Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Full Day, Work, Hair and Heat

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 21st, the first day of summer, it felt like it! From the get-go, when we got up, it was already 18C/65F. I took Gibbs for his walk and when I returned, headed into Durham. No one was at the Mat when I arrived and so I set about checking the machines. Two needed to be run, one was dirty and the other had water in the drum, so I retrieved coin and started them.

I wish I didn't care so much but I do
Last night, I placed this piece of slat over the newly
laid eggs
This morning, I see the skunk moved the slate
and ate the eggs. Again. 😖

This big hole was also disturbed
As I gather the empty shells so Gibbs doesn't
eat them, I counted 10. 

I was out of there at the hour and I went to Home Hardware to see if Josh had any of the right size chicken wire. When he didn’t, he suggested the FS-Co-op but that was a bust too. Hmm, not today then. Back home, Bill had left. I had about an hour to relax with Gibbs before I drove around the corner to M’s for my shift. There was a bit of computer stuff but then I started working on the Datsun 240Z.

The little red Datsun
is next in line

It’s a cute little car and much easier to reach parts for hand sanding. 😊 The hardest part would be the hood grills, as each one needed to be sanded to remove the shine aka the original paint. It was hot in the second bay even with the big door open, there just wasn’t much breeze today. M was working in the other bay, on the new hood, sanding the underside by hand as well. The top was already primed, ready for paint.

Getting the sandpaper in between the grill is time
consuming but I managed to get it done

Before I left, I finished this one too
Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow

When I left, I was already looking forward to getting my hair cut. I should have tucked it up under my ball cap but didn’t want to wear my hat today in the heat. At home, I washed and once more spent time with Gibbs for about 45 minutes. He was getting a few runarounds outside but always seemed grateful to come back into the cool of the a/c. I turned it on first thing this morning, knowing what we were in for. I drove down North Line for my cut. 😊

It's not a long shag
but I love how free and cool it feels
in this heat 💖

Bonnie was ready for me and even though she may have given me a shorter ‘shag’ than what I really wanted, I’m happy with the result. It’s off my neck and feels quite nice. From Bonnie’s home salon, I drove to Bill’s work site to drop off a few empty pots that the garbage collectors don’t take. It was nice to see the work they’re doing on the red ‘shed’. Bill isn’t as keen on my hair as I am, his comment being “hmm, shorter again”. He prefers the longer locks but he’ll get used to it.

I felt bad for them working in the heat but they were at least inside a shell of a building not outside in the sun. I didn’t hold him up for long and headed home to Gibbs. I always look forward to the last bit of running around, knowing that I was done for the day and could sit with our little guy. By now, it was 31C/88F out there so each of Gibbs’ outings were short and sweet. Mostly.

Supper was good with potatoes
leftover for another night

I played my afternoon Wordle/Phrazle games, competing with Doug miles away. He’s getting pretty good at them so I have to step up my game. 😊 Bill got home around 4 and stretched back in his chair but with Gibbs going back and forth between us, he didn’t sleep much. For supper, I baked some coated pork chops, boiled some potatoes and mixed vegetables. It turned out very good and we both had room for some rhubarb crisp and ice cream.

Gibbs sometimes just wants out
for no other reason than to be outside 

After dishes were loaded, and Bill made his lunch, he went upstairs to change his shirt and discovered what Gibbs had been up to while we ate. LOL, I moved too quickly to get a picture so you’ll have to just imagine it in your mind. The small couch pillow that Gibbs likes to ‘hump’ (sorry for THAT vision!) was on the floor with one corner chewed open and fibrefill was spread all over.

After the pillow incident, he does something
that makes us laugh 

I’m surprised he left it alone and was innocently downstairs with us. Hard to be mad but I don’t think I’ll be resewing it up again. Bill went to the Hangar for a couple of hours and I worked on my blog. Mr. “I didn’t do anything” laid on the floor, cleaned his paws and went to sleep. This was a busy day but it was another good one. Tomorrow will likely be a duplicate but in a different way.

This was last night's sunset
Happy Summer!
Good night!

Thank you for checking out what we’re up to!


  1. Hey, hair grows back, often faster than we wish.

  2. As Karen says, the hair does grow back. The shorter cut will be nice for the heat of the summer though.
    Oh oh Gibbs, that a wee bit naughty.

  3. It is hard to work in the heat with no Air movement.
    Men always think women should have long hair but it holds the heat in the summer and gets uncomfortable. Just getting it off your neck you will feel much cooler.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I like the new 'do'! I have no idea why our men seem to want us to keep our hair longer. they have no idea how hot and time consuming it is to gussy up for special occasions.

  5. Love your new haircut! I need to get mine cut soon! Oh that Gibbs! LOL.

  6. Your new haircut looks great. I got mine cut a bit shorter just for the summer and I love it.

    God bless.

  7. Love the haircut! I owned a black 280zx and loved it. First car that talked to me. Long time ago.