Sunday, January 16, 2022

Closing out the Weekend

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az Sunday, Jan. 16th we started out for our walk at 7:45. I dropped off again after Gibbs and Bill came back to bed so we were late! 😊 We walked on a more familiar route today, no more getting ‘lost’ for this gal! Ha ha. On the walk, I gave directions to both the water station and the dump station this morning to two different rv’ers. I didn’t see a sticker on either vehicle but I wasn’t there to regulate who came in and who used what. I was just in the right place at the right time for them to flag me down and ask.
The sunrise between the Stinger 'B' and the Reflection
Shadows of my little buddy and I
There was no wind this morning Gibbs got another ‘what a cute little dog!’ before we returned back at home base. Well, I have to agree, he is in our mind too. ♥ Bill was up and had made his coffee without the generator running so I made my tea. The batteries had been charged to about 12.2 amps this morning when we got up so with the clear blue sky, it wouldn’t take long to boost their power.
Contrary to popular belief, there are trees in the desert. :)
We sat inside together and after my tea, I went up for my shower. My hair felt quite dirty and was really bugging me so a shower freshened me up like new! I took Gibbs out at the same time that Bill was leaving to go flying and with coffee in hand, that excited pup knocked my coffee out of my hand! Woops! He immediately started licking it up which was too successful since it flows right through our Seabreeze mat.
Found another bottle, Mom! However, I sometimes add (and today I did) a bit of my Chocolatini liquor because I can and that wouldn’t be good for him, even trace amounts. So, I got a cup of water and doused the area much to his disappointment. ☹ I made myself a second cup and we sat outside together for quite a long time. I think it was 10 when he left and we were still out when he returned at noon. I do love these cuddle moments with Gibbs on my lap as he watches everything around us. div class="separator" style="clear: both;">
This is the wind generator system we were watching being installed yesterday Nancy popped over with her book and we shred a bit more of each other’s life stories and neglected the books altogether! I’m enjoying this opportunity for getting to know her better. 😊 I made bacon and poached eggs on toast for lunch and after dishes, there was even more sitting around outside in the heat of the day.
It was a lovely 73F/22C in the shelter of our patio. The non-existent breeze from first thing morning had taken root and increased producing some gusts to 13 mph.
My star entertainer hogged the camera today
Tom and Deb stopped by before heading off to Q at 3:30 and Nancy disappeared inside her Reflection with Cooper to watch football.
By then the air had cooled enough to call it a day so we also came indoors. I know our friends and family back home will be thinking ‘what wimps!’ but it is surprising how quickly the air temp changes within a short period of time. Our evenings and overnights are still dropping to 60F/16C and 44F/6C respectively, too cool for shorts and a t-shirt.
Fish and chips tonight and I’ll have 2 appliances running so Bill started the generator. The clouds moved in after 2:30 so our batteries went from 13.8 to 12.5 pretty quickly after that. Supper was good, I was not behaving with my food choice though and had fries. Tsk tsk. We kept an eye on the beautiful sunset tonight and noticed that Deb and Nancy were also out doing the same thing. It was worth the interruptions in our meal prep. 😊
The sky went through multiple changes in colour. So much for the space station sighting, which I received an email about. It indicated we’d see it flyover at 6:30 pm. We think they messed up with my location, time or something as Bill watches it LIVE and it was over Africa at 6:30 when it was supposed to be here. Puzzler, so I emailed them and asked for clarification. After dishes, I worked on my blog and we turned the tv on for some evening entertainment.
This was a pretty quiet day. We’ve had new neighbours arrive behind us, at a nice distance, and the regular one who has taken either his truck or Journey motor home across Nancy’s ‘back yard’ nearly every day since we arrived. With all the space in the desert, we can’t figure people out who drive so close. As Deb says, we don’t walk that close to other rv setups but who are we to figure them out?
The moon was not quite a full moon but tomorrow night it will be.
While Tom was barbecuing, the sun added shades of pink to the Stinger 'B'. Good night! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as the weekend moves on for another seven days. Thank you for popping by! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. So glad you had a no wind warm day. About time. Wish these clouds would stay away. Except of course at sunrise and sunset for pictures 😀 That Gibbs sure loves to sit in big boy chairs. So sweet!

  2. Yes it was a much better day.
    Gibbs takes empty chairs a lot!

  3. Deb and I were talking photography as we snapped pictures of the sunset. I would have had a nice moon picture, but forgot my tripod. I definitely need to update my "take with me" list. Mr. Personality steals the show every single time. I love that he's always so happy!!!

    1. I thought i saw you two with your cameras. I have a tripod you could have used.
      Gibbs is a happy baby. 😊

  4. What a nice day you had! You won't be missing the storm that is expected to hit Ontario today.

  5. Haha I text my daughter this morning when I went out for my walk complaining that it was only 10C and she had no sympathy for me since she was putting on her winter gear to go for a run :-)

  6. The sunset and the moon pictures are gorgeous. WE were really hoping to be in Yuma this month for Howling at the Moon, but didn't work out. Maybe next month..we shall see. Gibbs is just too cute, what a perfect addition to your family.

    1. We still hope Quartzsite is in your plans, soon while the gang is here.

  7. I think I would love all that sunshine and nice weather right about now.


    God bless.

  8. Hey dad do I have to get out of this chair Gibbs