Saturday, January 22, 2022

RV Show Day, Not a Solar Kind of Day

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ So, today, Saturday, Jan. 22nd was opening day of the RV Show here in Quartzsite. The small town with a normal population of around 3,700 has grown to approximately 2 million humans. Many of us are in mobile dwellings and we are spread out over 4 quadrants surrounding I-10 and Route 95. It is truly quite spectacular and this is when a lot of Quartzsite locals earn their living. Let's just say they are very happy to see us all.
When we drove into town, the sky was promising. Remember, we are hoping to charge batteries toay, naturally. Bill, Gibbs and I were up before 7 and I boiled the kettle for tea while Bill took Gibbs for a 20-minute walk. It isn’t light enough for me to feel comfortable walking with him at that time. Wimp. We were wary of our time today and left the Suite at 7:50 and drove to town. Their parking lot beside the tent is never busy when we arrive early like that and this was no different. We weren’t first but within the first 10 so we found a great end spot.
We found the perfect parking spot, with an easy exit for when we're ready.
Ding ding ding, the gates opened right at 9 am.
Just as busy as ever in the tent. We took our time, up one side and down the other of each of the 3 aisles. We always take our books along to pass the time and once we played the Wordle game on my phone, we read for about 30 minutes. Other than a few regular vendors who weren’t present, we didn’t notice anything different from previous years. Of course, we were looking for a couple of things and couldn’t find them, wouldn’t you know? Bill finally caved and bought a good leather belt from a vendor he has seen every year. “Next year, next time” has been his mantra. Today was the day. 😊
When we arrived, I just happened to capture this cart go by. The netting was clear enough for the driver to see through. Cute! We found a couple of things that we had to have and then headed home to our baby at 11. We’ll definitely go back another day but the big tent was pretty packed. The aisles were not set up like we heard they were last year, one direction only, but normal jostling for walking space. We wore our masks, for whatever they’ll provide, and still grumbled at dog owners who insist on bringing their dogs everywhere. We love our Gibbs but wouldn’t subject him to that. And don’t get me started on the dog strollers!!
This is my Valentine's gift from Bill. I love the new hummingbird feeder - lifetime guarantee. It was a good first time visit. The only freebies I grabbed were pens, notepads and/or hard candies. The latter I carry in my purse for when we’re traveling. We were disappointed in the weather this morning and that it hung on throughout the rest of the day. The clouds were heavy, languishing across the sky like a sleeping elephant, and this wasn’t doing our solar panels any good at all. ☹ Those clouds didn’t seem to be moving at all to let the blue patches through.
With the rain, came the winds for about half hour. Bill and I disassembled our sun screen to bring the awning in.
Gibbs is getting the hang of just hanging inside with us. Today was one of our few days here where we were inside for the most part.
Bill made a sandwich and I warmed up some cream of broccoli soup (to which I added more cream) for lunch. This was to be the coolest day of the next 14 so we’ll just grin and bear the high of 63F/17C. ♪ ‘Don’t cry for me, Argentina’. ♪ I know you’re not. 😊 Burgers on the Weber tonight and we’ll even toast the buns out there too. Okay, after reading for a few days, I decided that even though I’m into a good book, it was time for a change in my hobby department too.
It became obvious that we wouldn't get a break of sunshine. The clouds raised as the sun dropped. I waited for a pop of sun. Under the bed was my ‘storage cupboard’ persay, for most of my crafty things. I lifted it up and brought out my 2 bags of wool. Songs are popping into my head like crazy today, ♪baa baa black sheep♪. It was there that I found an unfinished project that was never going to work so I became Kermit-like and tore it out. Oh boy, did Gibbs love this stuff! Rippet-ing and rolling does not work so well with a 23 lb. pooch on your lap trying to get your attention. Don’t try it at home.
I finally managed to get it re-rolled into a few balls and put it away. The sky wasn’t clearing so our batteries were dropping quickly. That’s when Bill said “it’s raining”. The wind picked up and when I moved the chairs under the awning, the smell of wet desert filled my nostrils. It’s powerful but at least the rain keeps the dust down. 😉 See? A positive! Soon enough though, Bill and I ran out and unzipped the sun screen and put the chairs away so we could bring the awnings in.
The wind was changing directions as fast as the flags could flop but nothing faster than 20 mph throughout the day. At 4:30, blue patches opened up to the south and we called ‘come on, sun, just give us a boost for an hour’. Gibbs fell asleep on Daddy’s lap, finally, and I started my blog post. I heard Deb and Nancy discussing an easy blanket to crochet so I’ll Google that and maybe start tonight on one or on another pair of slippers. I can do those!
I chatted with our friend, Rose, before supper and learned what she has been up to. We hope to see them at some point over the next couple of months. Just before the burgers were ready, Bill tried the generator. Don’t look now, but, it started and stayed running. Yay! We’re not sure why or what the problem was/is but we’re grateful for the charge in our batteries on a day when we needed it badly. ♥
Supper was another delicious bacon cheeseburger with all the fixin’s and with power again, Bill and I each turned our tv’s on. He watched a movie with Gibbs upstairs, I finished my blog downstairs and watched a recorded program. This was a lazy day after a busy morning and things are looking up. We need to get through the next 8 days and the forecast is for sun, sun, sun so it looks promising! 😊
Good night y'all! Thank you for stopping around to see what we’re up to. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. So your generator just needed a little rain!!! The big tent looks like it was fun. So sorry I missed it, but so happy I wasn't subjecting anyone to "sick". That Gibbs ... you can sure tell he loves his Mum and Dad!!! One more day of rain and we should be good!!! I needed to ask Deb the name of that pattern again! It was a good one.

    1. The generator sure got us through last night so we are grateful. Bill thinks there is still an issue since it leaks a bit of gas.
      I wish i could crochet as good as you two.

  2. We enjoyed the big tent 2 times and that's enough for us LOL. I don't understand why people bring their dogs to events like that! Even though the weather wasn't what you wanted, it still looked gorgeous. Dinner looks yummy!

    1. Haha, the big tent isn't for everyone. We enjoy it a couple of times each year.

  3. Are there hummingbirds in the desert? It would be really neat if you could attract some there.

    Hope your weather improves soon. We're supposed to hit 1C this afternoon, but back in the deep freeze tonight. :p

  4. Yes, we've seen a few hummers at my old feeder but it leaks out of the flowers because it the wind. This one shouldn't leak. 🤞

  5. Glad you made it to Q! I'm Home in Tucson, but planning to come over for a week or two after 'the big show'.

  6. What an interesting hummingbird feeder. I have the problem of leakage with ours as well. I wonder if I can find one like your new one.

    That tent sure looked really crowded, I am glad you wore masks for what protection they can give you.

    God bless.

  7. It is a very unusual feeder, lots of holes and their long tongues reach down to the food. Bees can't get in and there is a centre section with water that the ants end up in. If it all works like it's supposed to.