Saturday, January 15, 2022

Who Turned the Heat Off? Taylor's Birthday ♥

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az Well, we woke up on Saturday, Jan. 15th to a chilly morning again. It has been cool most mornings and this one was not much different. Cooler than yesterday. I bundled up and Gibbs and I headed out for our walk around 7:30. The sky that greeted us as we started out was stunning. The transformation of colour facing east took about 10 minutes to go from bright pink to a yellow shade. Beautiful.
We walked back towards the mountains to the southeast – and kept on going. When I cut across to the west, I totally got disoriented. I knew which general direction I had to go to get to the main road but suddenly nothing was familiar. ☹
All around us, the sky was pink. I can’t say I was worried for myself; rather I was thinking of Gibbs, it’s a long walk for little legs. Thank heavens for landmarks, since I couldn’t see the Stinger ‘B’ from the angle she was sitting, nor did Bill have recognizable flags up this year as per usual.
Lost Mom? What do you mean you're not sure where we are? The landmark I finally found through the rv’s and washes was the group of 2 saguaros. One with the bird’s nest in the top arms. Phew!
On the 'no outlet' road, this huge tent was set up on a large 'fenced in' (with rocks) site. I couldn't read the signs and didn't venture too close. Weird. Something goes on in there for sure. I bee-lined down the ‘no outlet’ gravel road and we crossed through the wash with the steer stone creation heading towards the cacti. I knew our grouping wasn’t far from there and Gibbs then got his nose in gear to get us home. ♥ Bill was just making the bed and it was 45 minutes after we’d left home. The clouds lay across the sky like a fleece blanket and it sure didn’t seem like there would be hope of seeing the sun today.
These 3 collages were a fluke. I had inadvertently switched the button from Auto to Burst Shots. My original is on the left in this one, but aren't the others nice? We didn’t. Bill went up to get a bladder full of water but only because we were down to half tank. It is a practice we like to follow and especially now with the RV show starting soon. Nice to be topped up before it gets too crazy. Hard to believe that we have been here for a full week, seems longer which is a good thing because we are enjoying ourselves out here in the boonies. 😊
The saguaros could be seen from a distance, thank heavens!
At this point, I was feeling relief. My originals are top left and centre. The other two are interesting burst shots. After bacon and eggs for lunch, Nancy walked over with Bill, Gibbs and I to meet a commenter who follows our blog. Pam made a comment on my post that they arrived Tuesday and were right down the road from us. Funny how things like this come together! I love it! One of my favourite things about this lifestyle. We are all in it together and meet new friends in the coolest ways!
Gibbs was a very good little boy today. No rock chewing and a minimum of barking at passersby. ♥ Gibbs and their 8-year-old standard Poodle, Fred, played back and forth while we visited with Pam and Mark. Beside them, their friends, Bonnie and Clyde…….er, I mean Joe also joined in the chit chat. They are all from Virginia and two very nice couples. Thank you for the welcome, guys! Hopefully they can join us for a Happy Hour before they leave in a week or so.
Gibbs and Bill waited outside while I made lunch. The day did warm up to about 63F/17C but it sure didn’t feel like it with the cool wind gusts to 15.9 mph. Nancy had a game to watch on tv so huddled up inside with Cooper, who wasn’t feeling his normal self today, and Bill and I came indoors to read and doze, whatever came about. Gibbs slept on my lap for quite a long time too. My cuddle bums. I haven’t seen anyone at the Stinger ‘B’ all day but the Jeep was gone when we returned from our visit. We are all staying where it’s warm.
It is always nice to meet new friends. At 3:00, I made Bill a hot chocolate and myself a cup of tea. We shared some caramel popcorn for an afternoon treat. Hard to resist which is why we don’t buy it often. 😊 I started writing my post for the day and saw Tom drive in so understood that Deb has probably been busy with crocheting. She whips up a blanket in no time flat, in my opinion, something I’ll never be adept enough to do.
Yesterday, when we were in town (or was it Thursday?) I ran into Sandra D’s Beauty Parlor and made an appointment for a hair cut and style. She seems to be the only one working so it won’t be for a week. Shucks, I’ll just have to put up with it and avoid grabbing the scissors for a few more days. I’m bad for that but this time I want more than just a trim so will wait the time out.
This huge rig went by and since it is a DRV like ours but the Fullhouse instead of Mobile Suite, I had to get a picture. It's huge! Love the little car in the middle. ♥
We took turns today watching the neighbours set up a wind generator apparatus. Don't judge, most of you have probably peeked at someone through binoculars! :) For supper, I reheated, reheated and reheated leftovers. Mac & cheese and hamburger goulash for Bill, mashed tator tots and chicken strips for me. It was fast and easy. It took us no time at all to prepare, eat and clean up from supper. Sometimes that's a good thing, other times, I wish it would last longer, especially the eating part after a lengthy prep time. 😊
There were way too many hash browns (which was a tip from Nancy to reheat tator tots) so the remainder got tossed out. I was full. After dishes, Bill went upstairs, since the generator was running (no sun means low batteries), to watch tv and I worked on my blog. I’ll watch some programs that are recorded downstairs. This was a slow day and when it’s cool like this, I don’t even miss Happy Hours because we’d rather not sit outside anyway. Twenty-seven years ago today, I was in the delivery room of a hospital in Ontario. My first grandson was born and since 'Dad' wasn't in the picture, I was my daughter, Bridgette's, coach. There is a funny story that she loves to tell and we all get a laugh but the best part is that Taylor, known to his friends as Tj, came into our world. Happy Birthday to that sweet young man today. ♥
A favourite picture from his youth.< Good night! Thank you for your visit!


  1. I would like to know who turned off the sunlight that produces that heat...🌞
    What a cute picture of your Grandson from his youth, great eyes.
    Tom did the same thing as Bill today; he topped off the fresh water. I walked by that Saguaro today, also, but I do like your pictures way better. Fingers crossed the sun and heat return tomorrow.

  2. Brrr it was chilly yesterday! I sure hope the sun comes back out!! Not that I mind sitting inside and reading all day ... plus a little football ... but that was just too cold for the desert!!

  3. Colder air does make for lovely sunrises and sunsets. I live in Saskatchewan who has this on their license plates "Land of the Living Skies" and we get spectacular skies here every day.

    Love the cacti photos.

    God bless.

    1. I like those plates!!
      It has been cooler here than what we're used to but it is warming up this week.

  4. Those couple collages of the saguaros are pretty, like a picture on the wall. Isn't it nice to have blog readers drop by to say hi. You are famous! I'm sure the sun will be out to warm things up before you know it.

    1. It's great to meet blog readers. The Saguaros in the bursts were a nice surprise.

  5. It was great meeting the three of you and Nancy! Looks like we are in for some warmer weather and sun this week which would be great for a happy hour meeting.

  6. Happy Birthday to Taylor. What a cutie he was and I suspect he is still.

    Nice to meet new people and hopefully you'll get some better weather so you can enjoy Happy Hour together.

  7. Fun times meeting new people. Cute picture of your grandson. When we stayed at Pilot Knob I used my binoculars all the time....hee hee. Elva

  8. 'Bout time someone turned the temp down on you! You've been enjoying much.

  9. Hate to hear the word cold. I stay away if I can. Your pictures are cool. Loved them. Fred and Gibbs look like they are in a standoff 🙃 Glad they're calling for a nice warmup.