Monday, June 13, 2022

Back to Work! A Lovely Afternoon

The Ridge

On Monday, June 13th I meant to get up at 6:30 but that didn’t happen. It was more like 6:45 when Gibbs and I got out of bed. Woops! I was washed, dressed and out the door by 6:55. Gibbs was disappointed because he didn’t get his walk – again. Poor deprived little boy.

These are the oldest washers
The one on the left has a stuck coin dispenser
The one on the right fills with water as soon as you close the lid
and leaks on the floor - Geesh!

The Mat was empty when I arrived and I remained alone the whole hour. With a couple of washers needing attention, I popped a text to Jamie so he was aware. He’ll be hoping that doesn’t happen too much over the next month or so. He responded with a thank you pretty quickly. I have to admit that the laundromat does look good with the two rooms cleaned up but my future there is still uncertain.

At the stop light in Hanover, this
remodelled old classic pulled up
The tires are sure not like Tommy's
but it is on the road at least and looks cool

When I left there, I popped down the street (that is what I love about small town living) to the Home Hardware. Josh, the owner, was at the front and took me right to the spot where the outlet covers were that Bill wanted. 😊 He’s a great entrepreneur, cares about his business and his staff and customers. He knows that place inside out and we value his expertise whenever we go there. M had asked if I would go to Hanover for him and deposit some cash at his bank so that was my next destination.

My kind of afternoon
Quiet, calm, warm/hot, nothing but birds chirping
and the occasional bark from my security dog
when a loud truck goes by

He pays me for the hour and fuel since it is an hour of his time saved. When I got home at a few minutes before 9, I sat with Gibbs and had my tea and played my games. I took him out for a short walk and just relaxed for the day. It was warmer outside than I first thought so I had to change out of my long sleeve tee shirt. It would be warmer still working in the auto body shop. I drove over to M’s at 10.

There was some rust in the corners of the truck bed that I needed to use the small air grinder on but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. That little machine and I took a while last year getting familiar with each other but I pretty much picked up where I left off. It moves quickly, depending on my steady hand, and I need to be in control. The time went pretty fast and I finished up the driver’s inside door before I left at 1.😊

Gibbs likes the hammock 
I think because he's up higher and can see
further 💖

I got out my new lounge chair and the hammock bed and changed into my bathing suit. Gibbs and I shared the hammock in the part shade and then when he got too hot, I moved to my lounger and he stuck to the shade of the picnic table. What a lovely day! I’d had cereal at 9 so wasn’t starving but by 3, I made myself an ice cream cone. Tsk tsk all you want, it was delicious! Gibbs got a chewy treat too.

When the clouds moved in, they were welcome

Bill got home around 4 and when he came in for a snooze, I moved Gibbs over on his rope to the Bunky with me. He’d been free a fair bit today but still behaves very well on the tether. He’s a good little guy – mostly. Ha ha. I worked on the puzzle until 5:30 when I came in to prepare for supper. Bill came up from the Hangar at 6 and grilled our sausages.

This little lady made her way up the hill
but I told her no egg-laying up here
She moved on after 20 minutes 

They took forever, we’re wondering if the bbq got water-logged from all the rain. They were worth the wait though, yummy! We had our last strawberry tarts for dessert and Bill went back down to work on a plane. There is a flying event this weekend so he’s seeing what he’ll take etc. I worked on my post with the tv on in the background. Gibbs finally went to sleep on the floor. He’s so busy all day, you know!

Yum, I kept saying, yummy.

This was a great day. I loved the long weekend that I had and look forward to the next one. However, earning some extra cash is also a good feeling. 😊

I thought this was a good time to show you how The Ridge looked
when Gerry and Donna purchased it

This is the area where we park now, being levelled and 
the berm created 

The laneway was built up quite a bit
after the brush and weeds were cut down

Donna starts the large flower garden
Notice the small blue spruce trees?

The corral was pretty overgrown
but Donna looks happy at the prospect

Our first trip up here with our
Jayco Designer and first King Ranch
This was just the beginning for us
October 2014. 💕💕💕
Good night!

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  1. My goodness what a difference!! Looks like you had a lovely restful day.

    God bless.

  2. Wow! Those pictures of the Ridge! What a difference you've all made! Looks like a gorgeous day there. Nice to have a little work to enjoy being lazy LOL Dinner looks so good!

    1. Thank you. I like how you said about work and being lazy. :)!

  3. Yup you have made major improvements on that place. It's fabulous to be sure. As to Gibbs ... if I lays on you, you can't leave without me! LOL

    1. Donna and Gerry got it prepped for us to come and we went from there. :) You're right about Gibbs' thinking. :)

  4. Who would've thought that the property looked like that at the beginning. So interesting to see the progression to the pretty property you have today, thanks for that. Also, what do you put on your sausages? They look delish - is that kraut, or coleslaw? We're having brats tonight, lol.

    1. thank you, the property has truly had a makeover! :)
      I put sauerkraut and mustard on my sausages. Yum!