas and cleaned up the Christmas decorations. It was still too brutally cold (-29C with a windchill of -41C) to be outdoors for any amount of time.

    Have a great day!