Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Clean Clothes for Another Couple of Weeks, Jello Jiggling

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az When we woke up on Tuesday, Jan. 18th, the plan was to take Gibbs for a shorter walk at 7:30, sort clothes for washing and then head into the Q laundromat. One of them, but a different one down by the water station, one of them. 😊 I was getting dressed and heard the pattering of light rain on the roof so Bill went out and moved the chairs under the awning and our walk was even shorter than planned. Gibbs wasn't too happy about that Jello.
Even with clouds, it's a pretty sky for pictures. It really wasn’t raining much at all but time was of the essence so I didn’t push it. Gibbs seemed happy and came back and gobbled up his breakfast. The sky was a layer of clouds so at this point we didn’t know what the day would be like. We headed in shortly after 8. Even at that time, the laundromat was busy. We snagged 2 washers ($3/wash!) and waited outside for them to go through the cycles.
In town, someone was being cute naming this street. LOL Bill chatted with a little boy at the other table and learned that he and his Dad were going for a camel ride later. 😊 Apparently, it is something he loves to do and they take a picture of him and are making a collage of each ride. Cute. The dryers were huge so for $3 and 30 minutes, all of our clothes were dried in one fell swoop. We folded them at the Mat and got out of there. We wore our masks inside because of the number of occupants.
Pancakes for lunch with Hanover maple syrup. Yum. Before coming home, I ran into Roadrunner Market for some milk, cream, yogourt and hamburger buns. An avocado also ended up in my cart, since I could buy a single one, and I’m going to give them a try – again. I know they are good for me, full of high fat, so hope to get past the texture this time. While our clothes were drying, I’d walked across the road to the American Trails RV Park, our February home, to check it out.
Playing in Daddy's wind screen.
Yes, I can see you little bum. I discovered that the pool is never open in the winter so walked back completely bummed. It’s the reason we chose that park over all the rest. Bill and I were kind of prepared, since it was covered when we drove through in early December, but hearing it from the manager made it real. Darn! Oh well. Needless to say, we chatted about it and watched as the Jello jiggled. Closer to the date, I’ll fill you in but I will tell you that we are both happier for the changes.
Two little pups enjoying treats Back home, I made pancakes for lunch. We each had 4 out of the batch and there were 4 left over so we offered them to Nancy. With real maple syrup, how could she refuse? After dishes, Bill went out and emptied our gray water tank, making 2 trips up to the dump station. That’s something else out of the way for now, we’ve been here for 12 days and it was the gray that was near full. He also emptied some of the black water to make it a full load each time. 😊
Another special camera moment, unplanned but I love the effect. It looks like a native symbol around the sun.
Gibbs and I walked this afternoon and saw even more white stone creations.
The afternoon was spent outside, thankfully, in the sun. The clouds had taken their leave for most of the day until about 4 when they were sporadic. Hopefully, a good sunset tonight. There has been quite a wind today, 15 mph with gusts only a few mph higher. Good thing the sun was so hot, I remained in shorts until suppertime. It was burger night, just because I called it that and Bill began grilling around 6.
I love the way clouds leave black shadows on the mountains. I put the book away, for good, that I was trying to get into. It is a James Patterson novel called Toys. Nah, too sci-fi for me, I’m not into books written about the future where wealthy people at a party are dressed to the nines riding lions or wearing snakes around their neck! At the end of Chapter 5, I decided not to waste any more time on it. If you like that kind of thing, go for it. Instead, I got out The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas. It nice for a change from a mystery.
The burgers were deeeelicious!! We got these at Sam’s Club and we have not been disappointed. Of course, the chef has a lot to do with that too. ♥ After the few dishes, I sat at my laptop to finish my blog while This is Us was on. Bill went upstairs to spread out his airplane plans. No Gibbs allowed for a few minutes while he did that then we all watched New Amsterdam. Family time. We played it by ear as to whether the generator needed to be running.
This is what had 3 of us running outside to take pictures. No more words necessary. This was an awesome day, we both feel better about some future decisions and have clean clothes again. 😊
Good night y'all! Thank you for your visit. Your comments are always welcome. I do my best to respond.


  1. Dont you love it when a plan falls apart and then reappears as something completely different and wonderful!!! I'm glad things are good for your guys!!! We do miss having you around.

  2. It did turn out to be a beautiful day. Loved your sunset pictures. That Gibbs is such a sweetie.

  3. Who could turn down pancakes with REAL maple syrup?? It was funny how Cooper tried to steal Gibbs' bone, the little sneak!! I'll post my sunset pictures tomorrow. Yours came out beautiful!!!

  4. Clean clothes and decisions made, what more could you ask for :-)

  5. A shame to hear that you won't have access to the pool. But it sounds like there is something better coming??? In any event I hope things go well.

    Love the shot of the mountains with the single rig in the photo.

  6. Your pancakes look oh so yummy! Never been a fan of maple syrup, raised on corn syrup and still my go to LOL. Now I want pancakes.. Too bad about the pool. Interested to hear your plans. Love the sunset pics!

  7. No question about it, the sunsets in Arizona are spectacular! Good looking burger.

  8. I read the blogs on my phone. On the first picture of Gibbs I thought he was going to smoke a cigar! Beautiful photos. I also am looking forward to find out the changes. Elva

  9. Too bad about the pool, but it looks like you still have lots to enjoy.

    The burgers look scrumptious.

    God bless.

  10. Have you tried the keto buns or the bread? I don't mind the buns but wasn't to taken with the bread. I have seen they even have keto hotdog buns but have not tried them yet. I have found them at Albertson's grocery and Fred Meyer/Korger.