Sunday, January 30, 2022

Things We Love, Company of Friends Being One

 La Posa South, Q., Az

It’s late to start my post so I’ll sum up. 😊 Sunday, Jan. 30th we did a few things we love to do. Not necessarily together but still good things. Gibbs and I went for our morning walk (1). Gibbs met a new doggie (2). Bill went to the flying field to do some flying. He managed 5 flights. (3) I read a lot of my book (4). I sat in the sun with my little buddy (5).

One thing I love is our home and with a backdrop like
this, it would make a great framed painting

I made some preparations with my sisters regarding this year’s LadyFest (6). I read some more (7). I know that’s cheating but I’m the boss on this one. 😊 At 2:30, our friends, Tom and Deb, joined us for an afternoon visit (8). After some catch up chit chat, Deb and I retreated into the Suite and she attempted (& mostly succeeded) in teaching me (Miss fumble-fingers) to crochet a granny square Afghan from the centre (9)!

Sunrises in the desert

New friends & old friends

Deb and I got to know a bit more about each other inside while Bill and Tom (& Gibbs) did the same and solved world issues outside (10). It was a great afternoon and I just hope that I remember my lessons. Deb was very patient with me and my fumbles. I truly enjoyed the time she and I had together, alone. 😊 

Gibbs is quite interested in the shower stall now

He is such a character!
Love ♥
We joined the guys outside and continued chatting until almost 6 o’clock! Woops! Didn’t mean to keep them that long but as I said, it was very enjoyable.

Here's a story for you:
Gibbs, what are you doing?

Digging for gold, Mom
It's down there somewhere

Before they left, we made plans for one more outing before we all part ways. I’m looking forward to that (11). I guess I can stop counting now but I’m trying to fill up a day’s post. 

You're stirring up the dust, goofy

But I think I'm getting close!

Look at the size of that hole!
Yes, I know, Mom, but watch me.............

Bill barbecued bacon cheeseburgers for supper and I opened up a bag of garden salad as a side. That was easy. I took Gibbs for a quick walk while supper was grilling and we both commented on what a lovely day it was.

                                                     Look at your dirty nose!

The weather was perfect, hardly any wind and gorgeous sun. This was a very nice Sunday, one more day here before we pull up stakes. We are looking forward to a cleaner place to park for a couple of months. I did dust the place, top to bottom, before Deb arrived, although I know she’d understand. 😊

They almost got away without a picture
but not quite! πŸ˜€

These burgers never let us down

Here's what I was doing last year on this date

And we had burgers then too! only they were pan-fried
Good night!

Thank you for popping around! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. That silly Gibbs. He's never going to find gold in that tiny hole 😁 Glad Deb is feeling better and even teaching you to quilt. Good luck. Enjoy your soon to be new home. Hope to see you three on the come back.

    1. Gibbs is silly, unlike gold diggers, right? ;)
      It was nice of Deb to come and give me some help. I need it!
      Hope to see you on the 'come back'.

  2. So now I need to have a hamburger!
    Gibbs us so entertaining. What a great little digger.πŸ’™

    1. Ha ha, funny how we see food and want it! :)
      No gold was found today but he was happy with his dirty nose. ♥

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning "Still Standing" TV show. What a Hoot.
    Makes me want to travel up to visit these places. Since we are having weather in the 30's to 50's here in Florida, I have lots of time to watch 7 seasons. :-))

    1. Don't you love Johnny? His materials is so funny!
      Brr, that is unusual for Florida, isn't it?

  4. Gibbs is such a funny bird!!! He sure does love to dig. Maybe he smells his bone and thinks it's there!! No doubt he'll be back in that shower in no time!! That's nice of Deb to teach you how to crochet a granny square afghan. Once you've done it, you're in like Flynn.

    1. Gibbs is certainly entertaining. ♥ Once we're out of this dirt, I'll give him a soup bone outside and see where he buries it.
      I really appreciated Deb's help, she's only a text away and so are YOU if I need help!

  5. Sounds like a full day. Let us know if Gibbs does find gold - it will start another rush! :)

  6. Quite a difference from this year to last. Nice to see a picture from last year every once in a while.

    1. Definitely a difference, except for our supper meal, I guess! haha

  7. Gibbs....he is just so funny and cute. Enjoy your last day. Elva

    1. I'm hoping it means he won't mind the next shower. We'll see!
      Thanks Elva.