Monday, January 17, 2022

It Was a Great Day Starting with the Moon Sighting!

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az On Monday, Jan. 17th Gibbs and I went for our morning walk at 7:30. As I headed in the direction of the northwest, I spotted the Wolf moon. I wasn’t even looking for it and there it was. Just as huge and brilliant as can be. ♥ Within 5 minutes, it began dropping below the mountain so I’m glad I walked out of the Suite when I did. My pictures aren't the best but I tried. We finished the walk on which we encountered a couple more people who chatted with us. Another 'oh what a cute puppy!' was the first one.
The latter was sad because it was an rv’er in her Class C motorhome looking for her little black and white terrier. ☹ He ran from a loud bang last night and she hasn’t seen him since. Many things can happen out here so I got her information and told her I’d keep an eye out for the little guy. I’m afraid to think the worst, there are coyotes around us but we can only hope Toby will find his way back to his Mama. Back home, Gibbs ate his breakfast which Daddy had ready and I boiled the kettle for a cup of tea.
The sun rose, finally, over the mountains. Bill hopped in the shower and by the time he was finished, the sun was up charging our panels. He used the Keurig for his coffee. 😊 It didn’t take long for the batteries to be charged to full capacity, it was an amazingly sunny warm day. This morning around 9:30, Bill, Nancy and I drove into Quartzsite to buy a Sunflower Spinner aka whirley-jig for the Ridge. We’ve had our eyes on them for a while and yet after pricing them at the Arizona Market last month, had put them out of our mind.
Gibbs and I walked down to where the 'big rigs' parked. They sure know how to pull their rigs. We saw one that we all fell in love with and the price was about $40 cheaper here so Bill and I bought one. Ps, we weren’t the only one. ♥ We filled our 5-gallon water jug and did some more walking around the Tyson Wells area. Bill drove around the new homes on the outskirts of Q before returning home. We sure did a lot of oohing and aahing; we’ve always loved this style of housing.
Not the colours of a sunflower but the name sounded fitting and I didn't even notice that until we got home. Back home, we had some lunch, each of us making our own sandwich. I had a ham, cheese and lettuce wrap. The afternoon was spent sitting on the patio with our friends. It got quite hot, I actually had to move under the protection of the sunshade and that is something I seldom do! It was pleasant, re-telling tales and hearing new ones covering many different subjects. An unplanned Happy Hour. Before 5, our friends went home and we came inside to start supper.
These southwest homes are gorgeous.
A small but chatty Happy Hour. Bill barbecued our sausage and inside I put together a garden salad. The sun set while supper was being prepared and things calmed down for the evening. It was a good, simple meal.
I thought this was sweet. Gibbs watched Daddy through the screen as he bbq'd. The second picture is indeed Puppy Love. ♥ Bill and I have decided that tomorrow is laundry day so it will be a busy morning. This was another great day, especially after hearing of the snow storms that are battering our family and friends back home. I hope everyone is safe and warm.
Using our gift to make pretty pictures.
Coming into the desert after dark isn't usually a good idea. This rig went through with panels and flags up to dump before supper. I love the silhouette as it motored back to their site. Good night! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love the looks of those southwest style homes too. I'll have to price a few. Never know. 🙂 Great pictures of the full moon. Too bad you didn't have your big camera. That Gibbs is so cute. 😍 It was quite warm today and this trend should continue.

  2. Wow! I wonder if they need a trucking licence to drive those RVs, they are huge!

  3. It was a great day in the desert!! And an even better day at the flea market!! That Gibbs ... he steals the show!!

  4. I can't believe those new homes in Q! Who would think?! They are gorgeous! I too wonder the prices (just because I am nosey!) The moon is gorgeous, I can never get good pictures! Congrats on the spinner! Gorgeous! Pretty sure we saw the Semi with the smart car go here as we commented we'd probably see it in Q...

    1. There are a few like that, people make it work, whatever their dreams!!

  5. I love the whirly sunflower! Very pretty.

    The moon shots are very nice. It was overcast here so I didn't get to see the wolf moon.

  6. Farmer Dave has a big rig. The "sleeper " is self contained so he was able to register the vehicle as a motorhome. A CHP officer inspected the sleeper to verify that it's self contained. Since it's registered as a motorhome he only needs a regular Class C driver's license. That's for CA. I'm sure every state is different. Elva

  7. My cousins have moved from out west to one of those beautiful AR homes. They are very happy there.

  8. Glad the Arizona weather is keeping you comfortable. Like the Whirli-Gig.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.