Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Cool Start and a Sunny End, Time to Vote!

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 2nd there were a few things going on to keep the day from getting boring. Well, at least the afternoon. This morning started with Gibbs and I going for our walk. It was cool, bordering on cold at 6C/43F. There wasn’t a lot of sun to brag about but we might see more later. It was a nice walk.

I was back to long pants and jackets
for our walk

Bill didn’t have to drive to work today, Billy picked him up since he goes through Durham to their next job site in Owen Sound. 😉 That’s nice, saving a bit of $$ and I have Ptooties today. After my tea, Gibbs and I played our Wordle games and then I read for a bit. It’s a James Patterson book called Cross My Heart and of course, I was hooked after the first chapter. I really like his Alex Cross stories.

I heard a bird repeating its song and I finally
focused on where he was
First, I recorded the sound and it was identified as an 
Upland Sandpiper! It is rare for our area.
That's exciting!

My oatmeal with stewed rhubarb
from the garden

At 11:40, Gibbs and I drove into Durham Vet for the little guy’s appointment. His heart work test, his rabies shot, weigh-in and to pick up his gard and flea and tick meds. He has dropped a couple of pounds since his last weight check but it’s nothing to worry about. She said he was such a good boy. No news to us, we already know that! He loves everyone!

Waiting for the vet to come and get him 💖

It took longer than I thought, they were backed up a bit, so I didn’t get home until 1 o’clock. I’d planned on working for M again, for another 3 hours but didn’t get there until 1:30 after I’d had my lunch. 

The good news is that M was able to clear up the ‘back pay’ issue he had and now I’m paid right up to date, including today’s hours. Yay! My back account will be happy again, it is looking pretty sad. I worked steady on the truck and have one side completely sanded.

After 6 hours of working on it
one side is almost ready for paint
The roof and other side will be tomorrow's job

It feels good getting my hands dirty
and putting my 'lessons' into practice

I thought my arms might be sore or draggy today but I’m in better shape than I thought, apparently! 😊 I can say that, they’re my arms. Ha ha. I left with a pocketful of cash at 4:30 and drove home, 15 minutes after Billy dropped Bill off so we timed that pretty good. He’ll be going back to the same work place tomorrow and part of next week so the vehicles will only move if I take them. Speaking of vehicles, I called to make an appointment for Ptooties oil change today.

We have another classic waiting for us
1982 Datsun 280 ZX

I had my tea at home, wasn’t as dirty so didn’t need a shower this time upon my return. Today, is the Ontario Provincial Election day so we decided to go before supper. Instead of being able to vote down Baptist Church Road which we’ve done before, we had to drive to Flesherton which is to the east about 19 km. The sun had come out late this afternoon so Bill suggested hopping on Jazz. Was it warm enough for me? Yes!

Heading east on North Line
It's hard packed smooth gravel
and an easy ride

A small pretty lake near Ceylon and Flesherton

It was 19C/66F and not too windy so that’s how we went. I put my long johns on under my jeans instead of my chaps and we were warm enough for the 15-minute drive there and back. I’m glad we are hopping on more and more, we want to get our use out of the motorcycle this summer. 

There is something about cemeteries that 
appeal to me
Either ancient decrepit ones or newer
well manicured ones

There was no lineup at the Kinplex to vote, so we timed it right

I had pork chops out for grilling with leftover potatoes and a vegetable BUT it was 6:30 when we got back and grilled hot dogs just sounded faster, better and easier tonight. 😊

On the way home, I took a picture of this beautiful RED

It's especially nice because it's the one Mike's Home Improvements
team has built and is still working on 💓
(ps - Bill is part of the team 😀)

Just about ready to turn in our lane
It was a great refreshing ride!

There is a wiener under there and I really
enjoyed this simple meal

Yes, I ate the whole thing!

They were very good and we finished supper with a ‘too big’ bowl of ice cream. At least for me, little piggy Patsy. Bill went to the Hangar after making his lunch and I worked on my blog before sitting with Gibbs and my book. Just two of the things I love.

Here is our little love bug

He's so tired from all his play outside
but he doesn't miss me getting my camera out

This was a good day. I’m grateful for the work that I’ve found to do, it’s all a blessing for more than one reason. I feel very fortunate.

A peony to end my post tonight
They are all in bloom at once!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit today! Your comments are always welcome even though I may be late reading them sometimes. 😊


  1. Pups are so cute when they are asleep!! Bike rides are fun even if it is hot ... just keep moving and it feels cooler. We have voting coming up too. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

    1. We want to try and get out more often on Jazz, even some warm evenings before dark are enjoyable.
      My fingers are crossed.

  2. Glad you're happy to be back at work :) Peony is gorgeous! Nice to get out on Jazz, even for a short ride :)

    1. Thanks Shirley. I'll continue to be glad for the work until I start feeling it too much! haha Then I'll stop. :)

  3. It's always good when you're not dreading going to work! That peony is so delicate looking and the prettiest color. Glad you had a great day.

  4. Gibbs is such a cutie! (I know I say that a lot). Sounds like you had a nice drive.

  5. Glad to hear that you went and voted, I have read that voting numbers were way down.

    How nice the you enjoy your two jobs. Gives you some cash and exercise as well.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. I feel voting is important, a right that we've earned even though i don't feel much changes in any of the winning parties! haha

  6. Hope you're still enjoying our cool spring!

    1. Cool spring is right! It's quite fine but hopefully it will soon find its footing and stick to the warm side!