Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Day Off for Bill, Short Day for Patsy

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 23rd Bill didn’t have the alarm set. Mike texted last night and told him that he didn’t have anything for him today. Yay! I mean, that was good news and the other good news was that I relieved Bill of an errand he was going to run for me and it meant he could go flying. 😊 It was a lovely calm morning so I was very happy for him.

My tomato and pepper plants look
healthy (although it's hard to tell here)
This is the partial fence Bill put up for me

I left at 7 to clean the Mat but found it to be in tip-top shape, proof that Jamie had been in last night. It wasn’t sensible to clean an already clean area so picked up a greeting card at Foodland and drove home. Bill was just packing up and getting his cargo trailer hooked up as I pulled in. After he left, I had my cereal and tea with our little buddy. We went out about 9 for a run around the property (him, not me) and I used the water pump to fill watering cans and to water the plants.

This little berm garden looks healthy too

Gibbs ran around while I watered

We’ve not had rain for a few days now so it’s wonderful that we are up and running with the turn of a tap. 😊 Yay! I went to M’s for work at 9:30 and worked mostly on the Datsun until 12:30. I’m sure he is hoping to get some painting done this weekend. I was happy to be done work after 3 hours, expecting it to be a 4-hour day. At home, I fried myself a quesadilla and Bill ate the sandwich he made last night.

The drive into the estate property was back to the barn
where all the items were tagged and ready for pick up

While he puttered around, putting things away and locking things up, I took Ptooties to Paisley. Remember Paisley? Where we spent our winter of 20/21. I’d bid on and won a set of 10 solar lights at an estate auction so needed to go today to pick them up. Boy, were we surprised to find they are brand new, never been used and for only $15. Sometimes you win! 😊 I made myself a cup of tea and we relaxed until supper time. Bill helped me with the afternoon Wordle and Phrazle games. Good thing!

The barn was full of stuff and lots of items outside

Bill grilled bacon, cheeseburgers and even though they overstuffed the smaller buns, they were ‘messily’ delicious! We had decided not to add any fresh water to our tank for the trip tomorrow so also planned not to use the dishwasher tonight. Wow, it felt strange washing and drying dishes by hand! We’re so spoiled! LOL. We all went outside to finish closing things up and then inside, I closed cupboard doors and put things away.

Leaving the estate alongside their house
was easier than going in

a loaded juicy supper
with an ice cream cone for dessert 💓

We haven’t moved the Suite since April 21st so we’ll take our time to make sure we don’t forget anything. It will be a quiet evening but I want to paint my toenails. They sure need it! This was a good day. It was a nice drive for me to see Paisley again and Bill enjoyed his morning flying too.

The railroad bridge I walked across and under
plenty of times
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. Tomorrow night we’ll be in London but probably too busy to post my blog. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for yet another delay!


  1. I have tried tomato plants and they grow strong but NEVER fruit. Or if they do give me a few tomatoes, they never turn red but remain small just to irritate me further!! The lawn and fields look pretty and green with the rains in summer I guess. You sure did get a great bargain with the lights. Hav a good time in London, I am envious.

    1. Too bad about your tomatoes. Although, green tomatoes make a nice easy relish!
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Safe travels!
    Btw, messy hamburgers are the best burgers. :)

  3. That's a steal for $15.00 brand new solar lights..looking forward to seeing them all lit up! Very cool a short little vacation :) I'm sure the suite will be happy to be out for a few days!

  4. Nice having a relaxing day. Good deal on the Solar Lights.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your little trip.

    It's about time.

  5. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.