Friday, June 10, 2022

Another Full Day, Daughter’s Birthday

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 9th I took Gibbs for a short walk, down the lane and back. Bill was getting ready for work but Gibbs knows the routine and it doesn’t matter that I had to go to work too. ๐Ÿ˜Š He was ready to go. I’d stripped the bed and the 4 chairs of their covers. When I arrived at the Mat it was empty so I loaded two washers and set about cleaning.

You probably already know this but
L.J. Gibbs thinks he is a human.
He's sitting on my lap like a child would. ๐Ÿ’•

I got carried away cleaning up in the storage rooms and by 8:30, when I wanted to leave, I realized that I forgot to throw the sheets etc. into a dryer. Well, luckily, the sun was making appearances in the cloudy sky so I would hang them out on the line after all. It was a busy day, with work scheduled at M’s again, so I quickly drove down to FS Co-op to look at some stakes for my garden fencing. They were on sale but looked different than I thought so I just bought one to show Bill.

I'm a very optimistic individual
See those clouds?
They dried quite nicely with the sun's
sporadic appearances

Back home at 9:10, I only had about 30 minutes to sit with Gibbs before I had to leave. I made a coffee in my thermos and prepared to leave. He took his little milk bone treat with no hesitation (!!! He usually ignores it and doesn’t eat it until we come home) and ran up onto the bed! Oh my goodness, I think Clemson’s spirit is telling our little guy what to do.

Already a supper picture.
I was too busy to capture much else today.

 Actually, he seems to be getting used to the fact that we do come back when we say. I worked 3 hours at hand sanding but in various spots on the truck so it wasn’t boring and not overly hard. We have this truck, the Datsun, another vehicle coming tomorrow and a guy brought a Ford Bronco for an appraisal while I was there. Boy, we are getting busy. M will have to use his second bay in order for us to keep on top of these vehicles. Business is good for him right now.

I suspected this would make for a pretty sunset
Looking down the nicely cut Corral hill

When I left, I told him I’m not working Fridays so would see him Monday. My 3-hour days will be turning into 4 hours if we expect to get things done, but 4-day weeks are plenty for this part time gal. ๐Ÿ˜Š I don’t know how Bill does it, I couldn’t keep up the pace like he does. Back home at 1, I warmed up some soup for a late lunch and then went out to cut grass. Bill did most of his area so I wanted to get my area done too.

I was right. It turned into a cool but pretty evening
so I'll bombard you with sky pictures

At 3, I had done enough and will do the rest tomorrow if the weather is good. We’ve had sun and clouds repeating all day, ending up with a pretty sky as the clouds move away to the east. I worked on the puzzle while Gibbs kept watch over the property for me. I was feeling quite achy across my shoulders and that wasn’t surprising after the sanding and grass cutting. It will probably be an early night for me.

This one from our patio

When Bill got home at 4:40, he changed and drove over to the Acreage for water. We were down to 8 gallons in our tank! Woops! When he returned, he helped me fold the sheets as I took them off the line and Gibbs ran around like a little fool. He was having a ball. 

A peek through my beautiful planters
Also a reminder to fill my feeders on Friday

I’d made the bed earlier and I can tell Gibbs is growing up because he didn’t jump up on the bed until I was finished. That’s different from his younger self.

I walked around the other side of the Bunky
to get this one through the trees
I love how powerful the sun's rays are!

For supper, we had mixed veggies, coconut shrimp and mac and cheese and it was filling and tasty for a quick meal. Bill loaded the dishwasher and washed the pots by hand. He dozed and I tried to write my blog. It will be another late posting; I can tell already. We watched tv and dozed in our chairs, ALL 3 of us. This was a busy day but a good one and for me, the weekend is here.

One last close up

Today is a daughter’s birthday so Bill called his second born this morning when Gibbs and I were walking. She is in London and we both agree that a phone call is nicer than a text message anyway for wishes. Too bad so much of that goes by the wayside. 

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. That kid's got personality!!! It IS funny how he always sits. You've been a busy girl!! Those nice little paychecks add up. Dinner looks yummy ... as always! Even with dark skies, your place looks amazing. Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

    1. I'm sure Gibbs has some human bone in his body! :)
      The paychecks are nice and the work keeps me active.
      Thanks Nancy.

  2. With chores and busy days the time just seems to fly by, doesn't it. Your little guy Gibbs has adjusted nicely to your routines and he sure is cute.

  3. The next thing you know Gibbs will want his own E-Mail address.
    Those extra hours help add to the travel fund.
    Nice pictures of nature's beauty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your weekend.

    It's about time.

    1. Ha ha, that's funny!
      Thank you Rick, the extra $$ does help.

  4. It's wonderful that Gibbs is eating well once again. Boy you are going to be a busy lady for the next while.

    It has been cloudy here as well.

    God bless.

    1. He still has his days so we're just waiting it out. He eats when he's ready, like everyone said. :)

  5. I sure admire your work ethic Patsy, I'd have probably given up on the car prep by now. Glad it works for you. Gibbs is a funny little doggo, but super cute.

    1. Ah, thank you WTTLTL. The extra $$ in pocket helps with the ethic too! :)
      Gibbs is a true joy, even when he misbehaves, I can't get too upset with him. That face!!

  6. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Gibbs is so cute sitting like a person :) Love the pictures, your flowers look awesome! Good for you not working Fridays!