Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father’s Day!

The Ridge

On Sunday, June 19th we all slept in. That was after the initial ‘take Gibbs out’ excursion, of course. It was 7:30 when we got up and sorted the laundry. There was no reason to rush, the Mat would be there when I arrived. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It turned out to be 8:15 when I let myself in with our clothes. One dryer was in use, but other than that there was no one around until I was removing our clothes from the washers. She was kind enough to offer to pick me up a coffee, which I politely declined. I had my mug of tea.

On Friday, I missed getting the whole laneway
of the garage sale home

When I left there, I drove to Foodland to pick up milk and bread and then to the Water Store to fill our jug. On the way back home, I stopped at the Garage Sale to see if the 2nd finch feeder was still available. Boohoo, it wasn’t but as I was walking away, I noticed a wagon with 3 pails of rhubarb for sale. Yahoo! She gathered me a large bundle and accepted my $2 with a shrug. I don’t think she really wanted the money. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Today, I scored with a lovely bunch
of rhubarb - yay!

Back home, Bill had finished getting and loading water into our fresh water tank and dumping our black tank. He’d been busy too. I hung the clothes and he was deciding on whether to go to his flying field. The winds had died overnight and were calm this morning but by 10:30, they were increasing. His final ruling was to stay home and instead bring out one of his big planes to putter with. It’s his day and I just didn’t want him to be working on the yard.

Bill doing what he wants on Dad's Day

It wasn’t my day, so I went up to push my fence stakes for the garden into the ground. I’m still doubting this will get finished today. I planted the mint plants, finally, in the flower box just off the patio. Gibbs seems to like to upset the apple cart and wanted to grab at them and run. He got his bum smacked and chastised so he decided he’d better leave things alone – for now. I don’t know what the interest is.

Gibbs got in trouble for barking
so curled up in his bed beside me

After watering the potted plants, I was done for the day as well and went to work on the puzzle. Gibbs had been running around, down with Daddy, into the mud, up with me and all around the property but he was tricked onto his rope when I went inside the Bunky. He forgets that we are actually smarter than he is not to mention the Masters. ๐Ÿ˜Š Ha ha.

The sky was pretty nice when we started out

there was a detour near Mount Forest
so Bill had me totally lost as he followed it

Around 1, I came inside to make an egg salad wrap for my lunch – Bill had eaten earlier – and half hour later Bill came up to get ready for a bike ride. By then the clouds were moving in and I was finding the 17C/63F a bit cool so made sure to layer up and pack my chaps in Jazz’s saddle bag. It wasn’t bad at all, well, for the first hour and then the clouds got heavier and I could feel the chill. The sun poked in and out occasionally so I was comfortable enough.

No Go-Pro camera today but next time
we'll try it again

Neustadt is a pretty little town
the sign says
"One of Ontario's Prettiest Little Towns" (I think)

My sisters and I have eaten here at
Noah's Inn during LadyFest
Busy place, usually but looking pretty quiet today

I was pleased when Bill pulled into Jenny G’s chip wagon on the south end of Hanover. Even though I’d eaten a wrap, I wasn’t going to deny that fries sounded great. It was 3:00 by then and this will be our supper. Yay! Bill had a bacon cheese burger; I had a jumbo dog loaded and we shared a large order of fries. They were delicious and we didn’t have to cook!

We've not been disappointed here
Today was no exception

We hopped on the bike to leave shortly before 4 and the ride home was good. We needed that break and I felt warmer. We can call this our own personal “Ride for Dads”, thinking of our fathers in heaven today. Gibbs was happy to see us, as always, and I went up to bring the clothes in off the line. We’ve had supper so the rest of the evening felt quite freeing! I did make a cup of tea once we got things put away. That was good.

Yup, quite yummy

We are expecting rain of some sort overnight or this evening and at 5:30, it sure looks like they may be right. This was a wonderful day and we were glad that the winds had abated to some degree. 

Yesterday, I talked about how damaging they can be but I didn’t have this picture until after I posted my blog. Donna and Gerry went home from the Acreage to find that her outdoor plant shelf had blown over. Those clay pots aren’t made to survive a fall so luckily Dollarama sells them.

Thankfully, her plants all survived

Good as new!
Gerry strapped it to the railing this time ♥

Bill has heard from 4/6 children today, 1 being my daughter , 3 phone calls and 1 video chat from the little gaphers out west. They are growing so fast!

One of my favourite Daddy pictures
Before laptops and cell phones so a picture of a picture
taken in 1977

These are 3 Dad's I'm thinking of today
Happy Father's Day to all the other special Dad's in my life or beyond
good night!

Thank you for reading and I hope your children made you happy today too.


  1. Bill and his Dad look so much alike.

  2. Happy Father's Day Bill!!! I just can't get over how big that plane is. Maybe one of these days I'll get to see it fly!!! Gee ... those plants look like they never fell over at all!!! That must have been a big wind!!

  3. Sounds like a very good day for everyone...well, maybe not Gibbs since he got into trouble.
    That had to have been quite the wind to blow the plant stand over. I'm glad everything survived.

  4. Glad you and Bill had the chance to get out for some relaxation time on Fathers Day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Yes, those were damaging winds, we lost most of a small tree.